Range-oven-dishwasher: A perfect unit for a small space

The post “Space Saving Appliances in Paris” on Apartment Therapy has been taking up room in my thoughts for the past month. Specifically, I can’t stop thinking about the range-oven-dishwasher unit pictured in the article.

Unfortunately, the post didn’t include any links to such a device, so I finally broke down and took to relentless searching on the internet. As far as I can tell, hours later, there is not a company selling these space-saving devices in the U.S. market. Some older RVs and yachts are outfitted with a Modern Maid brand range-oven-dishwasher, but since Modern Maid was acquired in the 1970s, the units went out of production (if you have one, Maytag is the current owner and provides repair parts).

The most popular unit sold in Europe appears to be the Candy Trio 501X:

It is an impressively small 86.3 cm x 59.7 cm x 60.0 cm three-purpose unit, and is perfect for a London flat. If Candy could switch up the voltage requirements, I think it also would be perfect for a studio apartment in the States.

Does anyone know of a similar unit I’ve overlooked being sold in the U.S.? If so, please share. I know our small-space dwellers would appreciate a link.

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  1. posted by Kees Reuzelaar on

    I really like this!

    Perhaps there could be a choice to replace the oven with a microwave?

    Even better: microwave + dishwasher + fridge. That’s all most students need. Make it somewhat affordable and you’ll sell millions of the thing!

  2. posted by MaryR on

    My experience with these sorts of appliances is that they are used by landlords to sucker tenants into thinking that they are renting a fully functional flat. However, they never really work well enough to satisfy someone who thinks having a functional dishwasher and oven are important. And repairmen hate them.

    This unit appears to be gas. I cannot imagine a working electric oven/range lasting for long above the humidity bomb that is a working dishwasher.

  3. posted by WilliamB on

    Does anyone have the technical background to tell us if putting these appliances together could cause interference or efficiency problems?

    Has anyone used this and found unexpected problems? I had access to a single-unit washing machine/dryer – in Paris, interestingly – and discovered that washing machines make very bad dryers. A single small load took over 3 hours.

    One thing I’d be wary of: if one of the appliances breaks, you need to replace both – potentially pricy.

    I’ve seen some interesting appliance combos marketed to college students: fridge/microwave, microwave/toaster (or was it toaster oven?), toaster oven/coffee machine.

  4. posted by dechmont on

    I would agree with WilliamB that washer-dryer combos take a looooong time to dry a load. However, when the alternative is to have wet laundry festooned over every radiator and door all winter, sometimes they’re worth the inefficiency.

    Is there such a thing as a small dishwasher unit that would fit under the sink ? The only small dishwashers I’ve seen are the slimline ones.

  5. posted by melissa on

    OMG I just did a spit-take at the price! £840???

    To put this into perspective, we just bought a new dishwasher – it’s full size, A energy rating, and includes delivery and a 5 year warranty. We just paid £225 for that.

    I’m all for saving space, but seriously, at that price I could afford to build an extension out the window!

  6. posted by Allison on

    I have a washer/dryer combo (I live in Amsterdam) and while I hang most laundry to dry on a rack, for sheets and towels I use the dryer setting. As long as the machine is not stuffed too full (easy to do if you’re used to larger North American machines), it will get everything “mostly dry”. I find that it comes out slightly damp, but if I leave it spread out on the bed or tossed over a chair for an hour or so, then it’s fully dried. It’s not perfect by any means, but it works much better than waiting for sheets and towels to dry from completely wet.

  7. posted by mbb. on

    i agree that it is pricey – but when you add that £225 to £500 for a hob/oven combo, it’s not so far off and it tiny london flats, i can see the utility.

    but i have to agree on the washer/dryer – doesn’t really cut it. although it is good for getting the drying process started 🙂

  8. posted by Allison on

    The other combination appliance I have here is an oven/microwave. It works really well in my experience, though it took some getting used to. It has a microwave setting and then several oven settings, including both a conventional setting and a convection option. The only downside is that the whole thing is the size of a small microwave, so it’s a bit of an adjustment after a “full size” oven.

  9. posted by Carolyn on

    A word of caution … I have a microwave/oven/stove combo. The microwave broke, could not be repaired. There was no other model that would fit into the compartment on the unit. Ultimately, I had to get a new microwave … and had the nonfunctional old one on the range. That really bothered me as I hate having nonfunctional items take up space!

  10. posted by June Lemen on


    I have a friend in Arlington, Massachusetts who has the exact appliance you described — a small dishwasher that fits right under her sink. She ahd it installed when she was doing improvements to her kitchen and it became apparent that there was no other place to install a dishwasher without serious remodelling.

    It looks wonderful, is very efficient and apparently cost a fortune when she got it, about three or four years ago. I’m pretty sure it was made by Bosch.

  11. posted by Jay on

    Before getting one of these, consider whether you need all three. Not everybody needs a dishwasher, for example.

  12. posted by Asha {Parent Hacks} on

    We had the pleasure of staying in a Paris apartment for 10 days, oh…5 years ago now. Totally fascinating: the combo washer/dryer. One machine washed and dried the clothes. Granted it was TINY and so did very few at a time, but wow.

    It’s like a bread machine for your clothes! If a bread machine can mix, knead and bake, why couldn’t other appliances multitask in a similar way?

  13. posted by michele on


  14. posted by Lisa on

    I have the washer /dryer combo. LG sells them and you can order them online or at Best Buy. I hang almost everything to dry in the attic space over my garage, so I don’t use the dryer function very often. I’ve no complaints. I love it. We have a family of 4 and have the largest model. No problems at all.

  15. posted by Beverly on

    I, too, like the Candy trio. However, I’ve became disenchanted with the “all in ones” when one piece quits working and needs to be replaced. I’d consider using a cooktop with microwave drawer and then having a single dish drawer installed underneath since the Candy is not available.

  16. posted by Linda on

    Crazy. I love to see great ideas for small spaces. However, this is a little much. I live in a small space, but don’t think I could live in such a small space that I couldn’t have separate appliances.

  17. posted by Volker on

    It’s perfect! On the other side I was always looking for a separated small dishwasher. You can find small stoves and ovens more or less everywhere. If you find a small dishwasher you can build it up yourself 🙂

  18. posted by Whitney on

    I’ve seen counter-top dishwashers, and I would certainly get one if we didn’t have a dishwasher – I once lived for a summer in an apartment without a dishwasher and my kitchen has never been so gross. I guess sometimes you just have to accept you’re lazy about some chores!

    Our kitchen now is not tiny (200 sq feet maybe?) but our total area is only 1000 sqft, so though we have a dishwasher we also have a Malber washer/dryer combo in the kitchen. It’s neat and the only solution for us but I can’t say I love it, because as others have said it only takes very small loads and takes at least two hours to dry and usually four. When I can use the clothesline that’s not an issue – unfortunately it’s winter and also the line just broke so it’s a pain. The key is to start a small load (one bedsheet at a time!) every day before work and plan ahead so you never need anything quickly.

    Also, I recommend finding a repair person who knows about any of these unusual machines as soon as you install it because I’ve found the customer service to be absurdly bad. The firm I found has done a few Malbers and immediately found the minor problem and showed me how to fix it myself next time. But it took a few calls to find them!

  19. posted by Natasha on

    Honestly, I’d rather have a full-sized oven and wash my dishes by hand. It’s just not that hard.

  20. posted by ElizaJane on

    This reminds me of the combination washer/dryer that we had when I was a kid, I think made by Bendix. My dad added our kitchen and utility room onto our house and only put in enough space for the washer/dryer, and after it broke discovered you couldn’t buy a combination unit like that any more. It was a huge headache trying to modify the utility room to fit another machine in there. But what’s annoying is you can buy these combo washer/dryers in Europe. Why why why?????

  21. posted by Julie on

    I had not seen or heard of the washer dryer combo mentioned here. The first comment to mention it I assumed was talking about the stacked unit like I have in my kitchen; others cleared that up for me.
    It sounds like a nightmare; seriously ONE SHEET AT A TIME?? Would not work for me!
    It’s no wonder that it seems my EastEnders are always taking their laundry to the Launderette if that’s the other choice!

  22. posted by Laetitia in Australia on

    I’m with Jay and Natasha – assuming you don’t have a disability that prevents it, you could always use that other ‘appliance’ called your hands and the kitchen sink to do your dishes! Gasp! Then you can have a full sized oven in that space.

    Erin – I’m surprised – you’re normally telling us in the Unitasker section how a knife that one already owns can do the job of so many unitaskers; surely the kitchen sink takes the place of a dishwasher?

    Although, at the end of a long day a dishwasher would be a nice luxury. 🙂

  23. posted by jane on

    saw on HDTV a remodel of a basement for rental apartment. Showing the finished kitchen, they mentioned the apartment sized appliances. As I was looking for a refrigerator at the time and do not like the humongous ones they have now, I googled apartment sized appliances and it seems there are none available at the major appliance stores. @#$%^&*(!!!!!!! why is it that in this country we have a smaller selection than in Australia, Europe or Canada??

  24. posted by Denise on

    When we were living in England (hubby was stationed there in the Air Force), our landlady supplied a dishwasher that was about 2 ft. cubed. Nowadays we refer to it as the Barbie dishwasher.
    Now we can hardly believe it was so tiny, and we used it every day for almost 5 years!

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