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  • Peter Daniel Frazier’s minimalist office escape
    Most of us consider an uncluttered workspace to consist of an office with well-executed organization and minimal distraction. Peter Daniel Frazier, architect of the “Cube,” has taken the entire uncluttered workspace concept in a new, upward direction with his innovative home office.
  • Unitasker Wednesday: Gift Wrap Cutter
    Scissors are so obsolete. Sure, they have efficiently and effectively cut billions of things for more than 3,500 years, but whatever. You’re not into multi-taskers. You’re all about tools that only have one specific purpose, like the Gift Wrap Cutter.
  • An uncluttered holiday gathering
    Keep three principles in mind as you plan your holiday gathering: 1. The gathering is about creating joyful memories with guests. 2. Going overboard typically makes people uncomfortable. 3. Simplicity=sanity.
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