Unitasker Wednesday: Inflatable meal

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

In this holiday season, we wanted to invite all of you to join us for a (virtual) meal. Come on in, grab a seat, sit down, and let’s enjoy a meal together.

I’ve always been a fan of eating dessert first — so our first course today will be some Inflatable Fruitcake:

Yummy, yummy! And the Inflatable Fruitcake pairs perfectly with our main course, the Inflatable Turkey:

Doesn’t it look moist!

And, of course, we’ll need some Inflatable Toast to make our inflatable stuffing:

Mmmmm, mmmmmm. Only the best inflatable meal for our guests! We hope you enjoyed it.

22 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: Inflatable meal”

  1. posted by Living the Balanced Life on

    Lovely! Looks appetizing. Could make a good gag gift, lol!
    The fruitcake reminded me of a song I heard over the speaker at a doctor’s office. I swear it was the B-52s singing about fruitcake and making fruitcake. Crazy song!

  2. posted by Dawn on

    Now if they could only make an inflatable pile of clean, folded laundry my life would be complete.

    Gotta love Unitasker Wednesdays!

  3. posted by Jack on

    What, no inflatable guests, tables and chairs?

  4. posted by megan on

    “Doesn’t it look moist?” Ha ha ha!

    I would argue that these are not terrible. They compact down for small storage, and can be a great tool for ensuring that unwanted guests never come back.

  5. posted by megan on

    … it could also get you out of jury duty if you showed up “eating” one of these. See, so many uses!

  6. posted by Molly on

    Are these supposed to be for children’s kitchens?

  7. posted by Carson Chittom on

    People joke about fruitcake so much, I think I might be the only person who actually likes it. That said, I’m not sure there’d be a huge taste difference between the real thing and the inflatable version.

  8. posted by ecuadoriana on

    I laughed so hard reading this that my inflatable coffee spewed out of my inflatable nose all over my inflatable laptop! *snork*

    @ Jack, oh yes there ARE inflatable guests, but they already retired to the pile of inflatable coats on the inflatable bed in the guest room. (*wink wink*)

  9. posted by Anita on

    … I guess if you wanted to have a light dinner…?

  10. posted by *pol on

    so funny!

  11. posted by priest's wife on

    umm…I guess you could use it for theater props?

  12. posted by Nana on

    What fun! A friend has some realistic (plastic) fake food (tea brewing in a cup, a half-melted popsicle, etc.) and I think the fruitcake would be a perfect holiday gift!

  13. posted by ProNapper on

    I don’t know – it may be a new diet fad. Low calories and think of the weight you could lose while recovering in the hospital after surgery to remove the inflatable food from your insides.

  14. posted by Sandra Wilde on

    This is funny, but I think I prefer the Unitaskers that are actually meant for people to use rather than the ones that are gag gifts like these.

    Stupid.com has many, many gag gifts.

  15. posted by CM on

    Inflatable fruitcake is a very uncluttered idea — blow it up, put it on the holiday table, and then deflate it and put it away with the rest of the holiday supplies until next year. What are the odds someone will try to cut a slice?

  16. posted by Mercedes on

    What in the world would anyone EVER need something like this for? I would HATE te receive something like this even as a gag gift!

    (On a side note, i think people spend too much money and time on gag gifts. I always tell friends and family not to give me anything unless is has some usefulness to it)

  17. posted by Debbie on

    hooray! more vinyl in the world, and such a good cause too

  18. posted by Carolyn on

    I would love to have the inflatable fruitcake – it’s only clutter if it is not loved, appreciated or used – I would use it as a centerpiece every year, so fun & funny – as as another poster said, it folds flat and easy to store until next year – I will pose a question back, Do all Christmas/holiday decorations have to be practical and classy? Let’s face it, moving around furniture and sticking a tree in the middle of the living room then dragging out box after box of stuff you only use once per year is not practical, so why not have FUN with it!

  19. posted by mydivabydesign - The Diva's Home on

    Just one question……WHY?

  20. posted by Lim on

    @Carson Chittom – You most certainly are NOT the only one who loves fruitcake. I used to work for a store that sold four or five varieties, and people anticipated their arrival. They would be excited when the fruitcakes arrived, and disappointed if their favorite was sold out.

    It’s a bit like Michael Bolton. “Nobody” likes his music, but someone buys (and enjoys) the albums!

  21. posted by Amanda on

    Oh I LOVE THESE!!! Perfect for plays and doesn’t require any storage space. That turkey is the best. Haha.

  22. posted by Ani on

    So I don’t know WHAT these were invented for in the first place, but I’d totally use them in my job – providing props for theatre. Also would look good as window dressing.

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