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Make: Projects has an amazing do-it-yourself drawer organizing project that caught my attention this week. The “Drawer Organizer” is inexpensive, easy to make, and perfect for anyone who has difficulty finding the perfect store-bought organizer.

Reading through the instructions, all you really need to complete the project is some plexiglass, acrylic glue, and a ruler. I wish I would have thought about doing this when we set up our kitchen. I looked for months for organizers to meet our needs. Had I done this project, I’d have been finished in a few hours.

Image from Make.

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  1. posted by Trinity River on

    Wow, what a great organizer! Thanks for sharing. The nickname of our silverware drawer is “the abyss”. Was definately good to go until scrolling down to the blow torch. I don’t like to play with fire, literally o figuratively. This project might appeal to my husband, who likes to play master of the universe.

  2. posted by lisa on

    Having worked with these materials before, I would say that you have to be good at measuring and cutting carefully to end up with a good-looking result. Also, in the instructions, the person mentions using 1″ acrylic. It looks like they meant to specify 1/8″ or 1/16″ acrylic. If you were to phone around to get quotes on 1″ acrylic, you would quickly find your project was astronomically too expensive.

  3. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Trinity — The blow torch part of the project is completely unnecessary. He just did it for aesthetic purposes.

    @lisa — I thought he meant 1′ of plexiglass — meaning the width/height, not the thickness. Definitely a bad typo causing confusion …

  4. posted by Mackenzie on

    They also typo’d saying it’s 2 3/4″ deep so after subtracting off 1″ thickness they get 23″… But he did say he didn’t cut it himself. He had it cut before purchase.

  5. posted by Karen on

    If you are wary of a DIY project, you can buy a kit that contains all the parts at The Container Store (and probably other places too). I used their kit to organize my office supplies and it worked perfectly.

  6. posted by Living the Balanced Life on

    I like this, very clean looking. I solved by buying cheap plastic boxes that fit together, doesn’t look near this good though!

  7. posted by 750sf on

    Oooh, I just ordered that a few days ago for my super narrow kitchen drawer! I am debating lining the drawer itself in anti tarnish cloth because I am fitting it to hold my silverplate cutlery. But I’m not sure what’s in that anti tarnish cloth, it kind of sketches me out.

  8. posted by 750sf on

    Oh wait, I mean, I just ordered this kit: Same idea.

  9. posted by JustGail on

    Nice looking dividers. I made dividers out of wood I got at a crafts store. It was the right thickness and width, and easy to cut. I cut notches facing up on 3 pieces (1 each for front, middle, back of drawer) and matching notches facing down for the other direction. I’d suggest laying the utensils out how you want them in the drawer before cutting. That way you can have the most used items in front, and get the openings the right sizes. If you don’t mind glueing or tacking them into the drawer, you wouldn’t need the front or back. I wasn’t sure it would work out so I needed something to keep the dividers that ran front-to-back in place.

  10. posted by Dooley on

    Super cool! Thank you for posting this. 🙂

    A lot of your posts have great inspirational ideas but most of the products are astronomically out of my price range. But a project like this? I can definitely do. Bookmarked for my next apartment. (Moving in 6 months so not worth it now.)

    Also unclutters my budget and my time (looking around for things that fit my specific kitchen/items/whatever easily eclipses the time making this, for me anyway).

    Yay! Moremoremoremore please!

  11. posted by Lose That Girl on

    I really like the see-through aspect of it. Much nicer than the white plastic store-bought one I have.

  12. posted by Marcia on

    If you use the wider mini-blinds & take the bottom slats out to shorten the blind to fit the window, you have these lovely slats left over. They make super drawer dividers. Hubby came up with the idea when we moved into this new home with huge kitchen drawers. It’s basically free, too!

  13. posted by Fred Tracy on

    Omg, haha. We need to do this to our drawers. Plus, it looks better than the crummy plastic ones you can buy in stores. Cool idea!

  14. posted by Sharon on

    This is silly to clutter my life with having to go buy plexiglass, a cutter and go through all this rigamarole to create something that any kitchen or container store already has for $9.99. Making a big production to make a homemade version of something already available is the polar opposite of decluttering one’s life. As well, the plastic version is movable to a new drawer or home.

  15. posted by Tiffany on

    LOVE it!!! I can never find a drawer organizer that is divided the way I want it to be! I never thought of making my own. I’ve spent a good deal of money on adjustable ones and still have never been happy! Thanks for the idea.

  16. posted by Michele on

    I’m with Sharon. I’m not quite this handy. Seems too complicated when I can just go and buy one or buy individual containers. Agreed that the store bought ones don’t always fit perfectly, but to add another task like this would be too much (imho).

  17. posted by WilliamB on

    My solution was a bit pricy upfront but has lasted me through … (counts on fingers) … 3-5 houses.

    I don’t like the preformed drawer inserts because they’re never quite right and they’re inflexible. So I bought a huge number of interlocking containers in different sizes made by Rubbermaid.

    Once I arranged the drawers I kept a few extras of each and returned the rest. Not having to figure out exactly what I needed in advance was a big help! They need washing once every 3-5 years. Since they’re modular and not attached they’re easy to remove and wash.

    Note that the containers don’t have to fit the drawer exactly; the gaps are “containers” as well.

  18. posted by Marguerite on

    Yay, William, I’m with you. My mom was a great fan of Rubbermaid inserts, which she simply arranged and re-arranged to suit. I’ve inherited a few of them from her, but not enough to equip my kitchen drawers completely. Unfortunately, Rubbermaid inserts are not available where I live (in New Zealand) so I can’t really “do” an entire drawer using them.
    I agree about the futility of buying plexiglass, a cutter, etc. Why not just use what is already available? Do we really need to re[invent the wheel?

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