Workspace of the Week: Transparent office

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Louish’s glass and not-glass office:

Okay, okay, I’ll admit — I chose this office strictly because of the monitor background images. I think they’re amazing! What surprises me most is how they disguise the monitors. If you have a workspace in your bedroom or another area of your home where a computer might not always be welcome, creating a wallpaper like this can help to hide it. It’s as if you’re looking through the computer. Thanks, Louish, for submitting your creative workspace to our Flickr pool.

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17 Comments for “Workspace of the Week: Transparent office”

  1. posted by Matt on

    The look of transparency only works if your head never moves.

  2. posted by The Plaid Cow on

    This is definitely a very cool visual effect.

  3. posted by Anita on

    As Matt said, it only works from this exact point of view, and only at this exact time of day. Once the light changes, or you move something, or the door opens etc, the illusion will be broken. But as a photographic experiment, it makes for a very cool effect.

  4. posted by shebolt on

    How cool would an actual transparent monitor be?

  5. posted by Jen on

    That is a very cool effect! Looks like it would lessen the closed in feeling in a small office area.

  6. posted by BevAnn on

    This seems like it’d be tedious to get it cropped just right and such. Eh, it’s kinda cool, but not worth all that effort! LOL Esp since like severa have said, it’s only really “perfect” for a brief time.

    But in this picture it does look cool!

  7. posted by Rafael on

    …but it takes a lot of energy to keep them on 🙁

  8. posted by Splomo on

    I have my monitor partially covering a large piece of wall art … I need to use this technique to desktop the covered portion of the artwork. This looks so good!!

  9. posted by Bill on

    I tried it and the outcome was horrible. Wall texturing looks good from a distance, but not so much on the monitor background. Also, as said above, the lighting is constantly shifting. Within an hour, the background looked very strange against the wall’s current lighting. Going back to my previous wallpaper.

  10. posted by Justin on

    It would be possible to do a viewer position independent, time/lighting independent background like this by using a hacked MS Kinect to do head tracking (so the computer knows where you are looking), a relatively cheap but wide-angle computer camera facing backwards from the monitor, and some image processing SW.

    I think I smell a weekend project coming on ….

  11. posted by Rachel on

    The monitors make a cool photo, but it’s hardly a useful tip when from almost any angle, it’s just another wallpaper. I mean, you could set it up to feed what it sees from a webcam or something, but that would be even more impractical. Deal with the look of a computer when you put in a computer, and turn the monitors off when you’re not using them.

  12. posted by Emma on

    Yes, as others have said: this is a very nice picture, but I don’t know know practical it is in real life. If I’m using my computer, I’m not looking at the wallpaper, and if I’m not using the computer, then I turn the monitor off…

  13. posted by Sandra J on

    Very cool photo! The real thing is coming:

  14. posted by Grant on

    This is so Photoshopped. It would take longer to take the pictures, crop them perfect, set it all up and then take another picture from the same angle at the exact same time of day with the exact same lighting. It would be much easier to quickly snap two pictures — one with monitors on the desk, one without. Then just Photoshop the monitor screens to have background with a few “windows” still visible on the screen. That would take like 20 minutes. I’m sure this was just done for the visual effect of the image.

    But it still looks cool.

  15. posted by Game Developer on

    It’s a very obvious fake – just look at the monitor reflections on the table.

  16. posted by Bryan on

    Impressed — however it was done

  17. posted by DDekor on

    Cool, love it

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