Unitasker Wednesday: The dipr

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

The September issue of Real Simple magazine was the source for this week’s unitasker. Listed in the article “6 Items to Simplify Your Life” was the dipr:

The dipr is a spoon that holds your sandwich cookie while you dip it in milk, coffee or any other liquid that you like. The dipr also allows you to have a germ-free dunking experience since your fingers don’t have to touch the liquid anymore.

I think the little dipr is pretty cute, honestly. However, since it only works with sandwich cookies like Oreos and Hydrox, it seems to be more clutter for the kitchen than a tool to simplify your life. I’m also not sure how it’s really any different than a regular spoon, which you already own.

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  1. posted by Tiffany on

    Also… a germ-free experience because my fingers don’t have to touch the liquid? Would these be the same fingers I loaded the cookie onto the Dipr with? And the same fingers I will convey the moistened cookie to my mouth with? Can I not just wash my hands before eating?

  2. posted by Jen on

    As an avid Oreo dunker, my greatest irritation is when my delicious soggy Oreo breaks off and falls to the bottom of the glass. The hook design of this thing looks like it would contribute to cookie breakage during the milk soak.

    I think a pair of tongs would be far more effective. Or, if you’re worried about germs on your hands, you could wash your hands or something.

  3. posted by Celeste on

    Is it still a unitasker if it’s inferior to other ways of getting the job done? What would that be called…a nullitasker?

  4. posted by Robin on

    You can also accomplish this with a common fork as demonstrated here: http://www.forkparty.com/5425/how-to-dunk-an-oreo

  5. posted by Mario on

    I tried to use this with a regular chocolate chip cookie. Somehow ended up with 20 stitches and a broken index finger.Do NOT use with anything other than regular Oreo(TM) cookies.

    A neighborhood kid tried to use one of these to enjoy a double-stuff Oreo. Johnny is survived by his parents and pet pug. In leu of flowers we were told to donate to a local charity so I gave $50 to the animal shelter.

  6. posted by danielle on

    Ha! I saw this online somewhere the other day (I think on Real Simple) and wondered how long it would take before it showed up as a Unitasker!

  7. posted by Stephanie on

    I used to enjoy that magazine. In the beginning, they had a lot of great ideas (like the ones found on this blog). I stopped my subscription when I figured out that it had become one big advert. for a ton of products that we really don’t need. I get the reality – they make money from advertisers, and then they put those companies’ products into their stories. But with a name like Real Simple, I guess I was hoping they would stick to their guns a bit more. So, I did the “real simple” thing and cancelled my subscription. Now I am no longer bombarded with images of 150 things (every month) that I “need” to buy to make my life easier.

  8. posted by Quilting Bibliophagist on

    This may be the most awesomely useless item you’ve ever published. I mean, anyone who can’t dip a cookie into milk without getting his fingers all wet doesn’t really deserve to eat cookies.

    Besides, once you’ve used this gizmo to dunk your cookie completely below the level of the milk, you pretty much got to put the whole cookie in your mouth. I’d rather use my hands to dunk just part of the cookie and then bite off the dunked part. You should be able to get at least 3 bites per cookie which prolongs the pleasure.


  9. posted by Joey on

    @Stephanie Ditto on the Real Simple comment. When it first came out I loved the magazine. It really was about simplifying. Now it’s just a shopping magazine. Buying lots of stuff (whether they road test it for you or not) does not make for a “real simple” life.

  10. posted by Shalin on

    I don’t know if I dislike this more than the faux s’mores makers, but I think this thing is possibly un-American. And, uh, the “liquid” is *MILK*.
    To be fair, something like this may be useful if you have limited dexterity…or, I suppose, if you have OCD about getting your finger wet.

  11. posted by Mara on

    Finally, a unitasker that hasn’t gotten a single defending comment! It really must be worthless.

  12. posted by ValH on

    When I did dunk cookies into milk it did bug me to get my fingers wet, so I used a spoon. Honestly, not the easiest thing to do, but it was sort of a game fishing it out. If I ate more cookies as a kid (and for some reason my mom was trying to encourage me to eat more sweets) I could see this being nice, but that would only be if it worked for all cookies.

    Plus, once again, why would anyone get something that makes it easier to eat sweets.

  13. posted by Monique on

    I’m with Robin, using a fork is the best way to dunk those cookies!!

  14. posted by Jen on

    Mara – I’m still waiting for someone to post that they’re overly sensitive to temperature and therefore could (but never will) use this device to dunk their Oreos.

  15. posted by henave on

    When I saw the picture, I thought this was a sewing implement. One of those thingees that you use to rip out stitches… a seam ripper, only an oversized version for kids. I never would have imagined it was a cookie dunker!

  16. posted by Allison on

    Oh for goodness sake — what segment of the cookie-dunking public are not coordinated enough to dunk a cookie in milk with their own fingers without making a mess, but are coordinated enough to balance their cookie on a little plastic hook? I foresee dropped cookies dissolving at the bottom of milk glasses (necessitating a new gismo, a spoon or an abbreviated cookies and milk session) and or splat-ing onto shirtfronts of dipr users everywhere.

  17. posted by chacha1 on

    I thought the whole point of dunking cookies was to get crumbs in the bottom of the glass and generally to make a mess splashing milk all over the table.

    +1 on Real Simple. What a sad misnomer. SRSLY.

  18. posted by pkilmain on

    Like an above poster, I don’t want the whole cookie dunked at once. Dunk an edge, take a bite, dunk another section, eat, repeat til done.

  19. posted by Stephanie on

    I thought of Unclutterer when I saw this in Real Simple. And while I still like the magazine, I have to agree with previous comments that it has turned into a shopping magazine. Which I would have less of a problem with if they didn’t have such outrageously priced items in there!

  20. posted by [email protected] on

    Empire in decline, anyone?

  21. posted by evelyn Cucchiara on

    This has got to be one of the most useless gadgets I’ve ever seen. And I thought the Sept. issue of Real Simple was one of the most useless magazines I’ve ever seen.

  22. posted by Alex on

    Oh goodness. The Photoshopping in the second image… is so bad. I am actually wincing.

  23. posted by Cathie on

    Um, once you lift the sogged cookie to your mouth, I’m assuming the germ-freedom is a moot point.

  24. posted by Lelah on

    When I saw this in Real Simple my very first thought was, that is an Unclutterer Unitasker for sure!

  25. posted by Carrie on

    I saw the irony when I spotted this in Real Simple too. LOL!

  26. posted by Teri on

    Darn it, I’m on Weight Watchers right now and being good! My love of dipping Oreos is one of the reasons why! I’ve never been a fan of gadgety things in my kitchen because it is small and not much space for extra tools. However, with that said, I hate when I dunk my Oreo and it falls back into the milk so I might find space for this one! Uh, you were talking about this tool for adults too, right???

  27. posted by Britty on

    Chopsticks…. they come in handy for dunking cookies, eating cheesy puffs, all manner of snacky delights! Remember the humble pair of chopsticks that came with that Thai takeout, and enjoy!

  28. posted by Wayne on

    Yeah,chopsticks is really a good choice for task like this!! :p

  29. posted by Jenni on

    Hahaha. And I thought part of the fun of dunking cookies was to be sneaky and do something ‘improper’. I think this takes away from the fun! Also, I picture in my head coffee hour after church (or any meeting). Alongside the coffee cups, a basket of diprs so everyone can dunk their cookies.

  30. posted by Tracy on

    If you get milk on your fingers while dunking your Oreo, you get to lick your fingers. Added bonus!

  31. posted by bryan on

    love looks like a dental pick

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