Assorted links for August 19, 2010

Interesting articles on the subject of simple living:

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  1. posted by Jason F on

    Hilariously, an advertisement for Eat Pray Love showed up in my RSS reader in this post. Thank you google adsense.

  2. posted by Sinea on

    The Kevin Rose piece about handling email is priceless! Worthy of passing along and definitely putting into practice!
    Thanks, Erin!

  3. posted by foilhead1 on

    Gotta love ole Lewis Black. Putting life back into perspective.

  4. posted by joan on

    Zenhabits has a post today re:the wastefulness of decluttering:

  5. posted by Barb @ 1SentenceDiary on

    Lewis Black on the Daily Show. It doesn’t get better than that. Thanks for pointing me to it!

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