Giving thanks

Unclutterer is taking the day off today for the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States.

Check back tomorrow for another installment of our Unclutterer’s 2010 Holiday Gift Giving Guide. If you’re outside the U.S. and you’re not enjoying a day off from work, jump into the Forums and join the conversation. Some great discussions are currently underway:

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Happy Thanksgiving!

One Comment for “Giving thanks”

  1. posted by Con on

    Thanksgiving thoughts …

    First, I’m grateful I found this blog.

    Second–and this will raise hackles, but I’ll share it anyway–I am grateful for some de-cluttering I have NOT done: An annual gift from far-away kin that always seemed a little strange or “off” somehow; not really ME. A sweater in a drab color; a handbag I loved but didn’t want to carry (too … NOT ME); a sweatshirt or two very drab and too too huge; a serape (a serape?); a strange “joke” book that bordered on vindictive and retaliatory toward people who’ve done other people wrong.

    I confess I was always a wee or not so wee disappointed. And simultaneously ashamed to feel that way. Because I profess to be a HUGE believer in “it’s the THOUGHT that counts.” Anyway, I ended up keeping all the stuff. And over time I actually got use out of everything. The ugly sweatshirts were loved on bitter cold nights. The serape drapes gracefully aback my ugly office chair come every autumn. I’m in awe of what beautiful wool it is made out of. The vindictive book, once I actually read it, was more about getting rid of toxic thoughts, self-hatred thoughts, and thus very helpful.

    My kin have now died. The gifts have stopped. But I have lovely reminders of all the years they spent time picking these things out for me. I’m very happy I didn’t regard these gifts as unnecessary things “cluttering” up my life.

    Good thanksgiving to you all. Thanks for listening.

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