Three accessories to help keep your Mac mini out of sight

Even though a Mac mini only occupies about 60 square inches of desktop space, you still might want to keep it completely out of sight. There are a number of ready-made brackets available that will let you easily mount a mini either under a desk or directly behind an LCD display.

Sonnet MacCuff Mini Mounting Bracket ($57.99)

This steel bracket comes in two sizes. One fits the new 2010 Mac mini and the other fits all previous models. This is probably the most versatile of the lot, as it will mount either under a desk or to a VESA mount on the back of an LCD display. It features a steel locking bar for security and it comes with a 35cm short monitor cable and mounting supplies.

Macessity MiClassic Mount Bracket for 2010 Mac Mini ($52.99)

This bracket is designed for the 2010 Mac mini form factor, but Macessity also manufactures a similar “Hang With Mi” bracket for the older-sized minis. These units do not have holes suitable for VESA mounting and they are only designed for use under a desk. They do, however, have a built-in powered 4-port USB2.0 hub, which is nice if you plan to also mount USB devices out of sight. An optional swivel mount is available if you need to be able to rotate your computer while mounted.

Mac Mount (£14.99)

Although the picture below shows these relatively inexpensive acrylic mounting brackets being used to secure a G-Tech G-Drive, they are also designed to work with a Mac mini. They can also be used to secure an Airport Extreme.

5 Comments for “Three accessories to help keep your Mac mini out of sight”

  1. posted by Mike on

    Holy Heat Dissipation Problems, Batman! I would never clamp up a Mini with any of these… you’ll fry the thing in no time flat. And that’s before taking into account the ambient heat radiating off the back of an LCD monitor.

    The Mac Mini has passive cooling, not an active fan — that’s why it’s so quiet — and it needs lots of room and clear air around it or it can overheat and be permanently damaged. Especially don’t back it up to anything, because the primary vents are in back. At least these clamps don’t do that, or else they’d be even more dangerous.

    Of the three, the MacCessity underhang mount is the closest to being usable, and that’s if you’re darned confident that your room temperature (and under-desk temperature) is going to stay nice and low. I realize some readers may be Canadian, and you may have no problem with these in your igloo.

  2. posted by Brad on

    In response to Mike’s comment, I have a mini (the model immediately prior to the 2010 redesign), and almost all of the heat dissipation is in the back of the unit. Putting my hand on it, even when running intensive applications for extended periods, has always shown that it’s relatively cool on the top and sides (never too much above room temperature), while the back nearly always has an elevated temperature (sometimes significantly so).

    I know it’s not recommended by many (myself included, when talking to most people), but I’ve even taken to putting things on top of it, and have never had any problems or close calls. Besides which, even if it were to overheat, Macs include a built-in failsafe shutdown that would occur well before permanent damage could possibly take place. And, as I said, I’ve never observed temperatures approaching that. In fact, I’ve never even felt it get close to as hot as my old PowerBook G4 can routinely get.

    Honestly, all of these mounts look fine to me, and I doubt that the passive cooling it uses would be a major concern unless you block the rear vents, as you said.

  3. posted by Brian on

    I have the 2010 model, it has the power supply integrated into it now, and it kicks up some heat. I wouldn’t do the monitor mount.

  4. posted by Bren on

    Potential temperature problems aside, is there really much of a point paying a whole lot of money to hide something that actually looks quite appealing and doesn’t take up much space anyway?

  5. posted by okgirl on

    I find it interesting that we have a “Unitasker Wednesday” post specifically to poke fun at one-use objects, then have an entire post on a *very* specific part to hide a *very* specifc size and brand of computer that is *very* small anyway…

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