Unitasker Wednesday: Tiger Taco

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes β€” we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

This week’s unitasker selection was guaranteed a spot in our feature simply because of its name: The Tiger Taco. I mean, how could we not link to something as glorious as a taco made of TIGERS?!!!

Except, as you can see, the product name is even clutter. There are no tigers. There are no tacos. And there certainly aren’t any tacos made of tigers. I call shenanigans. SHENANIGANS!

Moving past the name (which, I admit, is difficult to do), I’m not even sure why someone would need to use a Tiger Taco on a cardboard box. Have cardboard boxes changed in the past few weeks in a way that simply bending the top flaps back no longer keeps them out of the way? Are springs now a component in cardboard box flaps? Do cardboard box manufacturers blend in elastic with the paper pulp? If you really have a problem keeping box flaps out of your way, couldn’t a piece of reusable string or painter’s tape do the same thing?

Regardless, I’m still mad about the name. I wanted to see tacos made of tigers. SHENANIGANS!!

(Thanks to reader Lisa for sharing this unitasker with us.)

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  1. posted by Kay Chase on

    They also appear to be ~$20 EACH. “For people who enjoy the best.”

    Sometimes, it IS convenient to hold down a box lid in such a fashion. This is a task which (cheap, light, multi-purpose) heavy duty binder clips do JUST FINE.

  2. posted by Mike on

    I’m sure I’m not the first one to point this out, but I find that unitasker entries clutter this web site.

    Also, I’m a little annoyed with myself that I actually think about 25% of these things would be useful*

    * not the Tiger Taco though.

  3. posted by Alix on

    Binder clips, clothespins, tape… all would work.

    Gotta love a product whose name gives NO CLUE as to its actual function. This may be my favorite Unitasker to date — it barely even qualifies for the one task it’s designed for. So superbly useless, so sensationally overpriced! IT IS A WORK OF GENIUS.

  4. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Mike — We all have different definitions of clutter, and those of us at Unclutterer don’t see laughing as clutter. We actually think laughing is one of the greatest parts of life. But, if you think laughing is clutter, that’s totally cool. Being different makes this world a great place — life would be unbearably boring if we were all the same.

    We also know that some of the unitaskers we feature ARE useful for some people. I think I own seven or eight of the unitaskers we’ve featured. The feature is just for fun.

  5. posted by Molly on

    I definitely thought this was a holder for tacos so you wouldn’t slop all over yourself.

  6. posted by Sue on

    I work in an office that is overflowing with boxes, both in individual cubicles and in public areas. Not my fault. But I tend to trip over box flaps that have been carelessly left open.

    I can see the usefullness of something like this, but I would use binder clips or something we already have on hand, rather than buy the tiger taco.

    And now I want tacos!

  7. posted by Kim on

    I love the review on Amazon.. “can’t imagine living without them”. Really?

  8. posted by Debra on

    You wanted to see tacos made of Tigers? I wanted to see Tacos made FOR tigers. More specifically, a video of some dumb soul feeding said tacos to said tigers.

  9. posted by megan on

    Shenanigans is my favorite word. And Tiger Taco earns every last syllable.

  10. posted by Leslie on

    @Debra – your comment made me laugh more than the post! I want to see that video, too. πŸ™‚

    Also, shenanigans is an awesome word.

  11. posted by Jen on

    I like that, even in the picture, it shows the last box flap (the one with no “taco” holding it in place) staying perfectly out of the way, not causing a problem at all.

    I suppose the name is…visually descriptive. I mean, it is shaped like a taco, and it’s orange like a tiger (though notably lacking black stripes, how about that for shenanigans). But who makes a product like this and then gives it a name that makes people think it’s a food item made from (or for) an endangered species? actually, who makes a product like that, end of sentence?

  12. posted by k.sol on

    Mark me down as one who adores Unitasker Wednesdays, and always checks my RSS reader with bated breath on Wednesdays looking for it.

  13. posted by Camellia Tree on

    My theory on the existence of Tiger Tacos: some machine shop somewhere had a bunch of scrap metal. “What can we do with all this scrap metal?” Thus, the Tiger Taco.

  14. posted by Cherri Porter on

    Seriously. Even after I saw the photo of the taco tigers in use on the box, I was still expecting them to have something to do with tacos. I always wonder how the funding process went for products like this. There are so many good ideas out there no one can get funding for it seems crazy they convinced enough people to back this bad idea.

  15. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Debra — I want to see that video, too!! Hysterical.

  16. posted by Ruth Hansell on

    Me too, me too! Even at first glance, I thought the little pieces of plastic were actual holders for actual tacos. Consarn it all, Erin, every time I have tacos from now on, I’m going to mourn the non existence of a Taco Tiger to hold them. So I don’t have to actually touch my food with my fingers.

    People make up strange things, don’t they?

  17. posted by rawqueen on

    This is so utterly ridiculous! I love it! Thank you I definitely laughed but also find myself wondering how far consumerism/clutter/greed will go??? I am laughing and frightened!

  18. posted by Jen on

    I am of the opinion that the review on Amazon has been planted by a Tiger Taco operative.

  19. posted by Kelly on

    *ding ding ding* I think this wins as my favorite ultimate unitasker. Stupid name, ridiculous idea and utterly dumfounding. I had a true “WTF moment” when I saw the photo. Then laughed and laughed at it and comments. Awesome.

    Count me in as one of those that looks forward to Wednesdays as much as every other day here at Unclutterer. I always enjoy a good laugh.

  20. posted by Miss Lynx on

    I always find the unitaskers entertaining, but then, I’m someone who enjoys that sort of snarky humour immensely, as well as just seeing the bizarre variety of stuff that someone, somewhere, apparently thought ought to exist. It’s the same reason I enjoy the thrifthorror community on Livejournal.

    That said, I agree that Tiger Taco is an awesome name, and should really be (re-)applied to something genuinely worth of it. I am undecided as to whether it would work better as a name for a rock band, or a weird euphemism for something sexual. Though I also really want to see the video Debra mentioned.

    Also, while there are times when I want something to hold a box’s flaps open, I agree with the other commenter who mentioned that binder clips work just fine. I use those for so many different purposes…

  21. posted by priest's wife on

    I love unitasker Wednesday- makes me feel uncluttered πŸ™‚

  22. posted by The Plaid Cow on

    They are shaped like a taco and help you tame the paper (box) tiger. The name seems perfect.

  23. posted by KateNonymous on

    Like Molly, I thought these were going to be taco holders, and I thought, “Why aren’t they called Taco Tamers?” Then I had to figure out what was going on with the cardboard box. I’m still not sure how tacos and tigers relate to that.

  24. posted by Dax on

    I’m with Molly and Katenonymous, I thought, though, not that they were taco holders, but that they were something to keep the sides of the taco shell from break by keeping them at the right distance from each other.

    Oh well. If I can charge $20, maybe I should go invent one.

  25. posted by Aunt Cloud on

    These look like the brain-child of a high-school student or a marketing undergrad, as part of a “develop, produce and somehow manage to market a useless product” project. “The report is due tomorrow, I’m half drunk and I’ve nothing to show. What can I put in as a product? oh, there’s a cardboard box. And a day-old taco on the counter. I KNOW!! cardboard-box holders that look like tacos!”

    And the rest is history.

  26. posted by Celeste on

    They’re oranged and the ribs are like stripes, so I think that’s where the tiger comes from. They do look like a taco, and presumably they would shatter in the cold. A least a real shattered taco shell is still edible. These would be wasted.

    I’ve tried and can’t come up with another use for the tiger taco, and I can think of many ways to hold the flaps down (bungee cord!) so my verdict is…ALL HAIL THE TRUE UNITASKER.

  27. posted by Lynsey on

    To be honest, this would be great for the place where I’m working. Sure, we could use binder clips, but those have a way of disappearing, whereas a pair of big, orange clips probably wouldn’t disappear quite so easily.

  28. posted by WildKat on

    I think if you did a massive amount of packing of boxes these would be pretty useful. In fact if I knew these exhisted I probably would have had a set.

    If you owned a business for example where you packed a lot of boxes with products, they would be very useful.

    I move frequantly because my work takes many places and trying to push boxes I am packing into corners or up against things to keep at least a couple of flaps out of the way is beyond anoying! Especially when the box is near empty. Sure a piece of tape could work, but then you just waste a bunch of tape and it tears off parts of the box when you peel it off.

    I’d say if you pack a lot these are not as “cluttery” as the extra rools of tape you would need to pack with in the beginning, but if you would only use them a couple of times then they would definetly create more cluuter than they are worth.

  29. posted by Tabatha on

    I can see where this would be handy at my job, but I’ve managed two years without one so far so I think I can keep doing it.

  30. posted by Megan O on

    We are an Army family who has moved 4 times in the last year including one international move. Another Army wife gave me these and they honestly speed things up especially when you have to be completely unpacked in 1 day. Granted we military are moving pros and they do just sit in our moving box until we get orders.

  31. posted by Robin on

    I’m laughing so hard… You missed the totally hilarious video on the Tiger Taco website! I almost want them now.

    You have to watch the video – you will cry with mirth.

  32. posted by MikeMc on

    Clothespins are another option. Minor technical note: the boxes aren’t cardboard if they have the “wavy” stuff in the middle, they’re corrugated boxes (sorry, can’t help myself.I’ve done a fair bit of packaging design).

  33. posted by CM on

    I thought it was going to be a taco mold for pressing tortillas into hard taco shapes and imprinting them with tigers. Which would also be a unitasker, but kind of an awesome one. A box-holder-opener? Lame.

  34. posted by Gin on

    Aw, I thought that these were going to be taco to-go containers–as in a taco-shaped container for the taco you want to put in your lunchbox. (For the taco you cooked in the AM? Left over from last night? Who knows?)

  35. posted by ecuadoriana on

    Tiger Taco.

    I’ve used a binder clip if I have a lot of stuff to put in a box and the lids keep flapping. Or I just get someone else to hold the flaps down. Gosh, I am so flattened by the rock I’ve apparently been living under that I was unaware that flip-flapping box lids were such a huge societal crisis that it’s required the invention of a specialized clip. I’m going to slide myself back under the closet door and ride out the storm….

    Tiger Taco. *snort*

  36. posted by ecuadoriana on

    Holy Smokin’ Tiger Taco! I just watched the video posted by Robin!!! Sooooo crazy funny, it’s almost like a spoof! Of course I noticed straight away in the beginning that the back of the guy’s shirt says “Show Me Your Taco.” Yikes!

  37. posted by Sandy on

    Ha! I also thought the Tiger Taco was for holding (or making) tacos, even after I saw the box photo, and I was thinking, “that’s not a unitasker — it holds TACOS and BOXES — multi-tasker!” Love Unitasker Wednesday! And now I love Tiger Tacos!

  38. posted by April on

    The video is silly, and his “show me your taco” shirt offensive! πŸ˜›

    As for the product, I thought it was supposed to hold the flaps down so then you can pick up the box by the flaps. Have any of you done this? It makes heavy boxes easier to carry, actually.

    Instead of closing it up as normal, you leave two flaps on opposite sides open and pressed against the side (like in the picture). You then grab the bottom of each flap and lift up the box. It’s easier because of the way that forces the box to distribute the weight.

    I thought the TT was to help with that, so that you didn’t accidentally let your hand wander too far away from the edge of the box, which would make the flap go out and you drop the box.

    But based on the video and Web site, it looks like, no, the TT is just to keep flaps out of the way when putting stuff into the box. :/

  39. posted by Kel on

    … I want tacos now. Erin – loved your write up, one of my favourites so far.

    Oh and @RuthHansell – Tupperware used to make holders for hard tacos don’t know if they still do or not.

  40. posted by Ms. D on

    I actually really like these things for packing for a move. However, when I used them, I RENTED them from the truck-rental-and-moving store. $5 to use them for packing the last 15 largest boxes of my move, and unpacking…the fragile stuff especially. I suppose large binder clips would work, but I don’t have any of those in my home…I could “borrow” them from work, but I didn’t think about that when they offered them with my box rental (yes, you can rent really good moving boxes).

  41. posted by Rue on

    If you get boxes at Uhaul, they have the flaps already standing up for you (connected with cardboard at two corners). When you’re ready to close the box, you snip the extra cardboard and voila! Closed box, no tiger tacos needed!

  42. posted by Living the Balanced Life on

    I thought this was something like a “taco holder”, lol!

  43. posted by [email protected] on

    OK, I would NEVER buy one of these but am I the only person in the world who’s scraped their shin on the edge or corner of a flapping cardboard box?

    It’s the sort of casual mistake I make like figuring it won’t hurt if I drop something small near my foot so not avoiding. Ouch – even light things can hurt when they land and even cardboard flaps can getcha if you blunder into them in a hurry.

  44. posted by cozhaven on

    Hmmmm, they do LOOK like tacos! I love tacos! I’ve moved quite a bit over the last 10 years or so (prob around 7 times), and I’m pretty darn good at it now! I guess they’d be helpful to some extent, but I’d leave them in storage until the next move came along I think. $20 is a bit too much for something I can take care of in another way (just my 2 cents worth).

    I really appreciate your blog… only found it today, and have read through heaps of fantastic articles.

    My partner actually calls me the ‘queen of decluttering’ because whilst I’m NOT a minimalist, I do live somewhere pretty small that’s very tidy and easy to move around in. I love my little displays and vignettes, but I’m a demon when it comes to getting rid of stuff.

    I have been known to go looking for something only to realise I threw it out a few months back in one of my decluttering zones. Dang it! My dad was a bit of a hoarder, so I’m going against the family grain!

    Books are my biggest bug. I adore books, and have quite a few bookshelves around. When I moved into this place (quite small) a while back, I actually got rid of nearly 5 boxes of books…. and that was HARD!!

    I’m very interested in the psychology behind clutter and hoarding, and what it is emotionally and mentally that leads us to fill our lives up with things we don’t really need.

    Albert Einstein has one of my favourite quotes of all time that pertains to so many things…

    ‘Everything should be made as simple as possible, and no simpler.’ Smart man!

    Thanks for a great blog!

    Linda. πŸ™‚

  45. posted by recycler on

    I guess they could also be used as re-usable taco shells… πŸ˜‰

  46. posted by Aslaug on

    @Miss Lynx: hahaha. I’m pretty sure Tiger Tacos can be found on cougars πŸ˜‰

  47. posted by Dr. Pete on

    Even halfway through the post, I thought this was some kind of holder to help you eat tacos. I was trying really hard to figure out how you ate around the plastic. Must remember: (1) coffee, THEN (2) read blogs.

  48. posted by WilliamB on

    I like Unitasker Wednesday for the comments.

  49. posted by Julie on

    “Ask This Old House” on public TV has a bit at the end called “What is it?” where the 4 guys stand around a table in the workshop and check out an unusual gadget. Each one invents a use for it until the last one tells the actual use.
    Anyway, these were featured on one I saw not long ago & I thought of “Unitasker Wednesday” and also, even after he told the use I thought it sounded made-up, too.

  50. posted by JrzyGirl on

    They might prove useful for older folks on the move whose arthritis may prevent them from manipulating binder clips. A bit expensive, tho…

  51. posted by Marcie Lovett on

    I have to admit that I have had trouble keeping boxes open when loading up a client for a move, but it never occured to me to use a product to hold the boxes open.

    I also have to admit that I was disappointed because I thought they were taco holders. Maybe the manufacturer will read all the comments and come up with a way to retool them to keep tacos from spilling all over your clothes.

  52. posted by Lesley on

    @Robin, thanks for the link to the video. Hil-a-ri-ous!

  53. posted by Sarah on

    Speaking of unitaskers, remember that brownie pan that made only edge pieces? Oprah just featured it on her Favourite Things episode!!

  54. posted by Shannon on

    I think you need to have a talk with your friends at Real Simple. They just featured the “avocado saver” as one of 6 “problem solvers.”

  55. posted by George on

    ‘TIGER’ stand for Total Involvement Generates Extraordinary Results.
    An engineer who thinks he knows more than everyone else figured that one out.

    And you should try the Tacos with the hole in the bottom so the grease can drip out on your plate not on your shirt!

    I love what everyone wrote!

  56. posted by Angi on

    Oh, but they’re orange. So bright. So cheerful. So utterly useless. But so orange. Must. resist. urge. to buy. orange. crap.

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