Workspace of the Week: No-mayhem mudroom

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Michelle Smyth’s hallway mudroom:

Now that it’s fall, I’ve set near our front door the plastic tray we put snowy, wet, and muddy shoes on during the colder months. Our home doesn’t have a mudroom, but that doesn’t alleviate our need for one. As a result, I was inspired when I came across Michelle Smyth’s solution. In her photograph’s description:

This is a narrow hallway in our cottage that we’ve turned into a mudroom of sorts. The shoe racks are from Ikea and the baskets from Home Outfitters. Really inexpensive way to make the most of what would otherwise have been kind of useless space.

Michelle also shared a picture of the wall that faces the coat and shoe racks:

It’s her family’s wall of fame, which is certainly a fun way to decide where to put diplomas and awards.

And, I know this isn’t a traditional workspace, but it’s still an inspiring space … so this time I made an exception. Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your space with us.

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11 Comments for “Workspace of the Week: No-mayhem mudroom”

  1. posted by JustGail on

    No, it’s not a workspace as normally featured on Fridays, but I’d consider it a workspace. It’s a nice middle ground between most entry areas* we seem so see – either a dark hole with maybe a chair, and a pile of shoes/boots and coats, or the new version of a mudroom – decked out in custom built cabinets. I like the idea of putting the certificates here – a bit of “congratulations your work paid off” on the way to/from school and work. Nicely done!

    * I’m referring to entry areas that are used most often by those living there, which is often not the front door.

  2. posted by pammyfay on

    I think that Wall of Fame is a fantastic idea! So many times those things get tucked into drawers or just leaned inside a bookshelf, or kids don’t really care about them as much as their parents do! That’s a fantastic place to honor the entire family’s accomplishments, and maybe just as importantly to have it in a slightly more private area than, say, the living room or TV room, where visitors would certainly raise their eyebrows over a wall that they’d consider full of “Aren’t we just terrific?” mementos. (Not that I feel that way!)

  3. posted by Fawn on

    I don’t see a rack like that (with dividers) on Ikea’s site. How did she create the dividers? I really like the shoe organization. We also have a narrow mudroom and too many shoes.

  4. posted by hmr on

    @Fawn – I think the benches/shoe racks you see are part of the Leksvik line from IKEA. However, I think this particular item has been discontinued. You may still find some in the actual stores as they slowly sell down the inventory or keep an eye out on CL. They pop up there pretty frequently.

    I also agree that this is the perfect way to display awards, trophies, ribbons, etc. for the family’s eyes only (mostly). I’ll remember this for when I actually have a mudroom.

  5. posted by Patch on

    Ditto the above posters: I really like that family brag wall. The cream-colored painted walls (light colored neutral) looks clean and really makes the awards pop!

    And what a nice thing to look at whilst pulling up one’s bootstraps (literally and figuratively), last thing before leaving the house to conquer the world…and first thing to see upon returning home! 🙂

  6. posted by priest's wife on

    fun fun fun- love the wall of fame!

  7. posted by Thilde on

    I wonder what is in the baskets?

  8. posted by JC on


    It looks to me like there are rolled towels in the basket. The family may possibly own a dog that tracks in mud etc. that needs some clean up care. My family once had a dog and pretty much the only thing it was trained to do well was stand on the entry rug, and get it’s paws wiped before coming all the way into the house.

    I really like this entry.

  9. posted by Michelle Smyth on

    Wow! What an honour to be chosen as a workspace of the week!! I’ve been a fan of Unclutterer for a couple of years now, and sent this pic in after reading a response to a question about what to do with awards, diplomas, etc. I thought I’d include the “mudroom” on the other side as well, and glad to see the enthusiastic response to the combo. 😀

  10. posted by Sandy on

    I love this photo — I have a small area near the door next to the stairs where my boys like to sit and take off their shoes — then leave them all over the stairs! I think I’ll get or make some shelving like this sized to fit that area. That’s a perfect solution at their level for their shoes and a basket or two would be a great addition for upcoming winter mittens and hats. Thanks for inspiring me with a solution that fits both my space and the way my kids use that area!

  11. posted by Surrogate Mother on

    we have metal shoe racks at home and we use it to hold those large boots and heavy leather shoes *:’

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