Organizing knitting needles

Lena Brown Designs, an artist who sells her creations on Etsy, has fashioned a product that makes this organized knitter’s heart go pitter patter — The knitting needle or art tool case:

The case has 30 pockets to hold all styles of needles, brushes, materials, supplies, and tools. She even makes custom cases for people who want more than 30 pockets.

If you’re a whiz at sewing, I’m sure you could make a similar needle organizer. I just love how calm the needles look all nestled in their pockets. They’re protected when not in use and ready for their next project. Finding a pair of needles would be so much easier with a case like this instead of the shoebox I’m currently using.

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  1. posted by morfydd on

    Along the same lines, I really like the interchangeable needles here:

    They’re plastic, so not as wonderful to work with as the wooden needles I gave away, but everything is in one place and clearly labeled.

    I ordered a replacement cord and it came really quickly and inexpensively, all the way to Germany. They seem like a really great company.

    (Though I admit I miss my wood needles sometimes…)

  2. posted by Erin on

    I made a similar needle case from the pattern in the back of Stitch N Bitch and I love it.

    For interchangeable I recommend knit picks ( They have both metal and wooden so you can choose your needle type.

  3. posted by Vismajor on

    I have two accordion file boxes from an office supply store: a small one for DPNs and crochet hooks, and a narrow-but-tall one for straights & circulars. Each needle/hook size gets its own pocket, and they’re arranged from smallest to largest. Each box also has a needle size gauge in the front for those whose size numbers have worn away.

    Might be overkill, but it pleases the OCD side of me & makes it really easy to find what I’m looking for.

  4. posted by Volker on

    I love it! I think it’s usefull for really much stuff. But i think there will be a problem to roll it if bigger stuff has to fit in like office supplies.

    But how can you stay organized with garn?

  5. posted by Kim on

    That is absolutely the best needle case I’ve seen. I keep seeing one-level rollups and never buying one because I know they won’t cut it for me… but this one just might. Thanks, Erin.

  6. posted by OogieM on

    I’ve got a set of knitpicks interchangeables but I still like and use a lot of bamboo DPNs and circulars. I’ve yet to see a nice case that handles circs very well, especially my small ones the 00 and 1 size and also very tiny dpns size 000 and smaller. They are rather fragile and easily broken or bent.

    The circ storage cases all seem clunky. Currently I have plastic pockets in a binder but it’s bulky. I keep thinking I’ll try to sew one but so far all my attempts are just as clunky as the ones I can buy.

    Knitpicks interchangeables come in wood, metal or acrylic so you have 3 options.

  7. posted by Mackenzie on

    My grandma always used cigar cases (the tube kind) to hold her crochet hooks. Having no idea where to get those without buying a cigar, I just got a one-level rollup at the local yarn shop, and I’m *so* glad to have it. One of my purses is a hand-woven one that steel crochet hooks go right through.

  8. posted by Allison on

    I actually have a tutorial bookmarked for how to make something quite similar:

  9. posted by Janine Adams on

    That’s a beautiful and functional needle/tool roll.

    I love circular needles and have a worm binder from Bass Pro Shops that holds most of them. I also have two sets of Knitpicks circs that are housed in the cases they came in. But I store my straight needles (single and double-point) in glass vases atop the Elfa drawer system in which I store my yarn. That’s worked really well for me for several years.

  10. posted by Lena Brown on

    thank you for the wonderful feature!

    More organizers are available here in many colors.

  11. posted by Ann on

    My mother had one of these when I was a little girl…it was made of a beautiful burgundy brocade fabric and I used to love to unroll it, reorganize (!) her needles and re-roll it. Wonderful…

  12. posted by WilliamB on

    Longtime knitter and CDO (like OCD but in alphabetical order as it should be) type here, with my review of what works for me.

    For long and short regular (i.e., single pointed) needles I like these hard sided cases –

    For circular needles I like these soft cases. Mine doesn’t have the convenient labels like this one, so I wrote needle size on the sleeve. These can hold more than one circular needle per sleeve.

    For double pointed needles, cable needles, and crochet hooks I have something like a cigar tube, one tube per size. I used a paint pen to write the needle size on each end and around the middle. The ones I have were special-ordered from someone who used to teach at Meg Zimmerman’s knitting camp – they’re clear tubes with a screw top. If I don’t have something closed at both ends I loose my dps.

    For all my paraphenalia – needle tubes, oversized needles, buttons, yarn needles, scissors, markers, stich sizers, tape measures, etc – I (finally!) found a flexible box marketed at a scrapbooking organizer. I keep my yarn in sweater bags, organized by project or type (ie, a sweater-sized lump of shetland). These are in a set of metal mesh cubbies from Target.

    Hmmm, maybe I should submit photos for workplace of the week.

  13. posted by Terry on

    I have my knitting needles standing in a crock so I can see them. The pairs are rubber banded together. My circs are in their original packages standing in a basket and organized by size. My crochet hooks are in a pretty mug.

  14. posted by Gillian on

    With my first glance at the picture, it looked like a house with a slanted roof. Maybe I could get artistic and do something to achieve that.
    @ Mackenzie, if you’re still looking for tubes, look at a store that stocks buttons in tubes. That might work.

  15. posted by rachel on

    This is a thing of beauty!

  16. posted by priest's wife on

    love this! Got to start knitting again

  17. posted by Ange on

    I bought a paintbrush case like this on sale (donated the brushes) just so I could have a knitting needle case.

  18. posted by C Bennett on

    You can get a similar bag sold as a percussionists’ stick/brush bag. I’m sure it would be available at any Guitar Center or other music store, and they are sturdy and versatile.

  19. posted by Cari on

    This is another nice option for needles as well as yarn/projects:

    They look very sturdy.

  20. posted by Delores on

    Namaste makes a circular needle case that is small and attractive. I believe they also have a case for straights or dpns. They are not expensive and come in several colors.

  21. posted by klutzgrrl on

    oh I love this. I need one! thanks for the drumstick tip – good if you’re on a budget, but if I can I’d love to support a nice etsy crafter.

    I’m not keen on circular needles – for some reason I find them impossible to handle. But I really like the little short sets of pins for socks.

  22. posted by Bethanie on

    I have a very similar case that I got here: . These are great for keeping things organized. Now if I could just find a way to organize my overflowing yarn basket…

  23. posted by Leah on

    The first thing I thought when I saw this was that it would be perfect for storing brushes and trowels (I’m an archaeology student, and there’s so many little odds and ends that you have to bring into the field with you that this would be perfect)

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