BADA table is more than meets the eye

We’ve always been a fan of coffee tables that convert into full-sized dining tables. They’re a good solution for people who live in small apartments, but still want to be able to have friends over for dinner parties. The BADA table from EcoSystems takes the idea of the transforming dining table even further. It works as a desk, dining table, and loveseat.

If you’ve seen any great furniture that multitasks, please share it in the comments.

10 Comments for “BADA table is more than meets the eye”

  1. posted by DivaJean on

    It doesn’t look very stable as a couch. Or comfortable either.

  2. posted by Jude on

    Coffee tables are clutter collectors.

  3. posted by Christina on

    I would never be able to sit on this–my coffee table is covered.

  4. posted by Sue on

    Interesting concept, but what happens if you need a table *and* a seat simultaneously?

  5. posted by Andrew on

    “Interesting concept, but what happens if you need a table *and* a seat simultaneously?”

    *head explodes*

  6. posted by Faith on

    Here is a chair and table concept that allows for almost anyone’s changing needs.
    Pretty cool.

  7. posted by Bibliovore on

    It’s a neat idea, but I agree that the love seat doesn’t look comfortable.

    I’ve always been a fan of furniture that’s “both a dessert topping and a floor wax” (an old Saturday Night Live joke). I kind of like this three-way table — console, game, and dining:
    and I have something like this that I found on Craigslist for $25 (that listed price seems crazy to me) — there’s a door beneath the drawer, and the chairs store in there:

    My “sewing table” is a small vanity in our guest room, and I’m thinking of replacing its stool with a valet chair with drawer storage and removable hanging hardware — useful for sewing and for guests:

  8. posted by Bibliovore on

    Oops, I screwed up the chair link — here it is:

  9. posted by Lindsay on

    I suppose this only technically has two functions, but it’s a sofa that turns into THREE beds. I imagine it in a spare room in a grandparents’ house for when kiddos come over.

  10. posted by Rachel on

    The table/loveseat is okay, but the honeycomb shelving behind it is what really caught my eye. Here’s a listing for the shelves, in case anyone else is interested.

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