Unitasker Wednesday: The Flour Wand

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

I’ve recently been looking for a magic wand to handle all those pesky tasks I don’t enjoy doing — laundry, scrubbing toilets, changing dirty diapers. When reader Emily sent me this unitasker, I was hopeful it was a wand that could take care of all of those annoying chores. Unfortunately, I fear the Flour Wand is not the wand I’m looking for:

According to its description, the Flour Wand “produces an even and fairly light dusting of flour.” I’m not really sure why your hand isn’t sufficient for dusting flour onto dough. If you really want to use a tool, I guess I’d go with a multi-tasking Strainer Basket, which also can be used for straining, sifting, and steaming. I don’t see much use for a Flour Wand in most people’s kitchens. Most disappointing of all, however, the Flour Wand isn’t a magic wand. My search for a magic wand shall continue …

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  1. posted by Mike on

    He He, my parents had one of those. We used it for sprinkling powdered sugar on things. It worked pretty well, but like you said, there are other ways of accomplishing the same thing.

  2. posted by Mimi on

    A mystery solved!! I own one of these–it came from my grandmother’s house. It’s been a sentimental joke at our house for years. Now that I know what it’s for, I think I can finally get rid of it. *That’s* uncluttering. Thanks!

  3. posted by Pat on

    So THAT’s what one of those is for!

  4. posted by Warda on

    I love Unitasker Wednesdays, but (and I really hate to say it), I have and use this silly looking flour wand regularly. If you make bread semi-often, it actually is useful. For the less frequent baker, I would agree, though; definitely a drawer clutterer. Keep up the good work!

  5. posted by smartakus on

    yeah, if you do any sort of regular baking, rolling dough, etc. this comes in pretty handy.

  6. posted by Jack on

    I do A LOT of baking, and this IS very useful, especially when your hands are full of sticky dough and need to flour the dough, table, whatever. You really don’t want to reach into the flour container with sticky hands.

  7. posted by Leslie on

    I must sheepishly admit that I, too, own this unitasker but in my defence I have to say that when I sprinkled flour on the counters by hand when I kneaded bread or rolled out dough, I always put too much on, leaving the dough tough and unyielding. It’s also perfect for dusting icing sugar on the tops of things; if you use a sifter/sieve for that, you end up wasting too much sugar.

    Or maybe this is just rationalization…

  8. posted by NoAlias on

    Also good for adding flour as a thickener to stews and gravy – no lumps. But rather than using an official “flour wand” I use a Tea Infuser Spoon , for half the price.

    (I hope I didn’t screw up the code for the link.)

  9. posted by henave on

    I must really live in a cave because I have never set eyes on one of these…and I’ll be 40 soon!

  10. posted by STL Mom on

    I’m with NoAlias – I use a tea infuser. Or, if I need to sprinkle a lot of flour or powdered sugar, I use my flour sifter. The sifter is more fun, because I get to turn the little handle. Since it never holds anything but dry flour, I usually just tap the flour out and don’t bother to wash it.
    Erin, I love the strainer/steamer basket. My sieve broke, and I think this might be a more useful replacement. Thanks!

  11. posted by Jeanne B. on

    It’s for the terribly OCD cooks who can’t bear to get flour on their hands, maybe? I think there’s one stashed away somewhere in my Mother’s stuff. Hmm.

  12. posted by Lose That Girl on

    I’ve never seen such a thing! Thanks Unclutter for expanding my cooking education!

  13. posted by myra hirschberg on

    I bake bread a LOT,and use this item constantly. It lives in the flour canister, where it is out of the way, handy when I need it, never needs washing, and is – in my kitchen anyway – totally not clutter. (I got it at the yard sale of someone who never used it, and was decluttering her kitchen.)

  14. posted by Java Monster on

    Um, I have no idea how this *works*. How do you use it?

  15. posted by Janet on

    Another serious baker vouching for this. Your hand doesn’t get a light dusting and a strainer basket is pretty useless for this task.

  16. posted by Zora on

    Another bread baker here. I *wish* I had one of these. I can’t get a light, even dusting of flour by hand.

  17. posted by am here on

    I’m with Zora and myra. I *love* mine and find it to be a fun and useful tool. When I’m not baking it joins my angel food cake fork, and ball whisk in a very uncluttered drawer. Unitaskers they may be, but they do their jobs very well, and are built to last a lifetime (unlike most of the ones featured here).

    Next you’ll be coming after my tomato press because all it does is separate the meat from the seeds. Never!

  18. posted by Laura on

    Another serious bread baker chiming in to say it is GREAT when you do a lot of yeasted bread baking.

  19. posted by Keetha on

    I actually have one and I find it useful, too, especially when making pasta – it dusts flour over pasta dough and the pasta machine rollers to help prevent it from getting sticky and gumming up.

  20. posted by LaVidaMD on

    I bake bread every now and then, plus I am addicted to gadgets. After reading all the positive comments about this tool, I just might have to buy one.

  21. posted by H20 on

    Never seen this thing before

    I wonder how to put flour into that spring

  22. posted by Mimi2Madylan on

    I bought a pair of knee high panty hose. I put flour in the foot of one and powdered sugar in the foot of the other, knotted the ends and cut off the excess. PERFECT dusters. I store them in sandwich sized ziploc bags.

  23. posted by Sara on

    Ha. I was given one of these as a gift years ago. I still have it. And use it on occasion. It really does as it says and I think it is so funny that I cannot part with it. In this past year of uncluttering, I parted with many kitchen accessories and just could not part with this. Maybe this is the year.

  24. posted by Sara on

    Oh, to use it, you squeeze the handle, dip in flour, let go of handle and sprinkle away.

  25. posted by Michele on

    Another baker chiming in to say that this tool is very, very handy for flouring your kneading surface *evenly*. If you use your hand, you end up having to put your sticky, doughy hand into the flour bin. If you use a spoon, you end up not flouring your surface evenly. But if you use this wand, you get an even, fine dusting of flour that won’t overwhelm the dough that you’ve been working so hard to put together well. It’s especially helpful for pastries where you don’t want to add any more flour than you absolutely have to.

    All that said, it’s not like I make croissants or choux paste on a regular basis.

  26. posted by melonpan on

    not a unitasker. it has a function and it does it very well.

  27. posted by Lee on

    About your pesky tasks, not the unitasker: My first thought was that you just need a housekeeper/nanny who works 24/7. But then I realized that as much as our personal pesky tasks can be a pain for us to do, they can also give us insight into things that we should take care of now or soon that become big problems or that we would just like to take care of – a little bottom that has a slight rash, a button or seam that’s coming loose, the wall next to the toilet that also needs a quick wipe (yes, i had boys). These can certainly be delegated, but if we have to do them, at least we know there are times they gave us an extra payoff (and no, I’m not ultra cheery about pesky tasks).

  28. posted by Alix on

    @melonpan: On the contrary, it IS a unitasker, in that it performs one job only (and apparently very well, according to these posts). I think we tend to confuse “unitasker” with “nontasker”.

  29. posted by WilliamB on

    I use a little tin jar with a mesh head, one for flour and one for sugar. Still unitaskers but easier for me to store, since I don’t need to remove the contents after each use.

    I use them for the same reasons listed by others: for an even spread of just a little flour, especially useful when my hands are wet.

  30. posted by Pat on

    @NoAlias: Yup, I use exactly that.

    Or I did until I misplaced it somewhere. Now I use an even bigger mesh ball on a thin chain (for hooking over the mug), fill the ball with flour, and make it jump up and down. It’s way less efficient but also much more hilarious.

    I don’t know about the flour wand, but mesh infuser wands are super multitaskers.

  31. posted by Kimberly on

    Now I want to get a mesh infuser wand. I can see using that for all kinds of things.

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