Unitasker Wednesday: Electronic bubble wrap

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

One of my favorite things about unwrapping gifts at the holidays is playing with the bubble wrap that was protecting the gift. Popping the air pockets is oddly stress relieving. Pop, pop, pop!

Popping bubble wrap no longer needs to involve bubble wrap, thanks to the Mugen Pop Pop Endless Bubble Popping Keychain:

Now I can pop bubble wrap every second of every day! I’m sure that won’t annoy anyone.

Unfortunately, the reviews on Amazon seem to indicate that the device makes a clicking sound instead of a pop. Additionally, it appears that there isn’t the same pressure involved to push the button as is required to pop a bubble on bubble wrap. This week’s selection may be an exclusive non-tasker!

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  1. posted by ninakk on


  2. posted by Amelia on

    Wow, that is just . . . stupid. Although, I suppose it can still function as a keychain, so maybe it does have have some use as the dumbest keychain ever?

    PS: Bubble wrap is an awesome multitasker–protects the item, then acts as a toy for kids and adults! Once the bubbles are popped, no problem just tossing it away!

  3. posted by Amelia on

    Need to add–I just clicked on the amazon link and saw that this piece of junk costs $35!!!! Really?!?

  4. posted by Julia on

    Isn’t the best part of bubble wrap to pop ALL of the bubbles? Not only is this a unitasker, but it would irritate me to no end!

  5. posted by Robin on

    It has oddly mixed reviews. Clearly a lot of people bought this. I admit, my first thought was that I could get one for a toddler I know who likes to push buttons (he’s always after the remote or the phone) but then I notice it’s a choking hazard so no go. Then I notice it’s $35 freakin dollars! Holy crow!

    Now I’m just shocked that so many people bought this. And one of the reviewers bought many.

  6. posted by Jen on

    my son loves bubble wrap (he’s 4) and i would totally get this for him as a stocking stuffer type gift…if it were, say, $3 or less. for $35, no thanks. even he would get bored with this after a couple of days.

  7. posted by henave on

    My son bought this a few years ago (with his own money!). It makes random sounds every so many pops. It was NOT anywhere close to $35- he never has that much saved up… less than $10 most likely. On froogle, they start at $3.30 w/ free shipping. Wonder how they got up to $35?

  8. posted by TMB on

    Stupid? – yes! Unitasker? Not so much, afterall, it’s a toy and a keychain. That said, give me the real stuff any day. Imagine how much bubble wrap you could buy with that $35!

  9. posted by jazz2600 on

    $35… seriously?

    I bought 10 of these as small gifts for Christmas parties last year. Got them at Toys R US for $1. Everyone loved them.

    I think they are no longer being made/sold in the U.S., so the rarity of the toy would make the price jump. These things have been around for a few years. In Japan they are called Mugen Puchi Puchi bubble wrap toy. Japanese import sites might have some for cheaper, since that’s where they originated from. They also come in green, blue, and pink.

  10. posted by Lola on

    For all you who love to pop bubbles , you can get a calender with a bubble per day. I’d have to pop a whole month’s worth of bubbles at a time. I can’t pop just one!


  11. posted by Tiara on

    There’s an app for that! I have this on my iPhone and my kids love it. It does actually make the popping noise, but there’s no pressure in the popping of the real thing.

    @Lola – Love the calendar idea!


  12. posted by Sean on

    Why would you pay that amount when you can get one if you REALLY need one…. in China. 🙂


    I love DealExtreme

  13. posted by Jane on

    I totally own this. It certainly wasn’t $35! It’s entertaining, and people play with it at parties because it is novel. But it is kinda clutter-y. We try to keep things like this in a toy box so they don’t take over the whole house.

  14. posted by Liz on

    $35 can buy a LOT of genuine bubble wrap. And you can pop real bubble wrap with your feet (try it, it’s fun). does the key chain have the same “feel” as the real thing?

  15. posted by Matthew Berkhan on

    Yeah, I bought 2 of these a while back for less than $15 including shipping from Japan. The place selling them on Amazon is drastically inflating the price. They’re amusing, but ultimately pointless. However the ad for them is amazing.


  16. posted by Sue on

    Where do you get them? I need 2 today.

  17. posted by Tamsyn on

    Bleh, my aunt who is well-known in the family for her awful taste in gifts (think freebies from the cable company) gave my kids one of these. It’s horrible; no satisfaction about “popping” the plastic, other random noises whilst you’re popping. Whoever came up with $35 was on crack or something. Why spend all that on a toy when you could spend $35 on a cool hand mixer or computer accessory and get the real thing free?! I was so happy when the battery died on that stupid thing!

  18. posted by kim on

    Great. Now I want some bubble wrap!

  19. posted by R-nano on

    I’m surprised that only one commentor has mentioned iPhone apps. Early on in the iPhone app world, this was all the rage. The original still seems to be the best of the free versions— that would be BubbleFREE by Orsome Software. Give it a whirl. I suspect there are similar apps available for other mobile phone formats. BubbleFREE was originally called BubbleWrap but apparently there was a copyright issue so they had to change the name. There is now a licensed version of BubbleWrap from another developer for $.99. The Sealed Air Corporation apparently does not have a sense of humor.

  20. posted by Emily on

    My MIL bought a couple of these for my son last year for Christmas. I don’t think they were $35, but I don’t think that woulda stopped her. They are nowhere near as fun as bubble wrap…and adds to the clutter already in his room (along with all the other crap she bought him to go along with it). We still haven’t done Christmas with them this year, so I’m afraid what it will do for my attempt to continue uncluttering my life.

  21. posted by JuanO on

    I got the free iOS app but quickly removed it after playng with it. Even at free, it’s still just digital clutter.

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