Small but spacious condo

The website Freshome recently featured a beautifully designed studio condo in New York City’s East Village. The space is only 500 square feet, and the architecture firm JPDA found a way to take advantage of every inch of it:

I truly love the storage in the risers of the stairs. I also love how the space has a designated office built right into the room.

Be sure to check out all the photographs of the condo. I’m pretty sure the bathroom sits in the closed space between the kitchen and the living room (under the stairs) and the area between the front door and kitchen is storage. (A final note: I think the 15th picture in the series is from the Indigo Lounge redesign and incorrectly in the photo series for this home.)

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  1. posted by klutzgrrl on

    aesthetically stunning, but I fear I’d do myself a serious mischief having to stumble down those steps first thing in the morning. I have enough trouble getting out of bed as it is!

    but yeah, beautiful. Impeccable taste. *sigh*

  2. posted by Sue on

    I would have loved this back when I was in college.

  3. posted by Keter on

    It says in the article that the area under the bed is a walk-in closet. The bathroom is between the front door and kitchen, backing up to the kitchen sink. You would not want to design a bathroom with a lowered ceiling and a bed above because of the likelihood of moisture and odors rising up.

    The bed loft is gorgeous, but two things nag at me based on my own experience in tucking a bed into a limited space not meant for a bed. First, the overhang…you are going to hit it. Second, the sharp corner of the built in nightstand – OW! You’re going to hit that, too. And probably both are going to leave some marks if anything other than sleeping occurs up there.

  4. posted by Karen on

    It looks like the kitchen is right beneath the bed area, and the bathroom is on the other side of the kitchen…so while the bathroom is not right under the bedroom, the kitchen is and I am kind of picky about not wanting my bedroom to smell like dinner…

    That said, it’s beautiful and if i were single I’d love it. The stairs wouldn’t be a problem for me.

  5. posted by Ramblings of a Woman on

    This is pretty awesome. It is a challenge to fit so much into a small space. We are looking at building a Tiny House in the future and will have to overcome some of those issues. Good design though, thanks for sharing!

  6. posted by infmom on

    Having an office in the living room is a bad, bad idea. And I know this from long experience, having had no choice but to try to work in our living room for close to 20 years. Unless you’re the only one in the dwelling you are never going to get anything done without interruptions, and your family’s going to get peeved if you interrupt their time in the living room by insisting you have to work.

  7. posted by Biblovore on

    Infmom, I agree, but there’s really nowhere else for it to go in this space (except perhaps as a tiny closet space in the front built-in section; I think taking advantage of the larger, open, windowed space was a better option), and at this size there probably would be no more than two people living there. Maybe the place should come with a pair of noise-canceling headphones for whoever’s working at the desk. 8)

  8. posted by chacha1 on

    Infmom, not too many people are going to try to raise families in what is pretty clearly conceived as a live/work (500sf) space.

    I myself would have put the bed loft at the end of the space with the office underneath it, offset from the windows by the stairs which would face out into the space. “Living room” and kitchen – with all counter-height appliances, someone living in this space probably doesn’t cook enough to need a full-size refrigerator – would thus occupy a more open space in the middle.

    Nice design, though even my cats would feel a bit confined there!

  9. posted by Lizzie on

    It IS an impressive piece of work…I’m just imagining how annoyed my partner would get when I left the drawers open. (Which would definitely happen…I’m absent minded.) 500 square feet is not small for a studio in the city–I seen them in the 300’s.

  10. posted by Ann on

    pretty….. awesome for a single in or just out of college. definitely not a go for more than one…. love the lines!

  11. posted by Michael on

    Many of these design tricks — especially the hidden storage — are taken directly from modern Japanese architecture. See “Small Spaces” by Azby Brown.

  12. posted by Cathie on

    I LOVE those step-drawers. I want them.

  13. posted by Dan on

    I love the design. The lack of a designated eating area is my only major criticism of the place. I’d also really miss access to a washer and dryer. Otherwise I’d be excited to live there.

  14. posted by pam on

    Hmm. I can’t scope out a place to eat meals. Where do those three couch hipsters set their cereal bowls?

  15. posted by JenO on

    Is it just my eyes or do those steps look really, really shallow? I might be able to tiptoe up the stairs, but coming down would be fatal.

  16. posted by JenO on

    Umm … I just looked at the rest of the pictures – yup, it was just my eyes. The steps are fine. 🙂

  17. posted by Dave on

    Live on a small sailboat, 28-40’longX8-12’wide and you have to install all the systems in there too, there are poeple reising families on these, you have food prep/storage, sleeping for 4/5, energy systems, waste systems, all in a shape that moves,

  18. posted by ninakk on

    I immediately thought of a sailboat, just like Dave. I’ve spent more Summers than I can count on the 32-foot sailboat that my parents own. All four of us have sailed for weeks each year, have very soon after the first year onboard developed a certain flow regarding how to act in there and how to store all things necessary (and unnecessary). It just isn’t an option to be absent-minded like a previous comment suggested; you sharpen your mind, you accept the space and its limitation, and you feel relieved that you can survive with so few things around you.

    I just realize that I’ve experienced my oh-so-craved-for simple life many times already and I actually do it very well too, embrace every moment of it. Thanks for the wonderful post and great reminder! Declutter, folks 🙂

  19. posted by glenn on

    don’t roll out of bed, it could kill you.

  20. posted by Linda on

    Love the space. Love the drawers in the stairs.

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