Unclutterer giving away two Wi-Fi Amazon Kindles

Unclutterer readers are the most amazing readers on the internet — at least in our (unabashedly biased) opinions. As a result, those of us on the Unclutterer staff will be purchasing two of the latest generation Wi-Fi Amazon Kindles to give away to two of our lucky readers.

Books can take up a lot of storage space in our homes and offices, and having a digital e-book reader certainly helps keep bookshelves from lining every inch of our spaces. The two units we’re giving away are the latest generation Kindle Wireless Reading Device, which are Wi-Fi only, with a 6″ display, in Graphite. It’s the same device I have and love with a passion. (I especially appreciate that I can read silly mystery novels and no one else is the wiser.)

How to enter to win: Entering to win is simple. All you need to do is follow us on Twitter. If you aren’t already on Twitter, create an account and then follow us @Unclutterer.

Next Tuesday and Thursday (October 26 and 28, 2010) at 10:00 a.m. EDT, I will use twitRand() the Random Integer Generator at random.org and select that day’s one winner. You only need to follow us once (and please, only once), to participate in the giveaway. If you already follow us on Twitter, then you are already participating and need not do anything more. Winners of the giveaway will have 24 hours to respond to a direct message from @Unclutterer to claim their new Kindle. Failure to respond within 24 hours will disqualify you from the giveaway.

I know that some of you aren’t interested in social media and will want to complain about having to sign up for Twitter to participate in the giveaway — however, this is the easiest way for us to manage the giveaway and it ensures that many of our readers are already entered to win with no additional effort on their part. Also, if you’re an avid Wired magazine reader, you know that social networking sites can help increase worker productivity if used efficiently.

I am so exited about this reader appreciation event and cannot wait to give away two Kindle Wireless Reading Devices. Remember, you have until 10:00 a.m. EDT on Tuesday, October 26, 2010, to follow us on Twitter for the first Kindle giveaway.

NOTE: twitRand() appears to be offline, so we’ve had to change the manner by which the winners will be randomly selected.

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  1. posted by LD on

    But if I follow you on Twitter, it creates clutter in my Twitter feed, since I already follow your (more useful) RSS feed in Google Reader.

    Sorta joking here, but sorta serious too — social networking clutter is a real problem for me, since a lot of people pipe in their feeds to their various facebook, twitter, etc. accounts, but then add original content too, which makes it hard to just ‘unfollow’.

  2. posted by rebecca on

    I just started following you on twitter.

  3. posted by Farnoosh on

    How kind! How generous! How exciting!
    Thank you for such a nice gesture!!

  4. posted by Cara Mirabella on

    Following you πŸ™‚
    And I just re-tweeted your link!

  5. posted by Natalie on

    Love your “silly mystery novels” link. Yeah, i read that on my Kindle App on my Android as soon as I got it!

  6. posted by Velinda on

    What an awesome giveaway- thank you for this. I’ve been a follower and just re-tweeted your link.

  7. posted by Tony on

    I already follow you on twitter. Do I need to unfollow and re-follow to be entered in the contest?

  8. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Tony — If you already follow us, you’re already entered for the contest. No need to do anything else.

  9. posted by Andy M on

    Awesome, I home the random generator shows favor to me that day! I have been wanting a Kindle. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. posted by Ruth on

    I follow you on Twitter, but my Tweets are set to private. Will you still be able to message me? If not, send me a follow request and I’ll add you as a follower. I rarely tweet so not much Twitter clutter for me (I joined Twitter to follow a couple of my friends, not to post info myself).

  11. posted by [email protected] on

    Am already following! Fingers crossed.

  12. posted by Ginger on

    Love this giveaway! I have a Kindle and LOVE LOVE LOVE it for reading! I subscribe to a blog for .99 cents a month that has free books listed constantly. But, now my 11 year old son has started reading on it too and wants one for Christmas. Having the kindle is a huge help in decluttering — no matter how many books I’m reading at once, they are all contained in one small device.

    PICK ME!!! πŸ™‚

  13. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Vanessa — If I remember correctly, two of our Fujitsu ScanSnap winners had private accounts. We just sent a request to follow them and after they accepted us we notified them they had won. Not a big deal at all if you have a private account.

  14. posted by infmom on

    I think “infmom” is about as random as it gets, don’t you? πŸ˜€

  15. posted by Laura on

    Yay! Been following for a while.

  16. posted by Melissa A. on

    I already follow on Twitter. Yay!

  17. posted by Sue K on

    Is it open to international Unclutterers?

  18. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Sue K — Yes.

  19. posted by Debra P on

    Thank you I follow @MissingLynxx

  20. posted by Sue K on


    going to tell an Aussie friend about this!!
    (plus, this is a good site for inspiration, motivation & ideas!)

  21. posted by *pol on

    Very cool!
    I have been asking for one for Christmas/birthday/mothersday ever since I first heard about them!

  22. posted by Lisa @ Oahu Mom on

    What a great give-away! Definitely worth following you on Twitter for this one. Thanks!

  23. posted by Fiona on

    Very generous and terrific idea! Following you on Twitter!

  24. posted by [email protected] on

    Does anybody know – if I sign up on Twitter then can I unsign up? Facebook is terrible about this so I wonder if Twitter is just as bad.

  25. posted by Christopher Adams on

    LD:(1st poster)
    Your right, social media clutter is a big problem. Following for a contest is at least a reason for doing the following. And if the people you follow don’t live up to your expectations, you can always unfollow. You can also monitor lists and not rely on your home twitter feed.
    I would recommend using the follow as a way to reciprocate to people you want to connect with and want to follow you back. Create lists that are important to you and follow those lists. Also using search and tools like tweetdeck and hootsuite can cut through the clutter.
    But I agree, just following indiscriminately is not the way to go. Know who your following and why your following them.

    Reply to: LD
    “But if I follow you on Twitter, it creates clutter in my Twitter feed, since I already follow your (more useful) RSS feed in Google Reader. “

  26. posted by Aa on

    Excited about this! thanks!

  27. posted by Dave Long on

    Just started following you for the contest.

  28. posted by Michelle Simons on

    Following you and tweeting tweeps to follow you. Waving hi! @MCJunkie

  29. posted by Garci on

    What a generous giveaway! Thanks much.

  30. posted by Naddez on

    Following on Twitter @Naddez. (please follow my blog)

  31. posted by Kitty Smalling on

    Love it! Following you on Twitter as @kit37354

  32. posted by Terri K (@tkharmonic) on

    What a great giveaway! I own hundreds of books, they are in every room of my house including the attic and it’s very difficult to keep them organized and dusted.

  33. posted by Todd Mogilner on

    I am now following you on twitter. Thanks for the opportunity. Following you as @mogilner

  34. posted by Claudia on

    awesome ! @cdmtx65

  35. posted by Shannon Schulte on

    tweeting it out like crazy @sethandshannon1

  36. posted by Lisa G on

    Thanks for the chance πŸ™‚ I am following and will tweet @ladylisa1 the giveaway. Have a great weekend!

  37. posted by Terri B on

    Following & tweeting as @txterrisweeps Thanks!

  38. posted by caroline on

    Following unclutterer on twitter now πŸ™‚ (@carolinetron)

  39. posted by meeyeehere aka Rachel Crisman on

    OH WOW!!!!! I follow you on [email protected]
    I have been wanting one of these like no one knows!! Maybe it will be a lucky giveaway for me.My birthday is coming soon,OH BOY!!!WISH me luck,Please! Thanks
    [email protected]

  40. posted by Marc on

    Great give away! I’ve been hoping my wife would buy me one for Christmas since I read so many books and would save some money on the e version.

    Would love to win one early. πŸ™‚

  41. posted by Tiffany on

    I follow you @Mtlgrl4evr and tweeted. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  42. posted by julie on

    following u on twitter and tweeting would love this not just for myself but for my girls they read but i do not think they really sink in all of it with this they would be more willing to read and more focused @waterbluffy

  43. posted by Tooth Fairy on

    @toothfairycyber follows you and will tweet it out too!

  44. posted by Luann K. on

    Follow and Tweeted. Thank You.

  45. posted by Jim B on

    What a great prize. However, part of keeping my life uncluttered is staying off / away from all social sites. So unfortuantly, there is no way for people like me to enter the contest. Bummer.

  46. posted by Kristi Gilleland on

    Just started following you on Twitter. I have a clutter problem. I do!

  47. posted by Miss Lori on

    Morning! I am following you. Nice to met you. very excited about your giveaway. I have been considering getting a kindle for my 7th grader for Xmas. He’s such a voracious reader, on a college level no less. It’s hard to keep up with him with books. Especially books appropriate for both his age and his level of comprehension.



  48. posted by Rob Lee on


    Cool competition!

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