Workspace of the Week: Purrrrfect setup

This week’s Workspace of the Week is LauraCone’s workspace at home:

This is one of the most adorable little offices I have ever seen. First of all, the artwork makes me smile immensely. The addition of what appears to be the cat’s paw print in plaster hanging below the kitty painting made me even more happy. A key to productivity is having a positive work environment, and this definitely exists here. Looking at these fun pieces while I worked would be so much fun. Second, I like the picture frame on the left that has cork board in it. This is such a stylish way to keep from sticking notes to your monitor or have them strewn about the desk. Finally, I like the narrowness of the desk (which can be better viewed in the adjacent image), which perfectly fits the needs and the space of its user. Thank you, LauraCone, for your wonderful submission to our Flickr pool.

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  1. posted by Anne on

    While I think this is very stylish and cute, the cat theme doesn’t do anything for me, and I assume the user of this workspace owns a cat. I know this might sound a bit harsh, but I think pets are clutter: not just the hairs and mess, but all the pet-related stuff you need to buy, and having to arrange for someone or somewhere to care for your animal when you’re not at home. I just don’t think I you can be an unclutterer if you have a pet. I love playing with my friend’s dog when I visit her house, but the clutter aspect just outweighs everything else when I think about getting one myself.

  2. posted by Jodi on

    Dang, Anne. That is harsh. How do you feel about children? Or spouses?

    I have no idea who the artist of that cat is, but would like to plug the wonderful Mike Young ( who stylishly anthropomorphized my sister and brother-in-law’s pets to commemorate their wedding. He was fantastic to work with, affordable, and I was thrilled with the final result.

  3. posted by Dee on

    Love this Office Space and the Cat picture is great. Good Job!
    You are right Anne it does sound a bit harsh. Some pet owners might even be offended, I am not, it’s your opinion. Sure you have extra “stuff” around for your pet, but that is part of owning one. A good pet owner has a place for their “stuff” and keeps it organized. More than anything the unconditional love from a pet is worth more than you could ever imagine. I know I have four loving Cats and they hang out in my office. But you won’t know what you are missing until you have a pet in your home. With that said, not everyone likes pets or should have one.
    When you love a Pet, everything else falls into place.

  4. posted by Ann on

    “I just don’t think you can be an unclutterer if you have a pet.” Very harsh.

  5. posted by Anne on

    @Jodie, I think a child at the wrong time is most definitely clutter, but nevertheless much loved, while a spouse you don’t get on with could also be clutter, not that I’d know about that since I have a lovely husband.

    As for my comment being harsh, when I think about it, the reason I said it might sound harsh is not because *I* think it sounds harsh, but more because I find pet owners can be very evangelical in a you-must-adore-my-pet-as-much-as-I-do-and-deal-with-the-inconveniences kind of way, so any criticism will probably seem cutting to pet owners who expect everyone to share their own love of animals.

    Ironically enough, given my opinion on pets, I have a picture of my friend’s dog on the wall in my workspace that I once snapped with my camera phone. It’s quite adorable and cheers me up, but I’ve no doubt I’d want that animal out of my house after a couple of days if I had to be around it all the time.

  6. posted by Erin Doland on

    I agree with Anne in the sense that people who do not want to be pet owners will find pets and their accouterments to be clutter. This is the same as someone who doesn’t quilt would find quilting supplies to be clutter and someone who doesn’t like movies would find a giant DVD collection to be clutter. The point is to know yourself well enough to not adopt a pet if you sincerely don’t like caring for animals.

    That being said, I think someone who isn’t into pets might still find this artwork awesome. Because it is. It is totally awesome. It made me smile and now I want a similar painting for my house of my cat, who would look amazing in a pair of elbow-length white gloves. Oh, and with a tiara 🙂

  7. posted by Zac on

    For some reason this workspace gives me a cluttered vibe. I also find it adorable

  8. posted by LauraCore on

    GAH! Thank you so much for selecting my workspace! I am so honored it’s actually bit ridiculous. I find that I get more done at this work space and feel happier whilst I do it. That’s a win-win!

    The picture (and paw print) are of my late cat, May. She was 18 when she passed and to commemorate her I enlisted the help of the talented Jenny Parks. Jenny was so sweet about the entire process that I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking to get a personalized portrait of a pet. She also has a lovely set of cats dressed as Dr. Who figures. You can find her on facebook here:

  9. posted by bytheway on

    I like it. I like it a lot. Whimsy, like beauty, like humor–and like clutter–are in the eye of the beholder. I love @LauraCore’s story. Thanks for sharing it!

  10. posted by JustGail on

    I like the space. To me the left sid seems a bit closed in, but that’s probably because I write left handed and lilke open space on that side so set papers.

    As for pets and clutter – it depends entirely on the person how much clutter builds up, not the pet. Right now we have cats and a dog. They usually cause less mess than the humans in the house. And they certainly don’t have as much stuff laying around unused.

  11. posted by kalle on

    I really like the monochrome color with just splash of accent colors. The lamp is perfect as it gives the area height without width. It’s a work space I would definitely be happy in – switching the cat for my puppy pictures, of course!

  12. posted by [email protected] on

    “I just don’t think I you can be an unclutterer if you have a pet.”

    I empathise with this reaction, as I feel a bit the same way about people who have collections. But I don’t think anybody gets to be the arbiter of who an unclutterer is. Uncluttering is removing objects which do not add value to your life (or are getting in the way of your life).

    Our pets make our lives happier, and we make theirs happier. Our children learn in a real way how to care about and how to treat animals. I also like that we are giving a permanent home to cats who were once strays (and therefore public nuisances) and then in an overburdened foster home. Sometimes it’s important to look beyond your own four walls.

    And they definitely have less of everything than we do!

  13. posted by laura m. on

    Anne, I agree pets can cause clutter, dogs worse than cats. Cat food which I buy on sale, takes up alot of cabinet space. Litter bag in clothes closet; a litter box sits in the master bath, and several water bowls in the house and two cat beds: one in the computer room and one in the living room all for one cat. My desk has two pictures, a cheeta and a tiger. I have to have a box of kleenex on the upper left corner of my desk (no vases), 2 brands hand cream, anti bacterial hand wipes, and eye drops, a small desk calendar.

  14. posted by Another Deb on

    I can see that pets are clutter for some, even though I am the mama to a 20 year old furbaby that I totally love. For my part, I never wanted children because they would entail (clutter my life with) responsibilities I never craved. It sounds heartless to express the idea in terms of clutter, but that’s an accurate way to describe it to me. I always believed that you had to REAAAAAAAAAALLLY want to do the Mommie thing if you have kids. It should not be a “Well, I just assumed I was supposed to” mindset.

  15. posted by vickie on

    Love your white kitty vase! Did that originally come as white or did you paint it?

    I ask because we have the same one in black! Hubby purchased the bottle of wine JUST for the vase/bottle.

  16. posted by LauraCore on

    Vickie, like you I bought the wine for the bottle. I didn’t paint it, it came in white. 🙂

  17. posted by Vita Reid on

    This is an absolutely adorable workspace … so simple and yet so elegant. Elegant simplicity is the optimal phrase for me. Thank you.

  18. posted by Lori Paximadis on

    I love how Laura customized the desk to perfectly fit the space. And I am seriously coveting that lamp!!

  19. posted by zja on

    how do you get the clock screensaver on your laptop??

  20. posted by Tweetie on

    I guess anything can be considered clutter if your highest goal in life is to “be an unclutterer.” But I see being an unclutterer as a means to an end (a happy, organized, and fulfilling life), not an end unto itself. Thus pets, children, spouses, books, collections, etc. can contribute to leading a fulfilling life and does not disqualify one from the title of “unclutterer.”

    That being said, I think this space is great, LauraCore! It’s adorable, and I love how you’ve personalized it with the kitty decor. I love that teal lamp on the left, as well as the stainless, industrial-style office chair. Where did you find them?

  21. posted by Laurazz on

    Love to see great use of small spaces.

  22. posted by Gretchen on

    zja – the clock screensaver is “Fliqlo”. You can find info on it, and where to download it here —

  23. posted by LauraCore on

    Zja- Gretchen is correct about the screen saver! Thanks Gretchen!

    Tweetie- The chair was from Kmart (Hello, College!) from 6 years ago and the lamp was a $7 thrift store find from 8 years ago. And to think my mom thought I was a weird kid to be bringing home an old lamp. 🙂

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