The Unclutterer family is growing, and I am elated to share with you the incredible news. Today, Dancing Mammoth (our parent company) is launching a new website that hopes to end mealtime stress. I would like to introduce you to our new sister site:

SimpliFried’s motto: “If your nerves are fried, we’ll be your simple, delicious, and nutritious cooking guide.” Our goal is to make feeding yourself and your family as painless as possible.

Similar to Unclutterer, there will be daily content posted to the site. Topics will range from simplifying and improving your cooking skills to food science to recipes that get you quickly in and out of the kitchen. Once a month there will be meal plans and shopping lists that make your life in the kitchen easier. Check out SimpliFried’s manifesto and About page to learn more.

I’m on board as the site’s Editor-in-Chief, and Matt Fetissoff joins me as our senior writer. Matt has lived for more than an year in an RV, and he knows a thing or two about cooking incredible meals in small spaces with low-tech equipment. Consulting to the site are a couple farmers (one in a major city and one on a large Midwest family farm), a butcher, a nutritionist, a self-declared foodie, and my very picky husband and even more picky peanut-allergic son who test drive every meal plan and recipe.

You can key in the URL by hand, subscribe to SimpliFried’s RSS feed, or get daily updates by e-mail. We also have a Twitter account @SimpliFried that regularly posts links.

Although there are only four posts currently live on the site, we’ve been working on SimpliFried for more than four months getting ready for the launch. I’m honestly surprised I was able to keep it a secret for so long. I am thrilled to finally be able to introduce it to you. The new logo even makes me smile, and I’m so glad we were able to have the same artist make him.

If you are looking for simplification strategies for your kitchen and cooking, I hope that SimpliFried can be a positive resource for you.

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  1. posted by Maura on

    Thanks for announcing this — very exciting!

    I have been struggling with meal (dinner)time stress for 20+ years. If it helps me in the same way unclutterer does, it will indeed be a Happy new year!

  2. posted by Mr. Lazy Cat on

    I like the name, idea and the cute logo. I will be checking it out.

  3. posted by Alix on

    Love this logo almost as much as unclutterer’s!

  4. posted by xxuviolkd on

    I can’t wait to explore.

  5. posted by Marisa on

    I am looking forward to checking this out. I hope there will be vegetarian suggestions for kids and adults!

  6. posted by Lori Paximadis on

    This is fantastic! Looking forward to watching it grow.

  7. posted by Bryan on

    Very interesting. Catchy name too

  8. posted by [email protected] on

    This is incredibly cheeky but if you are ever looking for guest posts, simple food and meal planning is an area I specialise in and I’d love to contribute. My speciality is slow-cooking, which has revolutionised my life, there are so many incredibly simple recipes that can be slow cooked. Simple, nutritious and cost effective – win, win, win. Really looking forward to checking out the site,if it’s anything like Unclutterer (one of my must read blogs) it will be unmissable! Jo (simplybeingmum – family life simply done)

  9. posted by Rebecca on

    Very cool. I just purchased my first meal planner late last year and one of my resolutions is to cook simple, nutritious meals at home more often. I’m sure this, like Unclutterer, will become a go-to resource. Congrats on the expansion!

  10. posted by Living the Balanced Life on

    Very cool, going to check it out now! I am all about helping people whose nerves are fried!

  11. posted by Jude on

    I’ll try it for awhile, but I’m a vegetarian. I find that I generally quickly unsubscribe from blogs that feature meat. To each his/her own, right?

  12. posted by Laurel on

    I definitely like the idea. However, like Jude our family eats almost entirely vegetarian (though we do eat eggs and dairy). I find that most non-veg blogs throw in a pasta dish or a soup once in a while and that’s about it. So I’ll throw out a plea for some more creative ideas in the veg realm. My personal experience is that veg cooking, especially for picky kids, is generally more time-consuming than cooking with meat: more prep, more ingredients, harder to reuse in later meals.

  13. posted by Erin Doland on

    @laurel — There is already a vegetarian recipe on the site, and there will be more. Our meal plans include Meatless Mondays, so there will always be links to at least a couple vegetarian recipes each month. My son is vegetarian — he’s 18 months and refuses to swallow any meat — so my guess is you’ll see more vegetarian recipes on SimpliFried than on other sites.

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