Unitasker Wednesday: Easy Feet

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes β€” we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

I love infomercials because of how they portray people as being completely helpless without the specific product being advertised. How did we ever survive without this doodad or trinket?! The travesty! The HORROR!! (My all-time favorite example of this is the EZ Cracker.) Reader Ida has found a new infomercial gem for us in the Easy Feet. Because, you know, most people have no idea whatsoever as to how to wash their feet:

Sure, this product might be nice for someone with arthritis or a mobility limitation, but for the majority of readers who are abled-body it looks like a GIANT mildew and dead skin trap. Wait! A new opportunity abounds for a manufacturer to produce an Easy Feet mildew and dead skin removal unitasker. Get busy, unclutterers — there are millions to be made!

(Confession: After watching this video 10 times, I now really want one of these unitaskers. I will refrain, but CURSES you, woman with the British accent! You are so convincing!!)

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  1. posted by Kate on

    My favorite line of the infomercial is: “It’s like a carwash for your feet!!” Just what I always wanted… NOT! Good one, Erin!

  2. posted by Nana on

    Does it come in a variety of sizes? Is it OK for women to use the blue and/or men to use the pink? How do you keep the kids from slipping underwater when using the one on the wall? And why are all those people so darn happy? [Could it be because the thing is also a tickler … in which case, it might not be a uni-tasker.]

  3. posted by Sandman on

    I don’t even want to think about how nasty those things get after a couple months use. Ugh!

  4. posted by Steve FD on

    “Don’t dirty your sheets”


  5. posted by Wendy on

    But, after you’ve cleaned your feet, how will you DRY them?

    I see another million to be made.

  6. posted by Marie on

    I have a unitasker question: What do we use our hairbrushes for besides brushing our hair? Not all unitaskers are bad (e.g., a fire extinguisher).

  7. posted by Irio on

    That english sounds like some kind of chinese

  8. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Marie — A hairbrush is not a unitasker. A hairbrush is a single-purpose item with high utility … like a toilet πŸ™‚

  9. posted by Etienne on

    So funny!
    Being French I have always been impressed by the American infomercials. Once I pass the “cheesy” talk atmosphere, I actually get very convinced by the products.

    Do you know what is even more hilarious?
    Infomercials doubled in French!

  10. posted by ari_1965 on

    Regarding Marie’s comment about all unitaskers not being bad–hairbrushes and fire extinguishers being two examples–to me the difference between a hairbrush and the unitaskers rightly ridiculed here on Unclutterer is that the hairbrush gets used for its intended purpose at least once per day, if not several times per day. A good quality hairbrush will last for years, whether it’s stored in your purse or in the bathroom.

    I think I’m trying to say that there are tried and true unitaskers like hairbrushes, and then there are a host of dumb and silly unitaskers.

  11. posted by Tabbycat on

    I love infomercials for the same reason. when I wash my feet I just hold onto something, I have a bar on the wall in my bathroom, or I hold onto the shower curtain rod and I’ve never fallen or had trouble washing my feet.

  12. posted by Sarah S. on

    As for thinking you NEED one of these after being convinced by her, I actually got one of these type things free with a Bath and Body Works purchase a few years ago. (I’m really hoping it was free and I didn’t pay extra for it). I confess I was pretty darn excited about how good it would feel to have my feet scrubbed, but a) my feet were too ticklish and I couldn’t stand it and b) after 2 days in my shower it was NASTY. You aren’t missing a thing.

  13. posted by Aslaug on

    Yeah, see, I watched the infomercial (no sound) and really want this for the exfoliating and getting rid of cracked and dry skin. I’m not so worried about cleaning my feet (I have hands and I’m not disabled) but this just looks like it would really get the dead skin off.
    This is the second time a unitasker makes me really want something – last time it was the chair socks and I actually spent a few days designing and crocheting some for all my dining room chairs πŸ™‚ Everybody loves them and wants me to make some for them.

  14. posted by tordis on

    actually, i think this thing COULD be useful for older people who just have a shower at home. (in a bathtub you can use this tub-chair-thing) old people are no longer able to bend down low when standing.

    but apart from the few old people without bathtubs this thing is really useless, that’s true.

  15. posted by Jenn on

    When I look around at the size of so many Americans, I think there should be a similar product for reaching back to clean one’s behind.

  16. posted by Kathryn Fenner on

    It’s easy to dismiss a “few old people” and the others who are mobility impaired, but my parents cannot touch their feet easily–certainly not in the shower, and I can imagine a lot of others are in the same boat. That’s why there are catalogs with things like long-handled shoe horns and long-handled foot-pumice jobbies.

    They aren’t going to fill the bathtub just to wash their feet, and getting a basin is a lot of trouble for older people, too–and then they have to empty it–picking it up from the floor…

    Really, we should remember that someday, unless we die first, we will all be in this boat.

  17. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Kathryn — Did you watch the video? This device is not marketed to the handicapped. I’ve watched it 12 times now and it is clearly marketed to the able-bodied.

    And, you should also remember that I AM HANDICAPPED. Why is it that people who aren’t handicapped believe that people who are handicapped don’t have a sense of humor? Ugh.

  18. posted by Katha on

    I did watch it and it clearly says at 0:56 that “seniors and those with special needs” will love it. So, yes, it is _also_ marketed at non-able-bodied people.

    And really, would you call the clumsy black-and-white hardly-able-to-bend people in the video “able-bodied”? πŸ˜‰

  19. posted by priest's wife on

    reminds me- I need a pedicure!

  20. posted by Jillian Andes on

    I guess it’s because I’m young and able-bodied, but I just sit down in the shower to wash my feet. Granted, I’m flexible enough that I’m able to put my feet behind my head, but still. I can see how this is useful for the handicapped or those who are older and can’t get around very well, but for people who are able-bodied, that’s just silly. I don’t want to know how yucky that would get after using it for a while! Blegh!

  21. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Katha — Good point about the “able-bodied” folks πŸ™‚ Man, I love infomercials!

    Although the ad mentions seniors and special needs, the Easy Feet marketing team is clearly going after the general public as their target sector. The easiest way to identify a product’s target market is to look at the actors/actresses used in the ad. They use people who look like their market ideal. Trust me, most products marketed to seniors and handicapped use seniors and handicapped actors/actresses in their ads.

  22. posted by Pat on

    I think that IN GENERAL, and not just for feet, we should reconsider our basic method of cleaning ourselves (taking handheld brushes, sponges, loofas, etc. and rubbing them against ourselves) and more widely adopt the “cat” method (affixing the brushes to stable things and then rubbing ourselves against them).

    WOOOO! Feel that brushin’! It’s hygiene AND exercise!

  23. posted by Rue on

    I like how all the people in the “before” shots are just slapping a washcloth around their feet. They look so helpless!

    And clearly, this isn’t a unitasker. Even the infomercial says so! It massages, and exfoliates, and even has a pumice stone! Clearly so many purposes!

    (I bet it’s really a nice foot massage though…)

  24. posted by jon on

    She doesn’t have a British accent. Jody was British, but everyone else was US of A.

    You’re meant to wash your feet? When did that rule come in?

  25. posted by Ramblings of a Woman on

    Now… I could handle the massaging part! If it was REALLY a massage!

  26. posted by Another Deb on

    @ Jenn,

    I was seeking products for my Parkinson’s dad and came across the very item you mentioned. It was a long handled rear-wiping device. And the catalog specified that no returns would be accepted after the box was opened…

  27. posted by Victoria on Okinawa on

    Too funny!fungus here we come! No bending? Ha! if you don’t bend how in the world does it get in position in the 1st place to use it? Your Wed joke day of “get rid of this kind of clutter” is out of this world! One more thing to keep out of the home for sure! Can you imagine all the boxes of these things that are adding clutter to someone’s storage business! Hope no one falls(pun intended)for this product!

  28. posted by Cathie on

    I must confess I sorta want one, too. (Well, two.)

  29. posted by Jen on

    The righteous indignation that springs up in the comments over these items both angers and delights me.

  30. posted by mydivabydesign - The Diva's Home on

    I know of a nifty gadget that will get your feet closer to you! It’s called a knee!

  31. posted by Aslaug on

    I may be an extremely unclean person, but since I don’t walk around in mud and shower every day I feel little need to actually *wash* my feet. I just sort of assume that the water I’m standing in and the soap that floats down there will clean them well enough. I do use an exfoliating scrub now and then to get them nice and soft – and that’s what I think this might be great for.

  32. posted by The Plaid Cow on

    @Marie: Many wayward kids will tell you that a hairbrush is not just a unitasker–the backside has a use too.

    How about an “easy back”? You attach it to the shower wall, put soap on, then lean against it to activate a scrubbing motion. That would be awesome.

  33. posted by Alison Rowan on

    This infomercial makes me so happy. Just… Oh, dear. Thank you for bringing this joy wrapped in horrifying stupidity into my life. πŸ˜€

  34. posted by Lisa on

    I’m particularly fond of the misspelling, personally (it repairs your ‘heals’ – did you know that?

  35. posted by Tony on

    Erin, I am so sorry. As your site becomes more famous, more people show up just to complain about how insensitive you are. How dare you not realize that their Aunt Flo suffers from and the is a life saver for them.

    I used to enjoy reading the comments but I will have to stop now since I get so bent out of shape at all the whining directed at you. There’s a concept; it bothers me therefor I will ignore it.


  36. posted by Tony on

    Hmmmm, the software chopped my sentence so here it is reformatted.

    How dare you not realize that their Aunt Flo suffers from (insert ailment here) and the (insert stupid product here) is a life saver for them.

  37. posted by beth on

    You’re lucky to be young and without back problems. I can tell you there were weeks when I could not put on my own socks, much less reach down in the shower to wash my feet. This would be very helpful for eldery people and others for whom mobility is an issue. Keeping clean feet is critical for diabetics, they can lose their legs if infection sets in because of limited circulation. The same weight issues that cause diabets also severely affect mobility.

  38. posted by Justine on

    My husband and I just saw this infomercial late last night and had a great laugh. I thought it would be perfect for Unitasker Wed – and had a great laugh again this morning when I saw someone had already brought it to your attention! As for being a good product for people with mobility issues, I think they could just as easily slip while balancing on one foot to use the thing especially if they use as much soap as the infomercial shows. We bought a shower chair for my mom – she reaches her feet just fine.

  39. posted by Anne on

    Oh, Pepito–I know you haven’t been gone that long, but I just know, somehow, Easy Feet could have helped continue your adventure….where ever you are. Or Mario–is there a new adventure to share with us?

  40. posted by Sharon on

    I bought something like that but it’s one piece and attaches to your tub with suction cups. But it tickled my feet so much that I never used it and threw it away!

  41. posted by Beste on

    I loved the idea of The Plaid Cow – Easy Back! Thanks for the laughs πŸ™‚

  42. posted by Stefan on

    I just saw this product on TV and laughed all the way through the commercial. Just had to come online to see if it was a real product or a late night joke.

    Next years new and improved version will include a laser aim and sonic alert for those that are too fat to see their own feet!!!


  43. posted by linda on

    how about the shot of the guy in the shower, all soaped up smelling his sneaker

  44. posted by RazMaTaz on

    OMG that thing is so neat and ridicules but I WANT one anyway.

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