Unitasker Wednesday: Eggies

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes β€” we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

This week’s unitasker is far from being the worst contender we’ve ever featured. In fact, if you don’t eat egg yolks, I could see its usefulness. However, for someone like me who “hard boils” eggs by baking them in the oven (the method popularized by Alton Brown in I’m Just Here for the Food and on the “Hard Cooked Heaven” episode of Good Eats), a device to crack eggs into for making shell-less hard boiled eggs is pretty much useless. This little plastic thing would melt in my oven.

I primarily picked this device as this week’s unitasker because, like so many awesome infomercials, I couldn’t stop laughing while watching the clumsy human failing at making eggs (you can catch the infomercial on the product webpage if you haven’t seen it on television). Apparently, without the Eggies, “You’ll be peeling all night!” Poor, poor you. I feel so awful for you. Especially since “Peeling just one egg the regular way can take forever!” FOREVER! (No hyperbole used in this infomercial. Nope. None.)

Thanks, Emily, for sharing this with us.

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  1. posted by Brooke on

    I know this was supposed to be stupid…
    but I actually thought it was kind of cool!

  2. posted by JyBu on

    Honorable Mention for the annoying popup when you close their webpage πŸ™‚

    I never really understood what was hard in peeling a hard boiled egg ? You just tap around it and twist apart the two ends, the thin white layer under the shell keeps it whole and slips on the egg white. Maybe the fact that we have pink or brown-shelled eggs around here helps ?

  3. posted by Heidi Poe on

    Urgh, it grosses me out that the eggs look super deformed if you cook them in that contraption.

    @ JyBu – I sometimes have trouble peeling plain white shell hardboiled eggs, but I learned that pouring some vinegar into the water with the eggs will make it a bit easier in the end. It stinks, though! Hehe.

  4. posted by Anki on

    If you insist on peeling the eggs the way they were doing in the infomercial, of course it will take “forever” to peel them, and you greatly increase your chances of breaking or tearing the egg.

    Cost effective solution? Gently smack your normal hard boiled egg against the counter or the side of your sink, rotating it in your hand to get the shell crunched in a number of places. Then squeeze a bit and the shell peels right off. Okay, so it’s going to be a bit slower than the “Eggies method” but it also doesn’t require any specialised tools.

    The only possible Eggies selling point (for me) is that you can potentially include spices and the like ahead of time. But if I’m going to get a unitasker-type device for that, I’d spring for some cute egg coddlers. They are far more attractive in appearance.

  5. posted by Kathryn Fenner on

    If you put your just-cooked eggs in ice cold water, they are very easy to peel…

  6. posted by Alice F. on

    This actually looks like something I would be glad to have, except for the fact that so many of these sorts of devices don’t work as well as advertised. I always seem to have a *terrible* time peeling hard-cooked eggs. The last time I did it, my fingers were really beaten up, seriously! It made me wonder who in their right mind would peel dozens of them for a party.

  7. posted by fourthords on

    Oh man, the incompetent people in infomercials? Have you seen “As Seen on TV: A Tribute to Doing it Wrong“?

  8. posted by Samantha M. on

    Its a plastic Egg Coddler. I have an old porcelain one that used to be my Grandmothers that I love to cook eggs in, its nice because you can add all sorts to the egg (or more than one egg in a large one) and cook it really slowly so it comes out super delicious.

    Check out http://whatscookingamerica.net/Eggs/CoddledEgg.htm I have no affiliation with them its just they have some great pics etc of egg coddlers.

  9. posted by jbeany on

    Don’t cook fresh eggs – a few days in the fridge makes them easier to peel after they are hard boiled. Plus, peel them under cold running water. Easy as egg pie!

  10. posted by Bethann on

    @ Kathryn – That’s exactly the way I do my eggs. I actually put them in a large bowl with ice cubes and water. I’m always the deviled egg guru for our family’s get togethers – so I might make 2 dozen at a time. The cold water trick makes them super easy to peel. I also only cook them to boiling, then turn off and cover for 15 minutes and let them sit and cook that way.

  11. posted by Laetitia in Australia on

    @fourthords – LOL! I recognise some of those scenes from Unitasker videos that have featured here in the past.

  12. posted by Alice on

    Definitely a unitasker, BUT:

    I have tried everything that you are supposed to try to make hard boiled eggs easier to peel, alone and in combination (ice water bath, vinegar, baking soda, different ways of tapping, etc.). It does take me about ten minutes to peel an egg without removing so much of the white as to make it useless. I AM one of those people, and I would like to be able to eat more than one hard boiled egg in the same meal. So I’d buy this.

  13. posted by Julie Bestry on

    Geez, I’ve been peeling the same egg since the Eisenhower administration. This takes FOREVER!


  14. posted by Quilting Bibliophagist on

    The video you linked to showed how to steam an egg, not how to cook it in the oven. I’m really curious about how you bake them in the shell. Don’t they explode?

    My foolproof way to hard cook eggs is to start them in a pan of cold water and then bring to a boil over medium heat. Once the water comes to a boil, cover the pan and remove from the burner. Leave the pan alone for 20 minutes and then put the eggs into cold (or better yet, iced) water. Peeling under running water seems to help them peel easily and at least washes away any tiny bits of shell that remain.

  15. posted by [email protected] on

    Another good reason to be vegan! πŸ™‚

  16. posted by Lizzie on

    First, Alice–have you tried boiling the water and then gently adding the eggs? (I slide them down the side of the pan in a big spoon so they don’t crack at the bottom.) It works for me, and I get eggs from a friend that have been laid that day…and they were verrrrrrry hard to peel the normal way.

    One of my favorite unitaskers is the Norpro egg timer–the red plastic egg that goes in with the real eggs and tells you how cooked through they are. (My family wants their eggs between soft and medium–so yummy!) It’s a unitasker that I’ve probably used twice a week for twenty years, thus earning its place in the drawer.

    On the other hand (hanging my head in shame), I would like one of those egg presses, where you put in your freshly hard boiled egg, leave them for ten minutes and voila! You have a heart shaped egg…or a cat…or a fish. It would be so much fun to do for the kids once in a while. If I see a set at a garage sale, they’re mine! What? I can never darken the doors of Unclutterer again?

    My daughter, by the way, thinks that the “Eggies” featured on this post would make awesome alien invader pods. (She’s in first grade.) I think she has a point.

  17. posted by Lisa on

    God knows what carcinogens might be lurking in that plastic, which could leach out when the Eggie gets immersed in hot water and contaminate the cooking egg…

  18. posted by JustGail on

    I think I can pass on these. The only addition I have to the hints others have given on peeling eggs, is to crack the hot eggs then put in cold water, but only if using the eggs very soon. For making a batch of deviled eggs for example, not for the week’s lunch.

  19. posted by Karen on

    Lord knows i hate unitaskers, but I could so see myself using this. My kids LOVE hardboiled eggs, and they are a healthy snack…but I am one of those people who cannot make easy-to-peel hardcooked eggs. I’ve tried everything. Old eggs, ice water bath, rolling them on the counter, you name it. And my husband hates how little bits of shell end up on the egg when he tries to give it to the kids, so I am actually forbidden to hardboil eggs anymore. Sigh.

  20. posted by Christina on

    Love all the tips. The only one I didn’t see is using a spoon to peel the egg. After cracking you slip the edge of the spoon under the shell and it comes off smoothly. The curve of the spoon matches the curve of the egg, basically upside down. Not sure if this makes sense. It is easier when you see it in person.

  21. posted by Sue on

    But….but…but..you have to CRACK the egg to use this contraption, so you would need this too!


  22. posted by s on

    I love that they sell already-peeled hard boiled eggs at the grocery store–in the egg or cheese section, I think. No shells to deal with at all! I do wonder how they peel those eggs so cleanly…

  23. posted by Katherine on

    Alice–I am definitely with you. I am a very experienced cook (38 years), and I have found that eggs are getting to be more and more difficult to peel. Yes, I have added vinegar to the water, salt to the water, slipped them into already boiling water, aged them, peeled them under cold water, punctured the shell at the small end, and plunged them into ice water right after taking them off heat.

    Still, I end up with eggs that look like chipped chalk rocks.

    I don’t know if I would buy Eggies, but everyone who has an easy time peeling eggs needs to understand that those of us who now struggle with this are not incompetent idiots. We just aren’t lucky enough (or don’t spend enough) to get eggs that are better than the average supermarket fare.

    Thanks for listening (reading).

  24. posted by Susan on

    I think it is a wonderful invention and I am buying them! because no matter what I have tried it is a pain in the butt! to get my eggs peeled smoothly….My eggs always stick to the shell!!!! IT drives me nuts; I was happy to see this invention myself!

  25. posted by Karen on

    I too used to have problems peeling hard boiled eggs…until I made 30 dozen deviled eggs for a party…yes, 30 DOZEN eggs I boiled and peeled…360 eggs! My thumb had begun to bleed from peeling, until I discovered that if I gently hit the egg on the counter, then rolled it to really break up the shell, then ran under cold water to peel, the shell almost fell off on it’s own. The secret is getting under that thin membrane between shell and egg. Peeling eggs, for me, that way is a breeze.

  26. posted by Susan on

    Looks like a good idea to me! I make deviled eggs alot and this seems to make a larger shell plus dont have to peel them. I run under cold water etc and always still have chopped up looking eggs. Wanted to read reviews but still might buy a set just to see how they really work. Would like to hear from someone that has used them though.

  27. posted by Nicole on

    I just saw the commercial for this and came here to submit it. (Thankfully, I searched first, as someone beat me to it!)

    Why on earth would I buy plastic egg shells when the eggs come with their own?!?

    The baking sounds intriguing, though. I’m off to Alton Brown’s web site now.

  28. posted by laura on

    I was impressed actually…HATE peeling eggs and I’ve tried most of the tips mentioned here. I AM a clutz so this product would def work for me…also I have been buying already done hard cooked eggs from the supermarket and they are pricy so I’d rather do them myself!

  29. posted by Janie on

    I just want to say I am so relieved that I am not an idiot! I eat egg whites every day…cheap easy protein….and they are getting impossible to peel. A nightmare. They did not used to be so hard to peel so I don’t know what’s going on and I have tried all the different tricks to little avail. Also makes me very curious as to why they are getting harder and harder to peel…the inner memberane seems to be getting tougher and more attached to the white. Ugh.
    I’m getting a set of Eggies as soon as they’re back in stock at my local BB&B. How bad can they be? Can’t be as bad as hot fingers, frozen fingers or vinegar fingers!

  30. posted by gale on

    I actually want these. My husband has very rough hands (he’s a farmer) and he has a lot of trouble peeling eggs. His fingertips are especially rough. Also it would be nice if you didn’t have time or didn’t remember to buy eggs in advance, because fresh eggs don’t peel worth a darn. Not to mention that I have bought a dozen, waited 10 days or more to boil them, and still some of them are hard to peel while others have shells that just fall off. We have hens now and when they start laying, I don’t want to have to keep track of which eggs were from that day and which were from a week before and honestly we probably won’t have older eggs since we will only be keeping 6 hens and giving a lot of their eggs away. So as ridiculous as this gadget seems to be, there are probably some who might find it useful.

  31. posted by Joyce on

    I want a set because we have chickens and I have not found a way to date to peel fresh eggs!

  32. posted by Jeanne on

    I actually ordered some of these (haven’t received them yet). I love hard-boiled eggs but I hate peeling them. I get the occasional easy-to-peel egg, but for the most part, I look like the lady in the commercial!

  33. posted by Joy on

    Gee, I was almost excited until I saw the shape of the eggie-cooked egg. Flat on the bottom? Give me a break! My chickens give me jumbo eggs most of the time and there’s no way I want to boil twice as many to get deviled eggs. Guess I’ll go back to cooking week-old eggs for peeling.

    BTW, Sue, if you buy the “Cracker”, you won’t need the Eggie, because the Cracker peels eggs, too! Amazing!

  34. posted by Eggsactly! on

    These are not as stupid or silly as they seem. In fact, baking eggs is pretty silly when you consider the energy cost vs boiling, but that is neither here nor there. As someone pointed out, these are just a modern take on the porcelain/ceramic egg coddler of days past. Actually, a great idea and a useful product. What these allow you to do is create what are known as “Golden Eggs”, which are eggs that are scrambled in the shell and then hardboiled. It allows the yolks to be mixed with the whites and yields a delicious hardboiled egg–plus, you can add your seasonings before cooking.

    Eggs are making a comeback after some very weak research done a few decades ago during the cholesterol scares. Eggs are healthy and delicious and a very renewable food source.

  35. posted by ABowen on

    For the science behind hard peeling eggs check this out.


  36. posted by ms surely on

    I’d rather peel an egg than have to clean up all the little devises after using this…

  37. posted by Denise on

    I usually do well peeling eggs; however, since for our diet, we do 6 egg whites a day, we have found not all eggs peel easily, and when they don’t, it is a real pain to do 6, particularly every day. I was thrilled when I saw this commercial. However, when I ordered it, they offered more items for $10, and then charged my credit card another 10 on top of that ($46). When I tried to call the number provided, I couldn’t get through. Makes me think their customer service is no good.

  38. posted by valerie on

    you don’t bake them, you boil them, in water. I love it but I probably wouldn’t use it anymore than the millions of other cutsie ideas get used.

  39. posted by scott on

    My six year old daughter got me these at Walgreen’s for my birthday this year.
    I was skeptical, but they worked great. I just cracked the egg into them and boiled them. Open them and the egg pops right out. They are flat on one end since the egg doesn’t completely fill them up. The second time, I added egg whites to each cup to completely fill, and they came out perfectly shaped.
    I don’t have problems peeling eggs, but why bother if I don’t have too.
    And it is great to scramble your eggs, fill cups with egg, throw in some bacon pcs and boil.

    You may find them to be a joke, but I personally like them. And I have the perfect brownie pan too. I came online looking for recipes people have developed for eggies.

  40. posted by rho on

    I first ordered this product months ago from a tv commercial, it never arrived. I did, however, receive two (2)post cards over about a 6 mo. time frame informing me that the company apparently had a supply/delivery problem and asked me to be patient. I was therefore very surprised to see another tv commercial for them- again I foolishly ordered and yet again – NO Eggies. I wonder how efficient it is to run commercials , have phone lines open and NOT deliver?? WHY BOTHER?

  41. posted by Amy262 on

    Just returned Eggies! The worst purchase I have made in years. The hole was too small for some of my egg yolks. After spending time wiping the inside with Pam on all surfaces they were a mess to clean up. Yes, they are dishwasher safe but even that didn’t clean them all the way.

  42. posted by dcs on

    LOL, they suck. My yolks didn’t all fit through the holes either. By the time you get them put together (4 pieces each) and clean up the mess you could have cracked and peeled twice as many eggs. I could see using them for scrambled for kids maybe. Or egg whites.

  43. posted by What a fool on

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON EGGIES. Even if you follow the directions for oiling them, your chances of getting all the eggs out whole are slim and none. It takes longer to put the eggies together and then later clean them than to let the eggs cool off some and peel them. Sorry I wated my money. Good thing I wasn’t suckered in to the BOGO deal and payed double S&H.

  44. posted by Julie on

    What caught my interest was the possibility of using eggbeaters, which I try to use in place of eggs whenever possible…had anyone tried it? ANY resemblance to the taste of hard-boiled??

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