Multifunctional children’s furniture

Now that my son has outgrown his Jumperoo, my husband and I have been on the lookout for a child-size chair. Like most toddlers, my 15-month-old son is insistent upon asserting his independence, and so he wants his own chair. If you try to sit on the same chair or couch he’s on, he’ll go to great lengths to get you to sit somewhere other than his piece of furniture.

We considered getting the Kapsule Chair because it is cute, inexpensive ($49), and doubles as toy storage. Ultimately, we didn’t buy it because when our son outgrows it in a couple years, the chair becomes another thing cluttering up the house.

In the end, we decided to get the Candu Chair, which can also be transformed into a playtable/desk, bedside table, easel, step stool, rocking chair, and magazine/book rack:

It’s 21″ x 18″ x 18″ and weighs 16 lbs. It’s certainly more expensive than the Kapsule — the Candu Chair is $125 on Amazon — but it’s a piece that should have utility for at least the next 17 years. For families like ours that live in small spaces, the more multi-functional the furniture, the better.

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  1. posted by streamliner on

    That is cool. Another option is those inflatable chairs for kids (look with the pool inflatables)–colors can be garish and it certainly won’t last as long, but you won’t need it forever, either.

    We had a Target folding kid-size lawn chair that used to be indoors but has now moved outdoors. Also an option.

  2. posted by Molly on

    That’s a very cool piece of furniture. Please keep up these posts with multifunctional pieces – I really enjoy them.

  3. posted by gypsy packer on

    Why do we not have these available for adults?
    They undoubtedly are more stable than folding chairs and that seated desk would be great for the rare occasion when the standing desk just won’t do.

  4. posted by GayleRN on

    I thought it would be nice for my son to have his own special chair too. He flat out refused to ever use it. He much preferred big cushy comfortable adult furniture. Although it might be a nifty little play table. See if you can’t borrow a little chair first.

  5. posted by Whitney on

    Another way to go with these kid-focused large items is to buy a really nice one and make it a family heirloom. It can then be passed around the family (if there are enough kids and they live nearby, of course) so it’s never clutter because it’s always being used. It’s really special to tell a kid that this was grandma’s chair when she was little, and list everyone else that used it too.

  6. posted by Jay on

    According to the Candu Chair website, the chair has an “Attractive natural maple face . . . .” Do you know if the chair is made of solid wood or some type of laminated wood or plywood?

  7. posted by *pol on

    I had something like this when my babies were young! I found it at a consignment shop. It was an up-to-the-table highchair, a rocking toy (with steering wheel!) and small desk all depending on which side was up. I though it was functional, beautiful, easy to clean and sturdy. I was sad when they out grew it and SERIOUSLY considered hanging onto it for future grandkids.

  8. posted by Miss Lynx on

    That does look very cool!

    There’s a company called Stokke that makes some similar types of kids’ products – a highchair that adjusts as your child grows and eventually becomes just a regular chair, a changing table that becomes a desk, a crib that becomes a toddler bed and then a mini-sofa that can in turn be taken apart into two chairs, etc.

  9. posted by Betsy on

    We bought a little plush comfy chair from Toys r us when my daughter was 1 year old. She still uses it when she watches TV and she is almost 5! We bought the Tripp Trap chair from Stokke and after she fell onto the tile floor with the chair still seat belted to her, my husband was basically saying ” did we spend $200 on a chair that is called a Tripp Trap? That just sounds dangerous.” So we still used the chair for a little while, maybe 18 months in all. Then we got a “cushy” booster seat and now we have a bright red plastic chair from IKEA.

  10. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Betsy — Consumer Reports gives extremely poor safety ratings to all of the Stokke furniture. We’ve never considered buying any of it as a result. It’s so sad because the furniture design is so pretty.

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