Sitter information forms

When you leave your home, you may have a babysitter, pet-sitter, or house-sitter watch over your children, pets, or things. Completing an information sheet with important contact and vital data can keep you and the sitter organized and ready for anything.

You can print and fill out these forms exactly as they are, or use them as inspiration for creating your own.




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  1. posted by priest's wife on

    Thanks for this! Now- can you find me a babysitter who is happy with ‘only’ $10 an hour? 🙂

  2. posted by Sidney on

    Try finding a pet sitter for less than $20 an hour. Our cat is on five different meds so we go with the pros; I wouldn’t want all that responsibility on the neighbor kid…

  3. posted by Anita on

    Good templates!

    My mom is usually my cat sitter; I think next time I’ll have to give her a “what NOT to let the cats do” info sheet. She’s much more lenient on my cats than she ever was on our family pets when I lived at home; and I am NOT ok with having to re-teach the cats that the counter is off-limits every time I get back from somewhere, because my mom let them jump on it.

  4. posted by Mary C. on

    I have the pet-sitting problem coming up. One of the problems was money, but I have had the synchronicity occur of me having a pet-sitting job before mine that will pay for mine. 🙂

  5. posted by Jen on

    @preists wife – i live in a fairly expensive area (outside NYC) where babysitters can get fairly expensive. i know a lot of people who pay $15/hr or more. but i have gotten a lot of babysitters for $10/hr – if i go with a high school kid, though i’d probably not go with one younger than 15. i like the idea of using a high schooler who lives in my neighborhood, since it is easy to get to know her (it’s usually a girl, though not always) parents, and if something happens while we’re out, her parents are right down the street and are accessible. you may not feel comfortable with a young kid like that if you have an infant, but for a toddler or older kid, i would consider a teenager, they come very cheap even in my expensive community!

  6. posted by mydivabydesign - The Diva's Home on

    Teenagers can be very responsible. I used to own a childcare center and I had a seventeen year-old guy who kept bugging me for a job when he turned eighteen. I hired him and he was one of my best employees!
    The templates are great. It makes for less confusion!

  7. posted by Tabitha K on

    Thanks. I will certainly use the pet-sitting template. Especially with the holidays coming up, I’m sure one of our lucky relatives will be watching our 3 dogs – they can be a handful, so handing someone a neatly printed form will be great!

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