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  • Simple, utilitarian, uncluttered cooking ideas
    Unless you’re a professional chef or have super powers, your cooking routines are likely similar to mine; you’re interested in finding meals you can make when you’re wearing your proverbial Cook’s hair net instead of your Chef’s hat. Here are more than 100 ideas to get you cooking, uncluttered style.
  • Workspace of the Week: No-mayhem mudroom
    It’s not really a workspace, but it’s still an inspiring space — a narrow hallway that was transformed into a highly functional mudroom.



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  1. posted by Jennifer on

    I used to be subscribed to this blog, but without ‘a year ago on unclutterer’ – my rss feed is now getting all cluttered up with ‘a year ago on unclutter’ clutter. At first I assumed this was a glitch – now I’m back reviewing my feeds I’m thinking this clutter needs to go.

  2. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Jennifer — Yahoo! Pipes, the service we used to filter the RSS feeds, has apparently shuttered its doors. We are looking for a new provider to do the same filtering, but have yet to find one that does exactly what we want it to do. Our guess is that now that Pipes has closed (without notice, I might add), a number of companies will pop up to provide a similar resource.

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