Unitasker Wednesday: The bananarama continues

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes β€” we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

I have no idea what it is about bananas that inspires unitaskers, but they do. Oh, how they do.

We’ve written in the past about the Banana Saver and the rectangular-shaped Banana Slicer, but did you know you could also get your hands on …

A Banana-Shaped Banana Slicer:

A Nana Saver banana clip:

Or, the “special” looking Banana Bunker:

If you’re carrying a banana around in your backpack, I can see how the banana-protection devices would be useful. However, I crack up at the idea of someone bringing a bunch of bananas home and individually protecting each banana with a Bunker as it sits on the counter — like outfitting each banana with its own suit of armor.

Now I’m off to slice up a banana using just a knife. I know, I live on the edge …

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  1. posted by Dawn F on

    The Banana Bunker certainly IS “special” looking, isn’t it? Hilarious!!!

    Ya gotta love Wednesday Unitaskers!

  2. posted by Peter (a different one) on

    I’m glad you put the banana bunker last, because if that pic had been at the top, I’d have thought we’d lost Unclutterer to the pornographers πŸ™‚

  3. posted by Christine on

    Seems something Monk would do. I mean, if he would even buy an “odd”-shaped fruit.

    The idea of it for a backpack (especially since we had a horrible mess when my son brought his backpack one day) sounds actually useful, but it’s just too “special” looking!

  4. posted by Sue on

    I’ve seen the banana slicer used in a restaurant that specialized in breakfast cereals. I can see how that speeds up the service time of the oatmeal or corn flakes. I even considered getting one myself, but thanfully realized a table knife did the job just fine.

    Now, if only the banana bunker looked a little less…special. I’ve stopped taking bananas to work because they get all beat up in my bag (I commute by foot and by train) and nothing’s worse than a bruised, battered banana.

  5. posted by Mario . on

    If anyone defends that ridiculous banana slicer, may I suggest you don’t bother with sites like unclutterer because you can not be helped. Period. Go to the mall and shop and fill your life with redundant plastic crap.

    I love this site. It reminds me about how bad things are for normal people and how clear and free my life is as a minimalist. Unitasker wednesday’s are like a little candy treat in my otherwise quiet inbox.

  6. posted by Mario . on


    Sorry but I don’t believe you. I can’t believe a banana in your bag gets bruised on the way to work unless…

    1) Your bag needs to be de-cluttered because there is too much stuff in there.
    2) Your walking commute takes you through Poland and it’s 1939.

    Eat. The. Banana.

  7. posted by Claire on

    Oh yeah, I have trouble with that one as well. Isn’t that what the banana peel is for…to protect the banana inside?

  8. posted by Dana on

    Is it just me, or does the “banana bunker” look like it could be used for other purposes?

  9. posted by Andy on

    The Banana Bunker – ribbed for your bananas pleasure!

    I think the banana bunker has to be one of the funniest looking unitaskers yet.

  10. posted by L. on

    I’m willing to consider the possibility of banana bruising but there is no excuse for the banana slicer.

    Erin, between the banana bunker and the recent daddy saddle entry, I am beginning to wonder if you could have a subseries devoted solely to “special”-looking Unitaskers.

  11. posted by Sue on


    So you think I’m lying because you don’t believe my banana gets bruised?

    My commuter bag contains:
    -a bag organizer that holds my wallet, train tickets, work ID, phone, ipod, key chain, and personal items
    -my lunch and snacks for the day
    -my office shoes (in a separate cloth bag)
    -a book
    and sometimes an umbrella

    Nothing about this is cluttered or disorganized. I just don’t like to carry multiple bags, so I use one big bag.

    It takes about 10 minutes to walk to the train station. Sometimes I have to run part of it because I left the house a minute or two late. When I get on the train, I pull out my book and my ipod. I put both away when I get to my destination.

    If you can’t see how a banana could get bruised among this stuff, then please continue to scoff at me.

  12. posted by Jim on

    If they could somehow combine all of these into one device, that would be cool. The bunker could be useful, the slicer would be a bit of a time-saver, but the nana saver is useless unless you’re under 5 or over 80 and can’t eat a whole banana.

  13. posted by Leslie on

    Or, the β€œspecial” looking Banana Bunker…

    I can’t figure out where the batteries go. πŸ˜‰

  14. posted by pammyfay on

    I saw the Banana Bunker (or something very similar) in a shop in New York a couple of years ago. I so wanted to bring it back to a co-worker, but I couldn’t bring myself to carry it up to the register even? All I could think of was what would’ve happened if I got into a car accident driving home and that thing was in a bag on the front seat and tumbled out!

  15. posted by Beth on

    The banana slicer is used to evenly slice (thickness) dozens of bananas to dehydrate them to make banana chips. These natural banana chips can be used for trips by bicycle, hiking, camping, gardening and for kids when transporting bunches of fruit is not practical due to space and/or weather conditions

  16. posted by Sharon on

    If I need banana chips, it’s a lot less “cluttery” to go to the darn store and buy a bag of banana chips than to make my own.

  17. posted by Alix on

    Be warned, Erin — your banana slices will not be perfectly even and all the same size! Think of the consequences before you run off with only a kitchen knife to do the job!


  18. posted by Ann on

    Wow!! This was the meanest group of postings yet!!! People! Take it easy!! Please!

  19. posted by Stephanie on

    For those of you, like me, with bruised bananas — I suggest the multi-tasker I’ve been using: an oven mitt. I pop the banana in its cozy and while it doesn’t prevent catastrophes, it helps a lot.

  20. posted by Beth on

    @Alix. Unless the bananas are evenly sliced there will be uneven results in the drying of banana chips, i.e. food spoilage. That’s great you don’t have any kind of carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis and have chef’s skills to happily knife away.

  21. posted by gene on

    I don’t think the banana bunker qualifies as a unitasker. πŸ˜‰

  22. posted by henave on

    My bananas get bruised sitting on the counter, so I can imagine the damage they would take in a backpack. I commuted by train for years and things can get a bit crowded.

    I’m not advocating the purchase of a banana bunker… I like grapes- don’t think I want a grape bunker either!

  23. posted by Kelly on

    The banana bunker comments are totally cracking me up. I have to admit that I actually said, “Oh, my” when I scrolled to that photo. Rather… suggestive. πŸ˜‰

  24. posted by Manu on

    One of my roommates actually owns a banana bunker. He got it as a gift from an (now ex-)girlfriend. They didn’t separate because of the “bunker” though…
    We love the thing, every time we see it, someone bursts out laughing and it’s just worth the stupid joke all over and over and over again. Plus: It keeps your banana safe πŸ™‚
    Didn’t know it is such an internationally known item, but that makes it even better! Greetings from Germany. πŸ˜‰

  25. posted by Theresa on

    I called my coworker to my desk and said LOOK AT THIS THING! haha
    Banana Bunker…

  26. posted by SMK on

    I like to carry snacks in my purse so they are at the ready when I need them. Granola bars, bananas, fruit snacks, emergency chocolate. I recently had an unfortunate “incident” in which my well-meaning husband loaded boxes into the backseat of my car (and onto my purse). The Banana Bunker would have been greatly preferable to the smooshed mess that was my purse… Strangely enough the purse is yellow & after 2 washings STILL smells like banana.

  27. posted by Jeanne B. on

    Bananas aren’t very sturdy. I love bananas, but avoid taking them with me due to the smoosh factor. As SMK said, who wants a banana mess all over the car, the purse, the backpack? (I know about smells. I had a crock pot full of curried chick peas tip over on the way to the pot luck dinner, and the car smelled like barf for the next two years.)

    So, I can see the purpose of the Banana Bunker. I can also see the expressions and hear the snickers at lunch when I pull it out. Oh, did I say “pull out”? I meant whip it out. Uh, remove it from my sack. Oh, never mind!

  28. posted by Mike on

    I second the use of the slice for dehydrating bananas – for even slicing and quicker prep – we are talking 10 to 20 bananas at a session.

    Store bought can’t come close the what I make.

  29. posted by Tia - Rock Your Life, Your Way! on

    Just found this blog today – love it! And LOVE the Unitasker series … lmao!!

  30. posted by klutzgrrl on

    Beth, don’t take the knife-skills type comments too personally – really, how many people with impaired mobility are making banana chips? There’s a great many unitasker items that may be of use to people who need aids of one type or another, but for the typical person who adds them to the junk in their kitchen, they are pointless.

    And by the look of the thing, it would probably be a fiddle to line up and use compared to a knife with a decent handle anyhow.

    Banana Bunker – I’ve seen a plain banana-shaped yellow one (no ‘interesting’ bits) in the shops here. Very large though to cater for the oversized bananas they sell. I’d get one for DD as if she doesn’t eat her banana at school it comes back bashed to bits, but she’d consider it too uncool.

    If you take a banana in your backpack most days it’s probably a unitasker worth having.

  31. posted by Britty on

    Just wrap the darn banana in a layer or two of paper towel, it will survive its journey quite nicely, thank you very much….

  32. posted by Britty on

    And, OK, for crying out loud, why do we have to travel through our ordinary days with so many snacks, anyway? We’re not traveling to the Amazon, with no Trader Joe’s in sight, are we? We’re not more than a couple of hours away from our next meal, are we?

  33. posted by Tony on

    @Jeanne B. HA!

    It also looks as if the bunker has a hole at either end so they “could” be used for something else. Mayhaps plantains.

  34. posted by Laura on

    I admit I’ve thought of buying the Nana Saver. Every morning for breakfast I have half a banana on my peanut butter and bread. I don’t have a problem cutting off the icky part when I want to use the other half, but when I have guests or am a guest I feel messy leaving out half a banana…

  35. posted by empty on

    We have a handful of flat rectangular containers that we use to carry lunches on our walking/bus commutes. Mine are metal, my husband’s are plastic. On the occasions that I want a banana, I put it in one of them (sometimes with other parts of my lunch, or, worst case scenario, a folded cloth napkin, to keep it from getting jostled within the box). I’ve never experienced even slight bruising despite some very crowded rides and dropped bags, the containers are not unitaskers, and they fit neatly in our bags.

    I have a colleague who uses a banana saver without the… ribbing. It works well for her but I’ll admit I prefer a container that can be used for other foods.

  36. posted by Carol on

    I have been using banana bunkers for YEARS now. LOVE them!!
    No more smooshed bananas in the car, kid’s back or my purse. They are awesome.

    I admit, also fun when the teens in the house hurried to open our very first order of them!! LOL

  37. posted by klutzgrrl on

    Mario, I guess there must be bombs dropped at my kids schools every day. You wanna come to my place and clean out their schoolbags when a banana has been forgotten in the bottom? Be my guest!

  38. posted by Mary Denny on

    I’m sorry, but I find the banana bunker strangely attractive.

  39. posted by Charityuk on

    I have a BananaGuard, a yellow banana-shaped thingy which is far less suggestive than the Bunkers pictured above! My 5 year old is required to have a labelled snack for school every day, packed separately from the rest of her lunch, so it gets used maybe twice a week. I’m about to buy a second one for my son as he starts soon. Some parents do just write the child’s name directly on the banana skin with a marker, but there is no way my daughter would keep hers intact without the case – we walk a mile to school.

  40. posted by David on

    In the past I would have recommended the banana guard or similar ‘protector’ for carrying this fruit whilst travelling with a messenger bag full of files, etc. Yes, it is very easy for a sharp corner to bruise, squash or puncture a banana so I did give it the thumbs up.

    However, if you try to go through airport security with one and they search your bag it is in all probability the most humiliating experience I have ever had…you know it’s a banana protector but unfortunately no one else does…

  41. posted by [email protected] on

    1. I disagree – the comments about the pregnancy test keepsake bag were much nastier

    2. I don’t see how the…Banana Bunker can work! All the …BANANAS I’ve ever seen are different shapes and sizes. Wouldn’t the…Banana get squashed just putting it into the bunker?

  42. posted by tuppenz on

    You should never leave part of a banana in its skin because a banana skin is covered in bacteria (even after rinsing) and these bacteria will transfer to the banana itself if the skin is not removed. Wrap the unused portion in a cling wrap which has no plasticizers, such as Glad.

  43. posted by Sandi on

    I burst out laughing when I saw it, so I guess the Banana Bunker is not a unitasker after all – it not only protects bananas, and, uhhh, maybe other things…, but it makes people laugh hysterically! Might be worth purchasing just for the giggles πŸ˜€

    Thanks for the humor, Erin!!!

  44. posted by [email protected] 2 Honor Him on

    These posts crack me up! Thanks for a great belly laugh every week!

  45. posted by Alix on

    @ Beth
    I’m pretty sure Erin was just slicing bananas for her cereal, or for her son, not to make banana chips — in which case, I agree, uniform slices are important.

    This unitasker *does* seem to be a hot button, doesn’t it? Think I’ll jump off the thread now, yikes…

  46. posted by Sue on

    Britty, some of us choose to bring our own snacks with us every day rather than rely on the less-than-healthy or expensive options available near our workplaces. I wish I had something decent near my office, but I don’t.

    Let’s see, I can bring a healthy lunch and a couple of snacks every day, or I can run to the crappy cafeteria and get a banana for $1.00, over-sized sandwich for $6.50, and yogurt for $1.00. I could also walk to a Dunkin’ Donuts and get a donut for my morning snack, walk to a pizza place for lunch, and snack from the candy dishes on my coworkers’ desks in the afternoon.

    I don’t see why you and Mario have to be so nasty about this. I also don’t think a paper towel will protect the banana adequately should it shift in my bag and get trapped between my book and my shoes.

  47. posted by nj progressive on

    My husband put a banana bunker in my Christmas stocking a couple of years ago — and my mother and sister were in hysterics, while I turned beet red on Christmas morning. But it is absolutely terrific at minimizing the bruising that can happen in a backpack on the way to work.

    Jess, the banana bunker’s ridges enable the shape to change to fit different sizes and shapes. Compress the ridges to fit a short banana, or just compress the ridges on one side to accommodate a very curved banana. It’s really a very smart design.

    Just give them in private! πŸ˜‰

  48. posted by joan on

    Did anyone besides me notice on the Amazon page that you can also buy a nifty strawberry slicer along with your banana slicer? You can probably get a pear slicer if you look hard enough, just to add to the clutter…

  49. posted by Allison on

    The end-of-summer heat seems to have wiped out peoples’ senses of humor. If you find these posts and comments so offensive, why do you even come to this site?

    Anyway, I carry a banana to work every day and have yet to experience these major issues others have had despite my lack of yet another piece of plastic crap. I put my banana in my neoprene lunch bag with the the rest of my breakfast and lunch, put the bag in my large work bag and get on the hot and frequently overstuffed DC subway. Obviously, don’t put your food in the bottom of your lunch or work bag and stuff everything else on top.

    I think I write virtually the same thing every time I comment on a unitasker, but it never ceases to amaze me how people can justify this crap! Somehow for decades people were able to transport fruit without these storage devices and managed just fine. If you like your banana bunker, that’s great, but seriously you have to recognize its ridiculousness.

  50. posted by Jay on

    I second Allison’s comment. (I also ride the DC subway to work each day.) If your banana is regularly getting smashed, perhaps you should consider putting it on top of the rest of the stuff in your bag.

  51. posted by Sue on

    Jay and Allison, putting the banana on top makes sense, but stuff can shift. Although I’ve never had a banana get smashed, I have had them get a little bruised, and I don’t like bruised bananas.

    I don’t own a special banana transport device, nor do I plan on buying one. I will continue to place my banana in my bag, and hope it makes it to work unscathed.

  52. posted by Malena on

    Yes, it’s “special” looking, but I’m the kind who’s lucky to remember to bring my lunch. Which means tossing the banana into my bag as a run out the door. A banana bunker would be just my speed. I hate bruised bananas.

  53. posted by KT on

    I believe you! Bananas do too get bruised. Bananas do too get bruised.

    You have to NOT put your banana in a bag in order to not get bruised in my humble experience.

    I can see using the banana peeler with plantains. They do not like to be cut up.

    Under the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States you have a right to bear a banana bunker or a ruby baby buggy bumper.

  54. posted by Dara on

    wow, dudes you don’t need a slicer for every fruit. I use an egg slicer to cut fruit. egges, bananas, strawberries, kiwi…

  55. posted by [email protected] on

    @nj – I just KNEW the ridges would come in handy πŸ™‚

  56. posted by Fern on

    My brother has a banana-bunker-esque thing called the banana guard
    (Amazon turns up lots of results) which looks a little less…multitasking. He thinks it’s great. He’s the sort of person who carries EVERYTHING with him, in a bag the size and weight of a baby elephant, and quite frankly it would be a miracle if a banana *didn’t* get smushed to death in there.

    Unitasker, yes, but I think for some people, it could actually be useful. It’s smaller than a plastic tub (which has to be pretty darn big to fit some bananas in) and it definitely does what it’s supposed to. The banana slicer I can see no possible defence for unless you’re in a restaurant or something.

    Me? I hate bananas. Problem solved.

  57. posted by mydivabydesign - The Diva's Home on

    OK. The ‘banana bunker’ looks a little too obscene! That is too funny! How embarrassing that would be on the kitchen counter. or anywhere else for that matter!

  58. posted by Ange on

    Scene: Junior high bus, early morning.

    Student opens backpack, pulls out banana and yoghurt that mum threw in as they rushed out the door. “You have an exam today, you must eat!”

    Other students spy the “Banana Guard.”

    Student prays for lightning to strike self on the spot.

    Cut to: “Mum, remember when we talked about boarding school? The one in Switzerland? I’ve been thinking …”

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