Workspace of the Week: Computer desk makeover

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Apostrophe Lover’s transformed desk into a baby changing and storage station:

Apostrophe Lover explained the redesign in the comments to the photographs:

It’s actually a repurposed computer desk. I’m a working, first-time parent (as is my spouse), and I wanted to have everything organized and accessible for those bleary-eyed baby changings. The trash can (the step function is essential) sits where the computer once did.

When closed, the baby station just looks like an armoire. The baby’s laundry basket is just to the right (soiled items can be tossed in even when the station is open).

On the inside of the right door is a hanging organizer “For those extra things that don’t get used every day, but that need to be nearby: nasal aspirator, cotton swabs, corn starch, Desitin, and nail clippers.”

Check the Flickr pool for more photos and even the cutie baby boy who “works” here. Thanks to Apostrophe Lover for this great office transformation.

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  1. posted by Ramblings of a Woman on

    Oooh, this is an awesomely cool idea! Great way to repurpose a piece and keep all the baby stuff at hand!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. posted by mary b on

    Very nice!
    It is similar to one of “Evette’s Armoire Makeovers” that was featured on Rachel Ray…she also did a cool Murphy Bed in an Armoire. Great way to save space in a guest room or office.

  3. posted by *pol on


  4. posted by Amy on

    It is nice and certainly useful. But after 3 babies, I have downgraded. I keep a basket on top of the toilet with a supply of diapers and a pack of wipes. I just grab the baby, diaper/wipes and change him on the floor or my bed. Diaper goes into the regular trash which gets taken out daily.

    When I had a diaper pail, it would sit until it was full, stinking up the house. Now I no longer need to wash the changing pad covers either. Plus, he’ll never out-grow the changing table, which they do, before they are potty trained.

  5. posted by momof3 on

    similar to what I used: a dry sink. changing pad on top, with the wipes container and a basket with diapers and cream, if ever needed for rash.
    the two drawers held extra changing pad covers, handmade of flannel (very soft) and little changing pads (squares of flannel/rubber mix).
    the two cabinets doors below held blankets, sheets, and a myriad of extras–since I was expecting twins and one was stillborn)
    I also had a small basket full on top of folded up newspaper delivery bags. I could put a diaper in one of those, tie it shut close to the diaper, fold it over itself, and tie it again. No stink in the room or the house.

  6. posted by Ann on

    Re Amy’s post: I agree that diaper pails often stink up the house, and I certainly simplified my methods by the time I had a second baby, too. But I know not everybody’s aware of this, so while I hesitated before commenting: Toilets have been shown to spray bacteria for several feet every time they’re flushed. So I don’t think the back of the toilet is a very good place to keep clean diapers and wipes, especially considering how often babies may touch their clean diapers and put their fingers in their mouths.

  7. posted by Michele on

    Cute idea. I stopped using our changing table after my first baby became mobile, and didn’t use it all for babies #2 and #3. I just had storage for the diapers and wipes and changed baby wherever we happened to be. And the diaper went into the diaper laundry hamper.

  8. posted by Apostrophe Lover on

    Wow! First of all, I’m so honored – thank you! Second, I was reminded repeatedly this morning of a few other reasons why I converted the computer desk:

    1. It was free (I already had it).
    2. The baby doesn’t have his own room (we live in an apartment), so I needed something that could be camouflaged when not in use.
    3. The closing doors ensure that our two inquisitive (and klutzy) cats stay off the changing surface and out of the trash.

    The changing station has saved me so much time and energy, just knowing that I don’t have to search for anything. Every little bit helps!

    Thanks again for making my week! 🙂

  9. posted by Apostrophe Lover on

    p.s. Since the trash is small, we change it frequently. We haven’t experienced any “diaper pail stink,” but we realize that will likely change when the baby starts eating something other than breast milk.

  10. posted by JJ on

    Love it! Great idea to take a piece you already own and repurpose it to something that you can really use!

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