August resolution wrap up and introduction of September’s goal

My August resolution to update my “In case of …” file turned out to be one of my favorite resolutions of 2011. I didn’t enjoy thinking about someone else needing the file, but I love the sense of calm I’ve been experiencing since finishing it. It’s nice knowing the file is up-to-date and I won’t heavily burden my family in case something awful happens (which I hope doesn’t happen).

If you want to create an “In case of …” file, check out “Creating an ‘In case of …’ file” and “Including instructions for handling your online identity in your ‘In case of …’ file” for more information.

My goal for September is to finish up one, BIG, unfinished project that I have been procrastinating. I currently have four big unfinished projects hanging over me. In a perfect world, I would resolve to complete all four. However, I am not perfect and I only have so much willpower. When it comes to being organized, really knowing yourself is an important factor.

First, I need to pick the one project to finish. Three are possible in the one-month timeframe, so that helps to limit my choice. Second, after picking the project, I need to break it into action items and then schedule those actions on my calendar. Third, I need to obviously do the work. I’m relatively certain that the third area is where I am most likely to start procrastinating again. As a result, I’m adding a fourth step to this process — Reward myself. I’m not one to typically reward my efforts, as the sense of completion is usually enough for me. In this case, though, I think I need a tangible reward of some kind. I need a proverbial carrot to tempt me into finishing the project.

Do you have an unfinished project that you can resolve to finish in September? Has something been hanging over you that you’re ready to complete? If so, join me this month in taking on that one, BIG, unfinished task.

Erin’s 2011 monthly resolutions: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, and August.

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  1. posted by April on

    “My goal for July is to finish up…”

    I think you mean September. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. posted by Erin Doland on

    @April — HA!! Guess I’m in denial about it being SEPTEMBER already!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. posted by Shell on

    I’m on board! This sounds like a wonderful goal, and I have a great BIG project to finish. A very lovely dragon virtue blanket to be cross-stitched. I’ve only been working on it for 8 years (Yikes!) Love the idea of breaking it up into action items and scheduling it on the calendar. Will be so much easier to finish that way, one square at a time. Fall is the perfect time to work on it, too.

  4. posted by Ann on

    My big project to finish in September is to cull my late mother’s things and give away what needs to be given away. Then I can concentrate on what is left (sell?, display?)

  5. posted by Juhli on

    My project in September is to get the yard back in shape. It was so hot this summer that there is a lot of deferred maintenance. So far so good. Does “decluttering” your yard of weeds and excess growth count – LOL.

  6. posted by Joanna on

    Count me in!I want to and need to finish my master’s thesis and get my degree. Please keep your fingers crossed. Warm hugs from Poland!

  7. posted by creative me on

    I’ve got a doozy of a September + October resolution. Limiting purchases to immediately-consumable items (except in an emergency) until Halloween. That ought to give my pantry and freezer a good clear out!

    I feel confident that it’s do-able.

  8. posted by Alix on

    I’m big on promising myself a reward at the end of a project, but you know what’s weird? When I finish the task, my desire for the reward is usually nonexistent.

  9. posted by Kelly on

    I’m on board – although it might be September/October to finish so I’ll try for the decontruction piece of finishing redoing the Hallway in September so perhaps we can do the recontruction piece of the Hallway redo in October…. Then down to TWO rooms in the house to redo. I will get rid of the flowered wallpaper that covered EVERYTHING when I moved in if it’s the last thing I do.

  10. posted by LW on

    Thanks to your August posts, I was prompted to finally make an appointment for us to write up our wills. We also finally bought a water/fire proof box for copies of the most important documents.

    Big weight off my mind! Thanks for the reminders, Erin!! Love your site. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. posted by hangabowls on

    Great article & great tips! Being organized makes life so much easier! If you need desk & office organization check out the hanging organizers at for your home, desk and/or office. they are also good for crafts and children’s homework areas!

  12. posted by Rachel on

    I have some research I need to finish up before presenting at a national conference (I’m in healthcare). And I have lost steam in painting the interior of my house. I need to finish that. If I can do those this month… wow!

  13. posted by janet on

    great challenge. i’m joining you… i WILL paint the wood of the chair that has been half reupholstered since april. and then i will complete the upholstery part of the task and get it back in my living room. thank you for the challenge; i love your blog!

  14. posted by Sherrie on

    For September, I am going to get caught up at work and re-do a toy box that I have been putting off. Lots of work to do but all “doable.”

  15. posted by organizingwithe on

    The idea of breaking up a big task into smaller chunks is one that I can wrap my head around. Now how do we get our other family members to follow? 25 years of example hasn’t done it so far.

    Any ideas?

  16. posted by Laura, The "Argie" on

    I have a huge crochet blancket i’ve been strggling to finish for the past years (yes, YEARS!!!). This is my September-October GOAL!

  17. posted by Jackie Pettus on

    I’ve had a pile of notes re: my side of the family tree sitting on my desk for over a year! The relatives in Sweden are really confused about how I’m related to them, and I really want to straighten it out for the next generation. I think I’m finally tired enough of looking at the pile to do something about it. I’ll wait for a foggy day (not a long wait in SF) and just go for it!

  18. posted by whislerpotpie on

    My husband and I have stripped the wallpaper from our master bedroom (1920s…painted over several times.)

    In September we will finish scrubbing the adhesive residue and patch and prime the walls.

    In October we will paint the walls and paint the trim.

    Nice – I like this monthly resolution!

  19. posted by Ashley S.C. Walls on

    I TRULY need to start my “in case of file”.

    Thank you for the reminder.

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