2010 Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Pampered grooming gifts for him

There aren’t many gifts more practical than grooming items. All of these items are utilitarian and functional, but are luxurious enough that they’re likely not something a man in your life will routinely buy for himself. You can pamper him, and know the gift won’t clutter up his space:

  1. Jack Black All Over Wash, a 3-in-1 cleanser for face, hair and body in a convenient pump.
  2. Jack Black Travel Set, grooming products all in 3 oz. bottles or smaller to easily make it through airport security.
  3. Merkur “Futur” Adjustable Safety Razor, so he can stop using those disposable razors.
  4. Merkur Double Edge Razor Blades, 30 blades to go with the razor.
  5. Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap, six bars for less than $20.
  6. Earth Therapeutics Pumice Stone, so he can treat his feet.
  7. Seki Stainless Steel Fingernail and Toenail Clippers. If his feet are in bad shape, the Seki In-Grown Toenail Clipper could work, too.
  8. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Lotion, it’s not greasy, doesn’t have a fragrance, and is the only lotion my husband will touch.

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  1. posted by Kathryn Fenner on

    *I* like the Jack Black stuff– only a faint eucalyptus scent, maybe, and they are quite effective–the salicylic acid toner and the lip balm (SPF 25!) in a soft tube, as well as the hand cream are my faves.

    My husband likes the shaving cream….

  2. posted by Matt P on

    Good stuff. May I also recommend the Groom Mate Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer: http://www.kk.org/cooltools/archives/002650.php
    All-metal, no batteries, solid and small.

  3. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Matt — The all-metal, no batteries nose and ear hair trimmers are fantastic. I’ve given those as gifts before and always been thanked. Frustrated that I forgot to put one in the post. Here’s a link to the same thing on Amazon:


  4. posted by Jen on

    I splurged on the First Aid Beauty stuff as a facial moisturizer a while back. It made my skin break out, but everyone’s skin is different and it could work great for other skin types.
    I’d also like to recommend a good massage (from a reputable massage therapist…of course) as an indulgent, uncluttered gift for a male.

  5. posted by Zac on

    I second the Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap. I prefer the liquid variety – great for shampoo and body wash, the bars are nice too. I generally don’t use it on my face. I consider myself pretty rough around the edges so Dr. Bronner’s suits me.

  6. posted by Zac on

    I should mention that I use it as shaving cream as well. Its a great hygiene multitasker for me.

  7. posted by Bren on

    Unfortunately I don’t know a single man who would appreciate any of these items as a Christmas present. They would just sit there until I take it upon myself to toss them out a year or so later. Similar experiences, anyone?

  8. posted by Maria Barker on

    I just offered a small rant on my site about consumerism, the holidays, gifts, travel, life, choices. Sometimes I feel like minimalism is just another form of consumerism. Unfortunately, all “isms” seem to have a basic sameness, don’t you find?

    Thanks for being here, and for all your hard work and effort.

  9. posted by emmylemmy on

    My fella has asked for Molton Brown body wash for Christmas. He loves “manly” personal care products like Jack Black, Anthony Logistics, and Art of Shaving.

  10. posted by bt on

    I’m not sure if the Futur was chosen because it’s their pricier (and therefore fancier) razor, but I’d recommend the Progress as a better alternative.

    It’s cheaper, more traditional and less space-age-y, easy to adjust, and great for first time double edge blade shavers as well as longtime users.

    The Futur really belongs in Sharper Image with other the other flashy/pricey gadgets.


  11. posted by Patrick Perez on

    I can whole-heartedly endorse the Merkur razor. I switched to double-edge razor shaving a few years ago and get consistently better shaves, the blades last much longer than the disposable multi blades I had been using previously, and the blades are vanishingly inexpensive to begin with. As well, the shaving soap lasts forever (I’m still on my first bar after ~2 years).

    The biggest down side is that it is impractical to fly with. For that, I need to use disposables and a small can of shave cream.


  12. posted by thesuburbanminimalist on

    Love soap! A luxurious consumable.

  13. posted by Volker on

    Why do I need so much stuff? For shaving I just need a razor, shaving cream and aftershave.

    The problem with Safety razor is that you can’t get the
    blades through airport security. Blades are way cheaper and better, on the other side there are multiple ways to sharpen your razor blades of disposable razors.

    On the other side, there are also straight razors, where you never need to buy blades.

    Toe nail clipper? I never understood why I need a toe nail clipper. Never had a use for it. Shouldn’t be a fingernail scissors good enough?

  14. posted by Michelle on

    I thought the ingrown toenail clippers were interesting until I saw the amazon page. Toenails should NEVER be cut at an angle, as this will just perpetuate the ingrown toenail. Toenails should always be cut straight across. Toenails push up against your skin (which happens naturally when wearing shoes) – cutting them on angles is what causes them to cut into your skin and become ingrown, rather than grow out from your toe as they should.

  15. posted by Robin on

    I’m with you Bren. None of the men in my life would appreciate any of this stuff. They’re good ideas and all, just not for my household. Still have no clue what I’m getting my 20-something boys this year! At least my 20 year old girl has a new apartment so there are lots of possibilities…

  16. posted by marsupial pilot on

    The ultimate unclutter gift? Donations.

    Every year I give money to Hospice in honor of each of my family, or in memory of their loved ones. Not bragging, because this is SO EASY I’m embarrassed. I’ve also done books for the library in their names, adopted manatees, and so forth. We all have everything we need. The library books are especially nice as we’re a reading family.

    It’s a lazy way to do good. And there is NO cleanup!

  17. posted by Laetitia in Australia on

    My husband is a bigger user of The Body Shop products than I am. He has dry skin so he loves the assorted body butters. I like them too but I don’t need them as much as he does.

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