Binder clip hack for your wire shelving

Making the rounds on Reddit this week was a great refrigerator hack by Muteboy on Flickr:

Muteboy, a.k.a. Matthew Petty, created an adjustable beverage rack in his refrigerator with a simple binder clip. The clip can be moved to the left for more beverage storage, or to the right for less. It’s a great idea for those of you with wire shelves in your refrigerator.

Since I have glass shelves throughout my refrigerator and freezer, this particular hack won’t work for me. However, it works great in my office closet where I have two rows of these types of wire shelves in my elfa system. I have already put it to use for corralling four poster tubes. It could work wonderfully for wrapping paper and wine bottles, as well.

Oh, and speaking of elfa, the Container Store is currently holding its 25% off shelving sale. Now is a good time to buy if you’ve been wanting a shelving or closet makeover.

14 Comments for “Binder clip hack for your wire shelving”

  1. posted by Kate on

    Love these clips. Ingenious use that I will adopt.

  2. posted by ae on

    Binder clips are the ultimate multi-tasker. I’ve used them like above. I’ve used the large ones as a hair clip in a pinch. I’ve used them to hold fabric to my ping-pong table while pinning pattern pieces. We even use them in the kitchen to keep chip and bread bags closed.

  3. posted by Adventure-Some Matthew on

    What an ingenious idea! Shame that I have glass shelves as well.

  4. posted by Jason on

    Maybe this would work for soda, or a makeshift wine cooler. But beer is best stored upright, to prevent contamination or oxidation from the cap. Then again, most people (here in the states, at least) drink pee-flavored alcohol water, not beer, so perhaps it doesn’t matter.

  5. posted by momof3 on

    I too have glass shelves in the refrig. but what a great idea.

    My favorite use of the binder clips has already been mentioned: keeping chip bags closed. They just seem to make a tighter seal than any plastic clip I have used before.

    Wasn’t there once a list for many of uses of binder clips here at Unclutter? Time to update it!

  6. posted by Alan Evil on

    For glass shelves it seems a standard bathroom suction cup or two with some kind of short tube stuck over the nipple part would work the same.

  7. posted by Lindsey on


    Whatever happened to just standing bottles upright? Seems like it would take up about the same amount of space, not require a binder clip, and be a heck of a lot less likely to scatter bottles across the fridge when you knocked them.

  8. posted by L. on

    @Lindsey– Sometimes the shelf with the beer isn’t tall enough for the beer. 🙂

  9. posted by Irene on

    This has to be my favorite use of the binder clip.

  10. posted by Patti on

    *facepalm* binder clip as shelf-stop and/or cord manager: truly a “so simple why didn’t I think of that” solution

    People are srsly clever sometimes

  11. posted by WilliamB on

    I used to buy Chip Clips which would eventually break. One day I ran out and used a binder clip in despiration. Then I realized it was inspiration. Why spend $$$ on something that breaks when you can spend $ on something that doesn’t. I use them as toothpaste tube holders, too, when there’s just a little toothpaste left.

  12. posted by Mary on

    That is awesome! Gotta love the universality that is the binder clip.

  13. posted by Christine on

    Oh, I have two pantry cupboards filled with wire shelves! This will be wonderful for them.

  14. posted by Dude on

    Clever, but this can also be solved by just buying more beer.

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