Workspace of the Week: Inherited desk

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Agaetis’ home recording studio:

I really enjoyed the description that went with Agetis’ office images:

This is my little home studio. I do mostly audio but have dabbled a bit with video. The desk is actually my great uncles who was an author, even had a few movies made out of his books. The desk originally came from England and has since made it into my hands. Last year I sanded and refinished the entire desk and also wired underneath it to provide power and also some cable management.

The little white thing attached to the front right of the desk is a Belkin remote switch which allows me to turn on and off everything but the wireless printer, wireless router and the Mac Pro. This allows for some great energy conservation.

I also really like how speaker stands are used instead of having the speakers sit directly on the desk. The cable management Agetis installed is fantastic, and the cables running down the back of the left leg closest to the wall is a very nice feature. Don’t miss the desk top photograph in the set for another view of the space.

Thank you, Agetis, for sharing your beautiful studio with our Flickr pool.

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2 Comments for “Workspace of the Week: Inherited desk”

  1. posted by JC on

    I really appreciate that Agaetis had the courage to make the desk into something that fit the intended new purpose. So many people are afraid of changing an heirloom that the pieces don’t reach their full potential and often become clutter. I once knew a woman who had an antique mirrored bench for a hall. The lid on the bench would occasionally smash her small children’s fingers but she wouldn’t even consider new slow closing hinges because doing so would make the piece worth less money.

  2. posted by Eitan on

    There I a very specific reason for the speaker stands; as an audio pro, he needs his monitors places juuuuuust right. A workstation designed for pro mixing and mastering would have special shelves at about the same location as his stands. That having been said, this is a very nice looking setup.

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