Workspace of the Week: High-end modern study

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Johannes Bosgra’s study:

The first thing that caught our eye in this workspace was the chair. It’s the EA 119 “Executive” model from the Aluminum Group collection, which was designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1958. The EA 119 is a very swank and substantial piece of furniture, especially when compared to most of today’s popular “task chairs.” Right now I’m seriously contemplating whether I should eat cat food for the next six months so I can justify buying one.

Another thing we like about this study is the second work surface immediately behind the primary desk. It is height adjustable (with a footswitch) so it can be used as a standing desk. Both pieces are available from Hülsta. Being able to move around and have different work-surfaces can increase productivity.

Want to have your own workspace featured in Workspace of the Week? Submit a picture to the Unclutterer flickr pool. Check it out because we have a nice little community brewing there. Also, don’t forget that workspaces aren’t just desks. If you’re a cook, it’s a kitchen; if you’re a carpenter, it’s your workbench.

20 Comments for “Workspace of the Week: High-end modern study”

  1. posted by Leon Kehoe on

    The chair is what caught my eye too. Perhaps we could both eat cat food for the next six months and support each other through it?

  2. posted by Dorothy on

    Very sleek! I’d love to see Johannes hide those cords. They’re always problematical, aren’t they?

  3. posted by Lose That Girl on

    Very clean. I’m with Dorothy… it would look even better with some cord control.

  4. posted by Sue on

    This one is too sterile for my tastes. Needs a pop of color. And what’s with the empty display shelves?

  5. posted by JustGail on

    With the lack of items on the shelves or walls, I wonder if Johannes is in the process of moving in? I know there have been times I wished I had lived with a furniture arrangement before filling the shelves/cabinets and adding the finishing touches.

    Nice chair, although my elbows would appreciate a bit of padding.

  6. posted by armo on

    I love the light fixture — whose design is that?

  7. posted by Frank on

    Chair looks stylish, but I question how comfortable it would be. The padding looks awfully thin. Also, is that a sofa chair in the corner? I get the feeling it might be a bit too crowded in the corner there. Otherwise I really like the view outside and the floral arrangement being used to add color. Having a clean desk like what’s shown is not realistic in my view.

  8. posted by Linda on

    For everybody coveting the Eames chair–I love it too, and planned on buying one as a reward for myself for finishing a big project. I’m a freelancer who works at home, so both appearance and comfort were important. When I actually started shopping for the chair, a salesperson at DWR–who could have easily sold it to me (the model I was interested in might have been slightly different) instead recommended against it since it would be my primary work chair.

    I ended up with a Steelcase “Think” chair, which is extremely adjustable and comfortable. I bought it online and was able to get a nice color combination that fit right into my home office. It’s been over a year, and I’m very happy with that choice.

  9. posted by nicole 86 on

    Nice and clean (except for the kind of carpet) but so expensive !

  10. posted by LoriAngela on

    My son is thriving with a standing work area. I’ve been looking for one for his dorm. Ikea was no help. There is a table like that but not sturdy. The irony was that all their work stations were the right height. We went with a bookshelf from Canadian Tire. It’s a great second option for those who spend so much time on the computer.

  11. posted by Andrew on

    laminated wood flooring and heavy rolling office chairs are a bad mix. They chair will roll around on you too much, you’ll be pulling yourself back to the desk every 5 minutes, it’ll make an loud noise when you roll it, and it will put ruts in the floor.

    The office needs an area rug or something underneath the desk area. the rug will protect the floor, stop the constant drift of the chair, quiet the room and add warmth.

  12. posted by Brian on

    I know people will argue against replicas of that chair, but here is one for less than $300. I don’t know what this chair cost back when the Eames designed it, but I don’t remember their vision being chairs that cost your monthly mortgage.

  13. posted by Anita on

    Very nice pieces, especially the cabinets and the height-adjustable secondary work table, and LOVE the white orchids, but I agree with other commenters who find it a little bare, sterile or unfinished-looking.

    If I were given this space and told “do with it what you will”, I’d be enamored with it. But as a finished product, I think it’s a little lacking. All the main elements are there, but it looks like it needs some tweaking in terms of furniture arrangement, décor, cable management…

  14. posted by chacha1 on

    The room itself looks like my dermatologist’s exam room. However, the light fixture: DO WANT.

  15. posted by Barb on

    The chair actually looks like one sold by Herman Miller. I bought a dozen of them ten years ago to go around the conference table in our board room. Not sure if the design is by Eames. With all the corporate closings and downsizings the last few years, I would think there would be plenty of used chairs for sale including these as well as Herman Miller’s famous Aeron chair, which I purchased for the offices of our excutives and mangagers.

  16. posted by klutzgrrl on

    *sigh* oh it’s lovely. So clean and elegant.

    Oh no! what am I saying! It’s sterile! Too white! Where’s the stuff!!!


    Erin you evil woman you’ve turned me into… a minimalist!

    Quick, Run away before it’s too late!

  17. posted by Barb Friedberg on

    Very cool-Where are all the papers in process? 🙂

  18. posted by trillie on

    To everyone who likes the light fixture: I recognize the lamp from several Apartment Therapy house tours, but I don’t know the name. I do know that there is a similar one sold by Habitat called Akiko.(It’s German, but I heard they have stores in the UK and France, too.)

  19. posted by hi there on

    Design fail. It’s so visually cluttered, it looks stressful even with no real clutter anywhere in sight!

  20. posted by Johannes Bosgra on

    Thank you for making my study Workspace of the week! I just saw it on your website. Thank you for the kind comments.
    The EA 119 is by Vitra. It’s a great chair, very comfortable too. The study is meant to be minimalistic, I like it that way. It is a bit unfinished still, we have indeed just moved in. I’m still deciding on the art I want to put up on the walls for example and the objects on the shelves. Hiding the cords is also high on my list :).
    The desk is almost that clean on the end of the day, the papers and stuff just go in the cabinet. The cabinets are by IKEA.
    I love the light fixture too, it’s called DNA.

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