Workspace of the Week: Mint condition modern

This week’s Workspace of the Week is John Megadeth’s home office:

Organized is not synonymous with new, and this week’s workspace is a perfect example of how older furniture can continue to work perfectly in the present. Using a desk from the middle of last century, John Megadeth has achieved a wonderful, stylistic look for his home office (and not a cable in sight!).

From the photo’s description:

The makeover began last summer with the purchase of the mighty tanker desk. With this piece, I began to really get into mid-century industrial furniture. With the addition of an awesome desk lamp (which we searched high and low for), and a great desk chair with matching side chair, the office is coming together well.

Unlike many of the people whose work spaces I see, I am not a computer programer. I’m a Technical Writer for a major-US airline here in North Texas, but I (unfortunately) don’t need to work from home. Our computer is mainly for everyday use.

Thank you, John, for such sharing your workspace with us.

Want to have your own workspace featured in Workspace of the Week? Submit a picture to the Unclutterer flickr pool. Check it out because we have a nice little community brewing there. Also, don’t forget that workspaces aren’t just desks. If you’re a cook, it’s a kitchen; if you’re a carpenter, it’s your workbench.

13 Comments for “Workspace of the Week: Mint condition modern”

  1. posted by Matthew on

    I’ve got a desk like that at home, but I need to repaint it. I love that it will always be functional (after having to move it, I’m pretty sure it will withstand just about anything) and an interesting design.

  2. posted by Aunt Cloud on

    Very Mad Men 🙂

  3. posted by Karyn on

    For a teacher, their workspace is a classroom – a very challenging place to keep organized! I keep hoping you will ask for or readers will submit classroom pictures too. Thanks!

  4. posted by Sam on

    I love this. It makes me want to drink at lunch and make inappropriate advances to a secretary. We’re moving sometime in the next year. I want something like this at our next house. My first job when I finished college had a desk like this. They’re really functional and practically indestructible. There’s so much storage in all those drawers. Great point about the cable concealment. You can probably prime and paint one of these any color you want. Imagine it red or blue or pink.

  5. posted by Shannon on

    Wonderful! This is an inspiration. Thank you, John!

  6. posted by Another Deb on

    Karyn, I’ll do that! I have 23 years’s worth of classroom materials to organize!

  7. posted by Annie on

    I LOVE this! I used to own a desk like this and it honestly was the best desk that I ever owned. The only downside was that I was physically unable to move it alone (which is why I don’t have it today)…

    Older furniture and appliances were built to really last; which is why I prefer them to this day over the newer, shiner stuff.

    Thanks for sharing John!

  8. posted by Long Time Admin on

    I had a desk exactly like that at work! It replaced a wooden desk that was always snagging my nylons. I had a couple of trays of IBM punch cards on my desk (permanently), so the trays on either side just above the drawers were incredibly handy flat space. Loads of paperwork in those days, so lots of stacks everywhere. (Have you figured out this was early 1970’s?)

  9. posted by JustGail on

    Love the desk – I had one very similar for a while at work. It was the best desk I ever had, all the drawers still worked which I can’t say about the newer desks or the modular pieces that eventually replaced it.

  10. posted by Zac on

    Now that is a great workspace

  11. posted by Gordon on

    John Megadeth. Wow.

  12. posted by JuliaJayne on

    Great job on the office. Stylish and uncluttered. Love it.

  13. posted by Kam on

    Looks awesome!

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