Unitasker Wednesday: S’More To Love STL-600

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

Instructions for making a s’more: Find long stick. Put large marshmallow on end of stick. Roast impaled marshmallow over campfire. Remove marshmallow from heat and stick, and sandwich marshmallow between two graham crackers and a few pieces of bar chocolate. Eat s’more. Repeat.

This is NOT how you make a s’more:

The S’More To Love STL-600 is all wrong. First and foremost, there is no stick! Second, s’more making should not involve “roasting” graham crackers. Third, squirting chocolate sauce out of a syringe (the product is shipped with a S’More To Love Syringe) and over the top of a marshmallow is not how it is done. Fourth, this giant device and the syringe have to be washed and sticks do not have to be washed. Fifth, this device costs $18 and sticks are FREE. Sixth, you should not have to wear oven mitts when making s’mores. Seventh, I can’t stop thinking about the s’more cages being tiny prison cells incarcerating all the fun that usually is involved with making s’mores.

Thank you to reader Chaya for introducing us to this device.

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  1. posted by cng on

    Spot on, Erin! I couldn’t agree with you s’more 😉

  2. posted by Cal on

    I’m not sure what the intention of that device is (perhaps for the city s’more lover who doesn’t have a campfire handy?), but you can pull off an oven s’more without any giant contraption. Just pull out a baking sheet, pie tin, foil, whatever…and put your s’more on it.

  3. posted by Leslie on

    Or you could use a lighter and a chopstick….

  4. posted by Cagesjamtoo on

    I dont think this device will give you your crispy crust on the marshmallow, but if you just want the flavors then: grab a plate, stack s’more, microwave for 30 sec. Enjoy!

  5. posted by Rae on

    Best unitasker review ever.

  6. posted by jw on

    it’s like there’s a secret contest for making s’mores as difficult as possible. who will win? when will the madness end?

  7. posted by Celeste on

    S’more FAIL! Where’s the crispy brown on the marshmallow? You might as well just bake these in a pan in the oven.

  8. posted by Jessiejack on

    I too saw this as mini prisons for the s’mores – I don’t like it

  9. posted by Jen on

    Lol at the tiny prison cells!
    My favorite way to make s’mores on the grill is to get some tin foil, put the graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow(s), and another cracker on top, then close up the tin foil like a little tent. Then put the whole thing right on a (cooling off) grill. It’s true that the marshmallows don’t get all charred like they would on a stick, but it’s also not as messy and no one will put an eye out. I’m a little Type A about the mess though, so others might not mind it so much 🙂

  10. posted by Shalin on

    Fail! Blasphemy! ETC!
    What a terrible, terrible device. I think my American-ness is a little hurt by it’s mere existence.

    It totally robs one of a “simple pleasure” experience. I did find this devices which would be at least a reasonable “evolution” of the “good ole” way to make s’mores that still includes the roasting experience: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obi.....tterer-20/

    Whew…okay, I’m done.


  11. posted by Nana on

    Harrumph indeed! The whole point of making s’mores is to char the marshmallow to just the right degree of doneness (with the requisite debate between those devoted to just-warm-it versus those in the totally-charred camp)

    And the stick for waving around the lightly-flamed marshmallow — also required.

  12. posted by Alix on

    In all fairness, it DOES include “a Marshmallow Blaster for infusing marshmallows with delicious filling”.


  13. posted by dixid on

    My Mom used to make us s’mores on snowdays by impaling a marshmallow on a fork and roasting it over the open flame of our gas stovetop. You could always go out and find a stick instead of using a fork.

  14. posted by Lee on

    We seldom have access to a campfire, but I often crave s’mores. I’ve put marshmallows on forks and skewers and roasted them over both electric and gas stove burners. I’ve also put part of a chocolate bar on one half of the cracker and a marshmallow on the other half and toasted them in the toaster oven – while watching carefully, as they can burn quickly. Not as exciting as the campfire, but we didn’t have to buy and store anything.

    I guess lots of people don’t have any creativity or problem solving ability or just don’t try. I wonder how many wedding gift lists this will be on.

  15. posted by Visty on


  16. posted by Ed Decatur on

    No self-respecting Girl Scout would be caught dead with this thing!

  17. posted by [email protected] on

    That is by far the worst thing you have ever featured. I’d have 6 corn cobbers before I had this. Oh my lawd, so funny…and sad.

  18. posted by Karen on

    @Cal, the intention of this device is parting fools from money.

    Assuming you DID stick this thing in a campfire or oven, and it WAS a good idea to toast the crackers and chocolate along with the marshmallows, how on earth would you retrieve the smore without burning your fingers? Dumb dumb dumb.

  19. posted by Jules on

    To be honest I’ve never eaten a s’more in my life and, God willing, never intend to (loath marshmallows & am not keen on graham wafers, what can I tell ya?). But, that said, I don’t know which made me laugh harder: the device itself, or your review of it.

  20. posted by Anita on

    No thanks, I only eat free-range s’mores.

    Protest s’more cruelty and incarceration!

  21. posted by Rob O. on

    My most immediate thought was of the spectacular mess you’d have left to scrub off of the cage after the fact. Pass.

  22. posted by Shannon on

    Did no one defend this??? How rare… and just proves how stupid it is!

  23. posted by Cal on

    Oh, yeah… this reminds me of another bizarre s’mores invention I saw at Target. Flat marshmallows. For some reason, Kraft feels you need flat marshmallows to improve your s’mores experience.

  24. posted by henave on

    I think the chocolate syringe is strange. Chocolate sauce already comes in handy bottles so you can dispense it easily. Seems very odd to put it from the handy bottle into a syringe you then have to try and clean somehow. That’s assuming you wish to make a s’more with chocolate syrup….

  25. posted by Denise on


    I think I’m just a little enthralled.

    As a s’more maker, this is horrendous. Total failure in handling all three ingredients.

    But as art? As commentary on the way one can introduce unneeded complexity and restrictions that sap the joy out of just about anything? Fantastic.

  26. posted by jodi on

    I agree…cleaning this thing would be a nightmare!

    I also agree…how do you get the smores out?

    If you don’t have a campfire, microwave or gas stove, another option is candles and kabob skewers.

    I don’t even want to guess how much this costs!

  27. posted by English girl on

    This is a totally mystifying device. I had no idea what s’mores are but reading through it sounds like a weird roasted combination of marshmallows and um “stuff”. Are Graham crackers a sort of savoury biscuit? Sorry but it sounds horrible!

  28. posted by June Lemen on

    Wow. This is one of the worst unitasker’s I’ve seen in awhile. My daughter made s’mores after our July 4th cookout. How do you replace the joy of a child getting to roast marshmallows?

  29. posted by Lori Paximadis on


  30. posted by Rachel on

    @English girl: S’mores are a combination of marshmallows (toasted), chocolate, and graham crackers. That’s all. (Some people might add more ingredients, but that’s the classic combination.)

    Graham crackers are slightly sweet, not savory. Wikipedia puts it well, I think, saying a graham cracker “bears some resemblance to a cookie—digestive biscuits are the closest approximation.” They’re quite good on their own, and the combination of the above ingredients is also quite good. 🙂

    S’mores are a classic treat for Girl Scouts in particular and campers in general, made at the campfire by first toasting the marshmallows, then sandwiching them between graham crackers along with a piece of chocolate. And in case it’s not obvious, the name is a contraction of “some more.”

    In my experience s’mores are always made with plain milk chocolate bars – usually Hershey’s milk chocolate.

  31. posted by Wendy on

    how about this microwave smore maker:

    although my sister-in-law cheats and uses the fudge stripe cookies instead of graham crackers and chocolate, less messy and just as good!

  32. posted by kylie on

    Well, Erin, I think you can retire from your unitasker searching…. this would have to be truly the best example of a unitasker….
    a huge,
    completely unecessary device
    designed to completely replace a
    often family-oriented,
    virtually-free experience.

  33. posted by Mary on

    For those lacking a campfire, my Dad always roasted marshmallows over the gas stove burners in our house!

  34. posted by suzjazz on

    This thing is an abomination, as are the many processed foods with the word “s’mores” in their names. The Girl Scouts (I was one from age 9-13) should have trademarked the name. There is only one way to make a s’more, and it is beautifully simple. It was designed to be made over a campfire using an ordinary stick, some marshmallows, hershey bars, and graham crackers. End of story.

  35. posted by priest's wife on


    just ate a s’more this weekend- the only time I eat hersey’s milk chocolate

    – as said in the movie “Cars”- Respect the classics, man!

  36. posted by Julie on

    I am beyond saddened by this product. How many people were involved in the making of this product? Is the economy so bad that nobody spoke up and said this is the worst, most terrible idea ever!!

    S’mores are awesome because of the process making them and the lack of availability everyday. They’re simple to make, you sit around a fire with family/friends telling stories, looking at the night sky, making memories, and ignoring your sticky hands and messy face because you’re outdoors. You associate s’more with those kinds of memories because you only eat them under those circumstances.

    Want one that bad? Call some friends, start a fire, and make some memories.

  37. posted by Annette on

    This unitasker is an abomination! It kills me that time and money were spent creating such an unnecessary product.

  38. posted by Shalin on

    @Lori Paximadis – Amen! 🙂

  39. posted by Shalin on

    @Denise – I have to admit, I’m with you on the art/commentary of it. And obviously…there’s no shortage of commentary on it right here with Erin’s post… 🙂

  40. posted by JustGail on

    No. Just – no. The only upgrade needed for s’mores is using good chocolate. And even that might be overdoing it.

  41. posted by Stephanie on

    In Canada we do eat smores just not as much as Americans. They have come out with all sorts of smores devices this year like huge sticks opackaged with all the neccessary crachers, marshmallows etc… Just be willing to pay the price. Alot more expensive than a stick!

  42. posted by Mary in TN on

    S’mores need no upgrade — they’re a perfect experience in and of themselves. And syrup instead of a Hershey bar? Of course not! An important part of the S’more is the textural experience: you have the crunchy cracker, the crispy outside/gooey inside marshmallow, and finally the wonderful Hershey bar, which slightly melts when the hot marshmallow hits it, but retains some of its cold chocolate solidity too. Perfection! This aging Girl Scout will never have it any other way.

    And I agree that this was one of Erin’s best reviews yet. You rock, Erin!

  43. posted by Bren on

    This is a silly product. Even if you are lacking a campfire, you can still roast a marshmallow on your stove (which I have done many, many times). I agree with a previous comment, texture is important with s’mores. You need the Hershey bar, not chocolate sauce.

  44. posted by Another Deb on

    This object is the symbol of all that I battle as a science teacher. The old-fashioned way allows a hands-on experience for a child, where they have to follow a sequence of instructions for the procedure, use tools, assemble a product and practice safety in order to be rewarded for their efforts. They can then test their hypothesis about different toasting strategies, solve problems (such as being too close to the fire and creating flaming marshmallows) and collaborate with others to share data (who likes the burned ones? etc). They learn to revise a procedure to gather new data(browning time, taste test, mess factor, etc). They find out about phase changes, melting points, cleavage of crackers versus the chocolate bar, plasticity of matter and the concept that carbohydrates are a fuel and can burn, releasing energy in the form of heat and light.

    This unitasker puts all of the experience in the hands of a parent, leaving the child to assume that s’mores are yet another product that arrives fully formed through incomprehensible technology with no possible new applications. No wonder kids are increasingly helpless.

    I could cover half of my state standards with a s’mores lesson and am seriously considering this as an introduction lesson, thanks!

  45. posted by Queen Lucia on

    Agree with all comments! And the image of a chocolate syringe is just….disturbing.

    Very fun contrast to the Pie Iron from a few weeks ago, which had so many positive comments – and an item I immediately bought for my husband for Father’s Day. And I do believe a few people will be getting them for Christmas…

  46. posted by momofthree on

    Why on earth would anyone BUY this contraption???

    S’Mores are meant to be eaten OUTDOORS, with the marshmallow being roasted (burned, for some) on a stick!!

    Boy and Girl Scouts revolt against this device!!!

    Long live sticks and flames and the fear of an eye being poked out when novices are near the campfire!!

  47. posted by Viv on

    It actually looks kind of dangerous. It would be hot and you’d have multiple melting marshmallows to contend with. Even in comparison to a stick and an open fire it looks risky!

  48. posted by L. on

    I love how your links to Unitaskers include your affiliate tag, just in case someone wants one. 🙂

  49. posted by Erin Doland on

    @L — Ha! The system does it automatically. We just have a number we plug in, a script does the rest. Does it for every link. I don’t think anyone has bought this bad boy! 🙂

  50. posted by Chaya on

    Wow! My Unitasker suggestion made it into the blog! I am obsessed with stupid American things and I think it would be awesome to create an entire blog dedicated to stupid American inventions. Quick — someone — go out and buy the URL!

  51. posted by Sue on

    What a pain in the butt to clean!

    Looks like Hannibal Lector designed it to torture marshmallows!

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