Assorted links for October 18, 2010

Interesting articles and services relating to uncluttering, organizing, and simple living:

  • Patrick at Minimal Mac asks “A Most Important Question.” If you don’t know where something belongs, it may “… not have a place in your home, in your relationships, in your job, or or in your life,” and, “perhaps it should not be there.”
  • Alton Brown, the celebrity chef who is the inspiration behind our Unitasker Wednesday posts, wrote a diary about his (bizarre?) minimalist eating practices when he travels in last week’s New York magazine: “Alton Brown Makes His Own Avocado Ice Cream, Does Shots With John Hodgman.”
  • Learning Express Library is an online resource for practice tests on hundreds of topics. The free and digital tests range from the U.S. Citizenship exam to college entrance tests. Save your money and some trees with these helpful resources.
  • Lose the equipment and your gym membership, and get an uncluttered workout using only your body weight. From Nerd Fitness, “Beginner Body Weight Workout.”
  • The Art of Manliness has a tribute to all things minimalist in “Go Small Or Go Home: In Praise of Minimalism.”
  • Clean up your iTunes digital music collection with Tagalicious — a simple and easy to use application that gets rid of all of those “Track 01” files you have in your directory.
  • Are you on Twitter? Does it bother you when someone attends a conference and floods your stream with messages that don’t interest you in the least? Use DeClutter to remove specific keywords from your timeline. (via Swiss-Miss)

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  1. posted by Tiffany on

    One of the commenters on the Alton Brown piece noted that he’s just lost a bunch of weight, which would explain the minimalism, and even the bizarre-seeming combinations of food. I know several people who, in an effort to maintain dramatic weight loss, have developed some very particular ways of eating while traveling because it’s easier than being That Person at the restaurant asking the server for lots of dietary accommodations from the menu.

  2. posted by Meg on

    Learning Express is wonderful, but it is a subscription service. Find a public library that offers it and set your account up there.
    This is also a nice practice source for folks who aren’t used to online exams and are going to be applying for jobs or doing applications online.

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