Unitasker Wednesday: Snap Jack Pancake Cutter

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

Are you against owning any knives? Do you really like pancakes? If you answered both questions affirmatively, well then I have the perfect product for you! Introducing the Snap Jack Pancake Cutter:

This plastic implement cuts your pancakes into eight equal pie-shaped pieces. Eight! Equal! Pie-shaped pieces! Exactly what you have always wanted!! And, pie-shaped pieces aren’t all you get with the Snap Jack — No, when you buy the Snap Jack Pancake Cutter, you also get a plastic ladle-measuring-cup-thingy! According to the product description, the ladle-measuring-cup-thingy is “for measuring correctly-sized pancakes.” Well, I’ll be! Until this moment, I had no idea there were incorrectly-sized pancakes. Why, if it weren’t for the Snap Jack Pancake Cutter I would have improperly sized and inadequately cut pancakes.

I am greatly indebted to reader Wendy for sharing this lovely unitasker with us.

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  1. posted by Celeste on

    The pizza cutter’s the way to go for pancake triangles, which are incredibly handy for small children to pick up and eat.

  2. posted by Genavieve on

    Can I get an amen for scissors? Ideal for cutting pancakes/waffles prior to syrup application. (Can you tell I’ve got kids?)

  3. posted by Jen on

    wow. i’ve never so much as used a knife…typically the side of a fork will do the job. when my son eats them he sometimes picks them up with his hands if i’m feeling too lazy to cut them for him (or if he’s to hungry to wait!).

  4. posted by Fern on

    Maybe I’m missing out on American culture here (I’m a Brit)…but I’ve never seen pancakes cut up like that. I would use a knife and fork, and that’s what I’ve always done with family/friends…

  5. posted by Mike on

    I’m not gonna lie… I do like my pancakes cut in that manner. And here I was using a fork and knife like a sucker.

  6. posted by Sarah on

    Every Wednesday, I get this in my RSS reader, then come to the site to see the comments, which are usually about 20% “this is genuinely helpful for [specific situation], and don’t you feel heartless and/or shortsighted for suggesting otherwise!”

    So when I saw this, I couldn’t wait to see what specific situation this thing was genuinely helpful for.

    C’mon, comments, you’re letting me down!

  7. posted by priest's wife on

    as funny as this is- it is also rather depressing- such plastic junk

    sorry to burst anyone’s bubble- but the wastefulness this signifies is awful

  8. posted by NoAlias on

    I’m not a clean freak, but my problem with this is the same problem I have with my (un-used) Pampered Chef chopper – cleaning the slots for the blades has got to be a chore.

  9. posted by BevAnn on

    I could see someone with my slight case of OCD needing this, so each piece was cut EXACTLY the same proportions. However, even I can live with out this! LOL

    @ Jen I too have only used a fork! Even on waffles I only need a fork. And I guess THEIR scooper-thingy needs to be used, cuz if your pancake is made “incorrecty” too big, then their handy dandy little cutter won’t work, now would it? 😉

  10. posted by Herkeda on

    I could see a use for it, if you’ve got kids and are in a hurry to get someplace. They might get a kick out of using this thingy. Would I buy it, since I have no kids? No.

  11. posted by Amelia on

    I have kids. Kids (well, toddlers) use their hands and you really don’t need to cut them up at all if you aren’t serving syrup.
    For bigger kids, I have kitchen scissors, which are awesome multi-taskers for cutting a bazillion food items, such as pizza, pancakes, grapes (again, toddlers), meat, and on and on.
    Even in the ad photo the pancakes look squished and gross. And talk about an awkward shape/size to store!

  12. posted by Dawn on

    Lordy!!! This is nuts! Why, why, why?! Does the Earth need more plastic?

    Syrup. Fork. Yum. It’s that easy.

    Unitasker Wednesdays should be a Federal Holiday. They are THAT special. LOL!

  13. posted by Kim on

    Best unitasker ever!

  14. posted by Robin on

    But didn’t you see? It IS a multi-tasker. It says right there in the description: “Can cut other flat, round foods such as mini-pizzas and cakes”.

    According to the description, this was on the Rachael Ray show. What on Earth did she do with it? You can’t tell me that this saves any kind of time… Maybe if you were baking shortbread??? That’s cut into wedges I suppose but still!

  15. posted by Warda on

    Yup, a certified unitasker. But now I want pancakes.

  16. posted by Sinea on

    Me too ….and I’m on an all veggie diet this month.
    Note to self: read this again in February and then MAKE PANCAKES! LOL

  17. posted by Emily on

    LOL Classic! Thanks for posting my submission last week.

  18. posted by ecuadoriana on

    OMG!!! I wonder if this could be used to cut up DONUTS into 8 even pie shaped pieces which can then be saved in their own separate little Doughnut Wedges to Go carriers!!!

  19. posted by Rayna on

    Please let me just say…I want to thank Erin for these weekly posts. At some point in time, before my days of trying to live a less cluttered life, I’d have actually liked silly items like these (I mean, not THIS one, because, REALLY…it’s just too useless for words!) instead of seeing them for the ridiculous things they are.

    Erin, after a year or more of reading you every day, a genuine thanks for opening my eyes to some of the insane things people invent to part fools with their hard earned cash!

  20. posted by Laetitia in Australia on

    Sinea – an all veggie diet as in all vegetables or as in vegan? If the latter, you can get vegan pancake recipes from various websites.

    Here in Australia we have various politicians arguing for or against a carbon tax. Irrespective of whether you agree with the usefulness of such a tax for its direct environmental impact, if (because it would raise prices and reduce discretionary income) it encouraged people to buy less ‘stuff’, particularly ‘stuff’ like this, I’d be for it.

  21. posted by Kathryn Fenner on

    or you could just make very small “silver dollar” pancakes if you are so averse to using a knife and fork….

    I’d think, as a nonparent, that if a kid is old enough to eat pancakes without fear of choking, s/he should be able to cut them up her/him-self….

  22. posted by Mercedes on

    Ha ha I love it!

    One thing that does surprise me is the fact that there are no reviews of how great this item is when you click through to the Amazon link. Usually when I check these out there are at least a handful of reviews from people who just “can’t live without” said item. I think this is a major FAIL! But still hilarious!

  23. posted by Dr. Pete on

    I didn’t even know that I WANTED my pancakes cut into 8 triangles. I’m glad someone told me.

  24. posted by rain on

    Another piece of plastic crap to clutter my kitchen! I came to this website to free myself from such waste. Maybe I came to the wrong place . . .

  25. posted by Hannah on

    I think my biggest disappointment with this product is that they totally missed the opportunity to name it the Snap Jack Flapjack Cutter.

  26. posted by Bryan on

    As a first-time reader of Unclutterer, I don’t get why this is a relevant post. It’s not that I don’t enjoy a sense of humor; really, I have one. I’ll keep reading….

  27. posted by Bryan on

    Oops, I get it now: just saw the disclaimer “All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!” I am laughing out loud!!

  28. posted by Betsy on

    Who the hell cuts up their pancakes into slices of pie??

    Anyway, cutting up any food on your plate into more than 2 or 3 bites at a time is just barbaric.

  29. posted by Amy on

    I could actually use this. Thanks to my ridiculous carpal tunnel in my right hand, it makes cutting simple things hard to do at times. Other than that though, it’s a pretty odd solution to a non-existent problem. LOL

  30. posted by Malcolm on

    This is a winner! It only does one thing (OK it will cut up things other than pancakes) but that one thing is itself not even necessary! I love Unitasker! And isn’t Christmas just the Unitasker Season…

  31. posted by Molly on

    I’m wondering if they recommend you eat the pancakes directly off the table, as shown here. Bring on the syrup!

  32. posted by JC on

    This would be useless in our home where hotcakes are shaped like jellyfish, moose heads, turtles, letters, snakes, or whatever I’m feeling like that day; even circles become planets.

  33. posted by Jen on

    Rain, did you read any of the text in this post, or did you just look at the pictures?

  34. posted by Betsy on

    So, this is indeed the most pointless widget I have ever seen, but — I’m trying to figure out why I love and cherish my apple-cutter-corer, which operates on roughly the same principle.

    (It’s a thing that looks like a wagon wheel — you place it over the apple, and push down quickly. The “spokes” of the wagon wheel are 8 blades that cut the apple into wedges, and the “axle” is a round blade that cores the apple at the same time. It is so convenient, someone would have to pry it from my hands to rid my kitchen of it.)

    Any ideas why the one is sensible and useful, and the other is just … fodder for the laugh mill?

  35. posted by Jane on

    Unbelievable! The amount of space this takes, the cleaning nightmare, the unnecessariness of this – all tooo much.

  36. posted by Rosie on

    This is unitasking at its best! However, there is one person I can envision making this purchase justifiably – Jon Gosselin! Anybody with me? If you ever watched their show he was regularly spending inordinate amounts of time cutting pancakes up for all his little ones 🙂

  37. posted by me on

    Actually, I would have that if I eat pizza and pie frequently. And take it easy, both can be pretty healthier than many of your current meals.

  38. posted by Aunt Cloud on

    @Betsy – because the alternative to using an apple slicer/corer is five minutes of cutting an apple into wedges and coring each wedge individually = lots of fiddling with sharp knives, sticky fingers. The alternative to using this useless gadget is maybe 3 seconds of using a butter knife or the side of a fork, without any stickiness or the danger of slicing one’s finger.

  39. posted by Betsy on

    Yes, OK, that’s a great distinction.

    — and also, pancakes lie flat and submissive on the plate* whereas apples are just raring to to rock and roll during the necessary knifework.

    * hopefully not the counter, as shown.

  40. posted by Nana on

    Apple cutter/corer is one of the world’s great inventions! Particular for a busy adult trying to provide apple to more than one child. No one gets a too-big or a too-small slice, household doesn’t waste apples (as happens when you give half an apple to a small child), and my kids loved to watch me do it…so it was a small-scale entertainment unit.

    [and they loved tiny pancakes, so we never had an issue with cutting]

  41. posted by cv on

    Also, Betsy, it’s not that unusual to want to cut up multiple apples at a time, such as for a pie, cobbler, fruit salad, even preparing snacks for a group etc. This pancake gadget would be very useful if there were many situations which required dozens of pancakes cut up into bite-size pieces before serving or before cooking with them – if lots of recipes called for layering pancake pieces with fruit in a baking dish, or people put out pancake triangles as appetizers with a dipping sauce, or whatever. I’ve never heard of anyone doing anything like that, thank goodness, so this device is pretty much useless.

    The pre/post serving distinction seems relevant here. I can’t imagine serving brunch guests pre-cut pancakes, or passing this device around at the table for people to cut their own.

    And now I’ve given way too much thought to this question.

  42. posted by Elaine on

    HA HA! I just had pancakes this morning. However, they were each a different size and shape (I’m not very good at dropping the exact same amount of batter into the pan 3 times.) They tasted fine, though.

    I want that apple corer. I’m not terribly fond of apples, but if they’re sliced, I will eat them. And I hate to waste food.

  43. posted by becky on

    I’ve already got a slap chop knockoff (that my daughter insisted I buy for a quarter at a garage sale) can’t I use that instead?

  44. posted by BirthdayPartyBabble.com on

    This is so perfect for a winter birthday party favor. They look just like snowflakes!

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