Unitasker Wednesday: Taco Proper

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

Don’t you just hate it when your taco falls over? I do. Tipping tacos are a tragedy. A contemptible calamity. An ignominious injustice. A monstrous misfortune. (A reason for me to use my thesaurus.) But, thankfully, the world now has the Taco Proper to solve this diabolical dilemma:

Rest easy tonight, the world is saved from tacos tipping over on your plate!

Thanks to reader Julie for sharing this unitasker with us.

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  1. posted by June Lemen on

    What I especially enjoy, as a professional writer, is the use of an adjective which means ‘suitable’ as a noun meaning ‘support’. I’m surprised the marketeers did not either invent a new noun “propper” instead of just calling it a taco prop.

    When I first saw this, I thought it was some way of making tacos a more gussied-up food.

    Too weird.

  2. posted by Elaine on

    Now, I would use this! But I would try to find more uses for it, since I don’t like uni-taskers. Right now, I prop up my tacos with shot glasses, which have become uni-taskers because I don’t drink any more.

    @June, maybe it could be called “a taco propper-upper”. (Too much Mad Ave. influence over the years.)

  3. posted by K on

    I would actually use this! Filling a bunch of tacos at once would be much quicker and easier if they were all propped up in a nice *uncluttered* line rather than sliding around on a serving dish. I actually think this one is worth it!

  4. posted by Jen on

    Two things: Proper should be spelled “propper” I think, no? One that props? Second, the fine people at El Paso (or possibly Ortega) have already solved this problem by creating a taco shell that has a flat bottom. Barring that, you could always, you know, hold your taco in your hands, or just let it fall over and get a little messy. That is half the fun of a taco, right?

  5. posted by Justin Jackson on

    Confession: we owned something like this when I was growing up. I will say, we used them A LOT. But now, taco shell makers are making tacos with “flat bottoms:” http://www.amazon.com/exec/obi.....tterer-20/

    No need for a uni-tasker.

  6. posted by Noah on

    Old El Pase already made this obsolete: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrbyVDMUT10

  7. posted by Scott on

    My wife got a tip from Rachel Ray – turn a muffin tin upside down, and put all of your tacos to serve inbetween the “bumps” – works great. You only REALLY need it propped up while filling anyway.

  8. posted by Heidi Poe on

    Yep, I came here to mention Old El Paso’s “stand ‘n stuff” taco shells. They work great~

  9. posted by Julie on

    If I was able to save one taco from falling over and loosing even one tiny cube of diced tomato… it was totally worth the effort of sending in that link.

  10. posted by mike crosby on

    I usually smirk when I read your unitasker posts, but this one I like. But I like Scott’s comment, using a muffin tin upside down.

    When I make taco shells, they more or less get folded, and when I eat them the contents get squished out. I’m going to give the muffin tin a try, though I bake my tortillas, not fry.

  11. posted by David Katz on

    if your tacos are improperly propped, then you clearly need a proper propper like the TacoProper.

  12. posted by Rachel on

    @June: I believe it’s meant to be a pun. You know, “a proper taco” and also “a prop for your taco.” Heh.

    I’m not a big fan of puns (or taco proppers). But it’s not so much a grammatical error as a dumb pun. 😉

  13. posted by Jen on

    At home when we need to prop tacos, we take a sheet of aluminum foil and fold little ridges into it of the proper width so that tacos can stand up between them. Works great!

  14. posted by Michelle W. on

    We have these wavy pieces of plastic that hold 2-3 tacos up while you fill them. Someone gave them to me, and I thought, “What do I need those for?”

    My kids use them EVERY TIME we have hard-shell tacos. It goes beyond the novelty (they get a kick out of going and getting them out and setting them up for taco night). Children like having something to help them accomplish simple tasks that we adults seem to perform with such quickness and ease. So these little pieces of wavy plastic provide the needed help without the taking over and just doing it for them. Because we know…that’s what parents end up doing. =)

  15. posted by Dave on

    Mmmm, tacos.

  16. posted by Jeff Crouch on

    My solution to the problem is “soft” tacos, using regular tortillas. The hard shells never stand up on their own, and tend to break in ways that cause the filling to attempt a getaway with each bite.

  17. posted by Melissa A. on

    I have some of these from Tupperware. My mom bought them years ago and I took them with me when I moved out. I like them 🙂

  18. posted by ninakk on

    Sigh. Like Jeff Crouch, I prefer the soft ones that you can make a little envelope of, and voilà, a bitasker you have.

  19. posted by empty on

    Huh. I haven’t eaten a hard taco shell in years. They always tasted like sawdust, despite being deep-fried. QED, soft tacos, which are far more manageable both while being filled and during consumption. (As a bonus, although I try not to over-think such things, the soft ones are usually a more healthful choice.)

  20. posted by priest's wife on

    I’m sort of sick of plastic.

  21. posted by Lesley on

    I live in Texas. We eat lots and lots of Mexican and Tex-Mex food here. In all the many, many taquerias we’ve visited over the years, I’ve never seen an authentic Mexican/Texican cook care one whit about a taco that was leaning over. Just totally confused by some of the comments here.

  22. posted by Laura on

    I’ve ended up making my taco shells into large broken pieces because I always end up breaking them as I try to fill them. Great idea.

  23. posted by Quilting Bibliophagist on

    When I was growing up, we always put the condiments (lettuce, tomato, etc.) on the table and everyone filled his own taco just before eating it.

    After I got married I switched to making tostadas which is like a taco except that the fried tortilla is flat. (I would never eat pre-made taco shells. Yuck!)

    Actually, I personally prefer soft tacos using warm, fresh corn tortillas.


  24. posted by cheesehead4ever on

    I did see this and think “that would be so great to help fill up taco shells!”, but I’m glad you posted this because I now know to use the upside down muffin tin!

  25. posted by Allie on

    Am I the only one who read this and thought: “Wow, a thesaurus? Really?” Isn’t that a unitasker as well? Why not use this very versatile thing called “the internet?” 😛

  26. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Allie — I didn’t use a thesaurus in printed book form. I just use the Dictionary program on my computer that has a thesaurus in it. You highlight the word, right click, and pull up “Search in Dictionary.”

  27. posted by timgray on

    I find service a plate full of finished tacos to be strange. we simply bring the fixins’ to the table and have everyone build theirs so they can have it the way they like.

    Do people really pre prep the tacos and do a big platter presentation as if it’s a grand dinner?

  28. posted by Christine on

    I will preface my comment by stating that I have not eaten a hard taco shell since my (long-ago) lunchroom days in school. However, I always found the shell falling apart a big pain so the times I’ve had tacos, I’ve gone with soft tacos. (I didn’t care about them standing up. I only was annoyed with the shells collapsing.)

    MY question was about it stating that the shell is kept INTACT. Has anyone had experience with these helping to keep the shells together? Although I’m not big on hard taco shells, that is certainly something that might be of interest to hard taco shell preferers.

  29. posted by Bren on

    I received two of these a long time ago in a package of hard taco shells as a free promotion. I used them constantly (we have tacos once a week or so). When I saw them for sale a few years ago I was so excited. We use them all the time. I have small children, so they are helpful to them in dressing their tacos and keeping the tacos upright so all the good stuff doesn’t fall out.

  30. posted by Georgie on

    I kind of like this one, or would if we ate tacos a lot. It kind of reminds me in an odd way of my favourite unitasker in my kitchen: the kiwifruit spoon. Perhaps this is an Australian/NZ thing, but I have gotten these free with kiwifruit in the shops – a plastic spoon with one edge serrated but not sharp, so you can take a kiwifruit to work/school whole, cut it open & eat it with no sharp knife and only one implement 🙂 Yes, unitaskers, but only small and worth it if it’s a food item you eat a lot.

  31. posted by Abby on

    I have something similar to this…it’s called “my other hand”. One hand to scoop the stuff in and the other hand to hold the taco. Then it goes into your mouth. So few steps…so simple. And the other hand is highly reusable as well.

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