Unitasker Wednesday: S’more s’mores!

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

Today is National S’Mores Day, and so I decided to go searching for yet another s’moresrelated unitasker. I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I was going to find one. Since we have featured four already, there couldn’t be s’more unitaskers out there, right? Wrong.

These are all the s’more unitaskers I found just on Amazon. If you find more, share your finds in the comments, and celebrate with us on this National Day of the S’more!

The dignified Casa Moda “S’mores” Maker:

Another attempt at putting s’mores in a s’more prison with the Rome’s #62 Original S’more Maker:

Hershey’s official Campfire S’mores Maker without the campfire — oh, great irony:

And this S’mores Maker, also from Hershey’s but with a popcorn maker attachment, sincerely terrifies me:

Finally, the Micro S’mores 80-1764, which squishes your s’more as it heats it up in the microwave:

Seriously, whatever happened to sticks and campfires?

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  1. posted by Cal on

    Microwaved graham crackers sound dreadful.

    I think I’ve seen the first one in use in a restaurant before.

  2. posted by Jan on

    Admission of guilt. We own one of the Casa Moda models. It was purchased a few years ago for freezing cold blizzard weekends in northern Minnesota when a campfire is out of the question. The stove at our vacation home has a glass top, so it’s not great for melting marshmallows. It’s a way to keep kids occupied for about 7.3 minutes. Every year, it moves closer to the back of the storage closet. It will be gone before anyone knows it (literally)!

  3. posted by MomPaula on

    Actually microwaved smores are great. put everything except the top graham cracker on a plate in the microwave for 10 seconds. Add top graham cracker. Eat.

  4. posted by Shalin on

    Do we have a set of “inside jokes” about s’more makers yet? 🙂


  5. posted by Katie Alender on

    I like #3!

    But microwaving marshmallows seems iffy. We used to do that as kids because it was amusing that they turned rock solid within about 14 seconds of cooking.

  6. posted by Jen on

    Are s’mores the new bananas of the unitasker world?

  7. posted by Jessamy on

    Living an apartment, and having an electric stove, the first one looks like it might be worth it, but I could also just get a small butane torch.

  8. posted by momofthree on

    Did not buy it myself–twas a gift….the brown microwave thing at the bottom of the list sits in my kitchen cupboard. Nice for the winters in chicago when we long for a summer day and a smore….not quite the same, but hey, in the winter, it will do!!

    Never dreamed that my favorite item from my youthful Girl Scout days would create such a market for “uintaskers”

  9. posted by Flynnycat on

    Neat! I really like the first one (the Casa Moda) and the one that looks like a little campfire, ha ha, cute! I was not so much disturbed by the Unitaskers as by the fact that it is National S’mores Day. Um…wow. I don’t think it is here in Canada. I can’t imagine celebrating s’mores on a national scale….

  10. posted by Mrs. Thor on

    This is sad. If you don’t have a campfire and you need s’mores (happens more often than you might think)… you can just use the broiler in the oven.

    Unless you don’t have an oven… then… S’mores maker? I might try the microwave first.

  11. posted by Jen @ Light Enough to Travel on

    S’mores are so rich… I reserve them for camping only, as a special treat. However, this could possibly encourage me to go camping more often…

  12. posted by Sinea Pies on

    Gotta have a real flame, that’s for sure. S’mores are so much fun,aren’t they!

  13. posted by LJ Earnest on

    Seriously. What fun is making s’mores if you don’t have the option to catch the thing on fire and blow it out? Making s’mores when that is a possibility takes way more skill than using an overpriced heat gun!

  14. posted by Another Deb on

    I guess the thing that bugs me about these unitaskers is that they artificially enable the production of s’mores, which I feel are purely in the domain of a camping experience. You must have a real campfire, ashes and smoke flying as the stars come out to hear you sing Kum-Ba-Yah, and a real stick, coated with the guts of the previous marshmallow that fell into the flames just moments ago.

  15. posted by JessA on

    Let’s be honest here, are s’mores even really that good? Yes, they are perfect for the campfire because what else are you going to make?

    But, honestly, s’mores aren’t exactly gourmet eating! why, oh, why are manufacturers spending their energy on something that was created to be an easy snack around the fire???

    Give me the unitasking cheesecake maker or the unitasker chocolate mousse and I’m in!

  16. posted by John on

    My s’mores craving has little to do with camping and campfires. It has everything to do with warm graham crackers and melted marshmallow and chocolate.

    I wouldn’t want one of these devices, though. If you don’t happen to be on a camping trip, microwaves work fine.

  17. posted by recycler on

    @Jessamy Yeah, that’s a good second use for a crème brulée torch! 😉

    Also, the Rome’s #62 Original S’more Maker looks like it could be used for grilling other things than marshmellows, say, for example, toast?

  18. posted by Virginia Allain on

    Your earlier postings on this inspired me to create a review page on S’More making gadgets on Squidoo. I’ve put lots of polls to get readers’ opinions on these. So far, most people seem to prefer the old-fashioned method of campfire and stick. I admit that appeals most to me, as I enjoy the outdoors.

  19. posted by Shelby on

    This trend (s’mores makers for the indoors) is starting to represent, for me, everything that is WRONG with our culture. Seriously. S’mores are for CAMPING. I can even agree that they are for the OUTSIDE. In your back yard. If you don’t have a yard, GO TO SOMEONE ELSE’s. If you live in a city, well, you get art museums, awesome restaurants, and public transportation. You don’t get S’mores. That is, until you visit one of your friends in the country. Or, need I say it, YOU GO CAMPING.

  20. posted by chacha1 on

    That first one is pretty stylish, have to say. If I didn’t have a gas cooktop I might want one! LOL

  21. posted by Lesley on

    OK, I admit it. We have the Micro S’mores maker. My aunt gave it to my son as a gift, along with all the s’mores makings.

    I would never have bought it myself. But it is small, doesn’t take up much room. And the kids love it. Plus, believe it or not, it included a recipe book. Some of the coolest ever recipe ideas for funky s’mores knock-offs. Wow, that was embarrassing to type.

  22. posted by Nick on

    My grnadma bought me the Micro S’mores as a gift. You forgot to add that it features Core Fusion Technology!!!!

  23. posted by Lauren on

    Hmm… looking at the first one, I think I can repurpose my fondue set the next blustery winter day. It will be fun till my kids light the curtains on fire with their burning marshmallows.

    Seriously, I am with the campers here. S’Mores are outside food.

  24. posted by sandra on

    I think my favorite is to toast the marshmallow over the burner on a gas stove and then make a mess when it falls into the flame that you then have to clean up. Most fun when you’ve had a couple of beers. Reading these posts is making me crave s’mores.

  25. posted by Diane Mathis on

    We think s’mores are a summer AND a winter treat!! Get s’morganized and you’ll see how it’s really done.

  26. posted by Abby on

    I have to say – I kinda love the fake plastic “logs” on the campfire version, but it’s a bit disturbing how the s’mores trays that come with it look like ashtrays from the 1970s. I do my s’mores in the microwave, sans gadgets…I actually rue the day I figured out how to do this, because now many-calories-worth of s’mores are only 10 seconds away (plus assembly time and 5 seconds for getting a plate out of the cupboard).

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