Safely store guitars and other stringed instruments with a Guitar-Stor

We have a number of musical instruments in our house. Due to humidity concerns, we like to keep them stored in their cases year-round. What then, to do with the big, clunky cases?

Rather than hiding them under a bed, which would be inconvenient since we actually play the instruments regularly, we keep them rested on a Guitar-Stor rack where they are easily within reach. It keeps the cases from scratching the walls and it looks nice in our living room where we practice.

The other really nice thing about the unit is that you can rest guitars directly on it without their cases. This is convenient when you’re practicing, or when you have a number of friends over to pick. And, even if you leave a guitar on the Guitar-Stor rack for an extended period of time, you don’t have to worry about the foam padding marring the finish, as the manufacturer uses a custom-formulated EPDM/neoprene synthetic blend for the padding that touches the instrument (this is important because open cell and and/or organic materials such as those found in natural rubber and surgical tubing are susceptible to outgassing, which can damage guitar finishes)

The racks come in several styles and finishes. We opted for the basic MDF model in black, for a more contemporary look. In this configuration, the Guitar-Stor is priced at $475. The company also offers more elaborate models in both cherry and walnut finishes with hardwood construction.

The manufacturer’s website only shows guitars on the Guitar-Stor rack, but you can see from the photo taken in our house that we have no trouble storing cases for both mandolins and violins on the rack.

These Guitar-Stor racks are not an inexpensive solution, but they are very well-built. We think it’s a small price to pay if you have expensive guitars that you want to keep safely out of the way when not in use.

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  1. posted by Erin Doland on

    And, before anyone asks … The company did NOT pay us to write this post, and YES we paid real US dollars to buy the guitar rack.

  2. posted by anne on

    A much cheaper, but just as handy way to keep guitars out of their cases, out of the way, and still accessible are these wall-mount guys:

    I’m much more apt to strum around when I can see the instrument, and it allows me to put the case away under the bed or in a closet.

  3. posted by PJ Doland on


    I’m sure glad I didn’t have my Martin on one of those wall-mount jobs when the 5.9 struck on Tuesday. 🙂

    Humidity changes can have a disastrous effect on stringed instruments, which is why we recommend keeping instruments in cases (with small Dampit or Oasis Humidifiers) when not in use.

  4. posted by Steve on

    What is the difference between this and a unitasker?

  5. posted by Erin Doland on

    Steve — A unitasker has very low utility. An item may only have one purpose, but as long as it has high utility, it’s not a unitasker. For example, a toilet and fire extinguisher only have one purpose each, but they are most certainly not unitaskers.

  6. posted by Alisa on

    How cool is that! Looks great.

  7. posted by Erin Doland on

    Okay gang, we get it, you’re all in grumpy moods today. This is a simple reminder that comments exist on our site to help others. If your comment doesn’t provide an alternative product or solution or an explanation or something to benefit the community, we’re going to delete it. Ask yourself, “Does my comment benefit people trying to organize the instruments in their homes?” If the answer is, “No,” then delete it. If the answer is, “Yes,” please hit submit. We’ve already deleted a number of snarky comments, and my hope is not to spend the rest of my day playing referee.

  8. posted by priest's wife on

    just have to say…your house must be wonderful with all that musical talent- and I LOVE the shade of green on that chair!

  9. posted by Polly on

    Wow – so it’s OK for you guys to be rude and condescending, but NOT ok for your readers to call you out on it?

  10. posted by Liz on

    Alternately, you could mount something like this on the wall at an appropriate height, and lead the cases in between the pegs. It seems it would do the same thing as the guitar-stor, without as much bulk and for a lot less money. To be honest, my first thought when I read today’s post was “Is it Wednesday?”

  11. posted by PJ Doland on

    The peg rack might work, but you would probably want to put something on the floor to keep the cases from sliding down the wall.

    A bookshelf is a shelf to store books. If you have books, then you need a way to store them appropriately.

    For those who have a number of guitars, this is no different.

  12. posted by chacha1 on

    Polly – yep. It’s her website. If you don’t like what Erin writes you can read someone else’s website.

    I’ve never seen anything here that I would characterize as rude OR condescending, but then I am not a HSP (highly sensitive person).

    I think Erin is reminding us that *her motivations* are not subject to analysis and interpretation based on *our moods.* And I think she is perfectly within her rights to so remind us.

  13. posted by Rachel on

    Re everybody being grumpy:
    1) My sympathies! It can’t be fun to read all that grouchiness.
    2) Explanation (highly unscientific…make this “speculation” not “explanation”): Is it the weather (low barometric pressure or something??) and tension anticipating the hurricane? Or general uneasiness following the earthquakes (east coast & Colorado) on Tuesday? Of course, I can’t assume that all posters are east coast or Colorado/Arizona residents.
    3) One more speculation: end-of-summer blues?
    Okay, enough aimless prose from moi. I hope the bad humor blows over soon.

  14. posted by henave on

    This is great- my husband has a music room in the basement that is a guitar graveyard. He has lots of stands holding many guitars and guitars propped up randomly. This would be a good way to consolidate them. We also live in humidity central so I will mention that to him- I’m not sure he’s aware of the damage potential.

  15. posted by Babs on

    I like it! Especially since it is made in the USA.

  16. posted by Electrifieds on

    Personally I like the idea. I wish I had more space in my living room for something like this. It looks pretty sturdy and you wouldn’t have to worry about the kids knocking it over like you do with the single guitar stands.

  17. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Polly — I don’t see any rude comments currently in this comment thread. I deleted all of the rude comments from readers, and I don’t see anything PJ or I have written in here as rude. We don’t call anyone names or make fun of anyone. Mostly what is here are explanations. I even see a smiley face in one of PJ’s comments … that is hardly rude!

  18. posted by Sue B on

    This is a really nice idea, especially for people dealing with a number of instruments. I have one kid taking violin and the case just does not want to settle nicely into any one spot. I would really prefer to have a way to keep the violin out so she would see it and practice more. But also out of little brother’s reach.

  19. posted by True on

    Honestly, Erin…This is meant for you, because it will be deleted…but it’s meant to be kind: you have a blind spot when it comes to unitaskers for musicians. It’s ok. Sometimes, unitaskers can really be a good thing for specialists…musicians, carpenters, etc.

    Admit this to yourself, have a sense of humor about it, and it will add to the discussion of what and when clutter happens. Acknowledgement will also have the added bonus of rendering the comments calling you out about it less stressful.

    Love from a fellow musician…

  20. posted by Sabrina Q. on

    Love this product! It’s amazing what items are out there these days. Thanks for sharing.

  21. posted by J. on

    I had my hubby make me something quite similar a couple of years ago to contain my instruments (and I have mine arranged from largest to smallest as well, interestingly). It’s not fancy enough that it will pinch-hit for a guitar stand, but it does the job and has a couple of little drawers for storage underneath. Here’s a link to it (sorry the picture isn’t super):

    And for Sue with the violin-playing child, I now have a wall-mounted violin rack that I hang above the cases. It keeps it out of reach of my small children, but when I’m teaching lessons I can grab my instrument easily. I put my violin in its case when I won’t be using it for an extended period. (something like this:

  22. posted by Johnny Hitler on

    Do you want to know why people react badly to this story? Its because your blog is about uncluttering and you post about and advertise a $ 450,- piece of mostly useless furniture. How many people may possibly be interested to read about an “Guitar-Suitcase-Holder” the size of an baby elephant – on the UNCLUTTERER Blog?

  23. posted by Jillian on

    I think some of you need to understand what uncluttering is really about.

    Uncluttering is not about deprivation! It’s about having what you love around you in a peaceful manner.

    A person that is creative needs/must have their supplies around them. For some that’s a computer, for others it’s a sewing machine, for others it’s instruments. It’s only logical to have a place to store them. It’s really none of our business how much that storage costs if it fits the user(s) needs. Do some of you think that a $4.50 plastic tub is better than a crafted piece of furniture? It baffles me.

  24. posted by T on

    I was interested to read about the issue of humidity and guitars, as I was planning to use a wall mount for my son’s electric bass. I think it will look cool on the wall and it will get the instrument off the floor. However, we live in East Coast humidity. Is humidity a problem with electric instruments as well as acoustic?

  25. posted by DawnF on

    @ Johnny Hitler – “the size of a baby elephant” – seriously? Come on, dude! Get over it! It’s the size of a small bookcase! It’s a high-quality, solid piece of storage furniture that looks very nice in a living room or den or bedroom – it’s much better than some POS particle board thing or something plastic. She is storing 5 musical instruments that probably are very expensive! Don’t dog somebody for storing their special musical instruments in a nice piece of furniture.

    Just because this is an organizing site called Unclutterer doesn’t mean people are supposed to buy cheap, tiny storage units. Duh.

  26. posted by Johnny Hitler on

    Hi DawnF,

    baby elephants are not so big as you maybe think. Actually I took the time, just for you, and rode on my hippo over to my elephant stable and measured. And as fate turns out, at least MY baby elephant is _exactly_ the size of this nice piece of guitarcase-storing-equipment.

    As you see, I am and allways will be, the peak, the pinnacle of seriousness. And, because you asked so nice, I will gladly come on and even get over it. Please tell me beforehand over what exactly you want me to get.

    I hope you mind not if I correct you on one small matter. She is not storing guitars in this nice piece of furniture but guitar cases. You cannot store guitars in this nice piece of guitar-case-storing-furniture directly as it seems. So if you actually want to use any of your instruments you will have the joy of having to handle big and often handy guitar cases. And you will have the joy of being able to look at big, handy and well traveled “charakter” guitar cases, while you sit in your living room. This frees one of the burden of having to look at the guitars directly, which may not always be pleasant and sometimes may be even troublesome.

    In my living room the temperature year round varies between 18 and 22 degrees. And air humidity is in between 55 and 65 percent. So under this extremely volatile climatic conditions it is understandable to the utmost, that you want to protect the guitar from the guitar-destroying climate of the living room. Now I even envy the guitars fortunate enough to be able to afford living in such nice an environment while I have to endure the extremest climatic hazards imaginable.

    With most possible respect and best regards

    Johnny Hitler

  27. posted by Jacki Hollywood Brown on

    As a professional organiser I look for products that will FUNCTION well for my clients. Very often I look to this blog for new and unique products such as this guitar rack. My son only has one guitar but I know his instructor has many. I could also see this rack being used in the studio waiting room. Students could place their instruments safely in the rack while waiting for lessons instead of leaving them on the floor for us to trip over.

  28. posted by Bill C. on

    I like the fact that the product supports both guitars and cases. This is not a feature available with typical guitar stands.

  29. posted by henave on

    One more post in support of this for an individual music player. It is quite possible for a single person who plays guitar regularly to have many guitars in different types (acoustic vs electric) and sizes, etc. My husband has many, many guitars but he uses them all and storing them truly is a problem. I would not have believed a guitar player would need more than one guitar at a time as I am not a musician, but it’s true!

  30. posted by mcogilvie on

    Well, the noise level seems to have dropped off. Thanks very much for the information. I am a guitar player with three guitars: a dreadnought, an OM, and a Seagull S6 as a beater. I keep the first two in their cases, and the Seagull in a gig bag. If the company made a smaller piece that held only four guitars, it would be perfect for me.

    By the way, no one seems to have mentioned the problem of lack of humidity, which leads to woods drying out. That will often cause more problems than too much humidity.

  31. posted by ashley on

    That’s a stylish way of storing guitars. That would be a nice piece of furniture in a living room or music room. I really like to have one of this item. I love the design and style, really cool.

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