A moment of reflection: Four years and 500,000 words

In March, I passed my four-year anniversary writing for Unclutterer. During this time, I have written more than 1,650 articles for the site on the topics of simple living, home and office organizing, and uncluttering (our tech team says I’m just shy of 500,000 words in my posts). Add to that the twice weekly column I’ve been writing for RealSimple.com for three years, guest posts on other sites, magazine articles, and my book, I’ve published somewhere around three-quarters-of-a-million words in this specific genre.

To put this in perspective, in four years I have written about as many words on being an unclutterer as there are in the King James translation of the Bible. It’s roughly the number of distinct senses of all the words in the Oxford English Dictionary. And, Shelby Foote’s The Civil War series is roughly 1.5 million words, so I’m somewhere between his descriptions of the battles at Fredericksburg and Meridian.

My hope is that somewhere in that mound of advice you have been able to find a piece of information that has helped you on your uncluttering journey. If you have searched for resources, support, ideas, or solutions, I hope you have discovered a new perspective or answer for your problem.

As I mention every Friday, please feel welcome to send us your questions so we can help you directly in our Ask Unclutterer column. To submit your questions to Ask Unclutterer, go to our contact page and type your question in the content field. Please list the subject of your e-mail as “Ask Unclutterer.”

It is a joy to be able to write about simple living every day and to have such amazing readers. The Unclutterer community is truly wonderful and supportive, and I love working for you. Thank you so much for a terrific four years, and I’m excited about reaching the five year mark and 2,000 posts by next March!

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  1. posted by Shalin on

    And we appreciate every syllable 😉

  2. posted by cng on

    I’ve been following this site for four years Erin, and still look forward to your daily posts. Wishing you continued success, not only here but also in the other areas of your remarkable life!!

  3. posted by Meg on

    Incredible! But rest assured, this site and your work, for me at least, has proven to be one of the most helpful blogs I read. Keep up the good work!

  4. posted by Vanessa H. on

    Congratulations, Erin! Thanks for writing such an interesting and helpful blog. I read it daily at work after lunch and I always look forward to it!

  5. posted by Lori Paximadis on

    Congratulations, Erin! That’s a lot of consistently insightful, helpful, and inspiring words.

  6. posted by Laura on

    Wow, it’s overwhelming to see how much you have written over the past four years. You have brought so much inspiration and resolve to many people … including me!


  7. posted by Suzanne on

    Congratulations on a wonderful anniversary. You have been an inspiration to many!

  8. posted by Tina on

    I only discovered your blog a couple of months ago but I have found your ideas and advice extremely helpful in making my life better organized, more simple and therefore less stressful. Thank you!

  9. posted by Ella on

    Congratulations and thank you, Erin! I can’t begin to measure my vast appreciation for this site. It’s become as essential to me each day as breathing in and out. I frequently consult the archives and I’m grateful for every word of inspiration.

  10. posted by Lazy Cow on

    That’s wonderful Erin. This site, and the Unclutterer forum have truly helped change my life!

  11. posted by Ann H. on

    Congrats, Erin. And thanks — I love and appreciate your work!

  12. posted by April on

    The thing is about asking you questions, is that there often (usually?) is no reply. I’ve sent in questions several times over the past couple of years… nothing in response. Ever.

    If my question isn’t right for the blog, fine. If you’re too busy to write out a full response, fine. But I wish I would get even an automated message saying, “Thanks for your question but it’s too off topic for our blog.” No response at all is discouraging, and I’ve given up asking questions.

  13. posted by Erin Doland on

    @April — If a few weeks pass and you don’t hear a response, jump into the Forums and pose your question to other readers. Or, search the Unclutterer archives. The most common reason we don’t choose a question to answer in the Ask Unclutterer column is that we’ve already answered a very similar question on that topic in a previous column or we have written a daily post about the topic recently.

    Also, I’m not certain if this is you, but I have answered two Ask Unclutterer columns from “April” over the years:



  14. posted by Mary on

    Congratulations, Erin, on a job well done!

  15. posted by April on


    No, neither of those are mine. And I always try to search your archives first before asking anything.

  16. posted by Jason W. Ellis on

    Congratulations on your substantial achievement in writing on Unclutter! I have taken many of your suggestions and insights to heart in uncluttering my home and life. Many thanks, Jason.

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