On the Forums: Two challenges and a discussion on uncluttered vs minimalism

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5 Comments for “On the Forums: Two challenges and a discussion on uncluttered vs minimalism”

  1. posted by Donna Rice on

    I’m excited to learn more about less clutter. Recently I had decided to get rid of my old Nursing journals that I believed one day I would read. Well, the neat pile keeps growing. I believed that anything I need to learn could be found on the internet. So I started throwing a few mags aways when a few articles caught my eye. Ughhh!! The pile is still there and now I found my self so inthrawled in the Mass serial killer Kristen Gilbert. I had forgotten about her and the story when it first hit the news back in early 2001. I now own the story on my Nook, have bought 4 more books by the author to add to my clutter. I have to say it is neat but I wish I could unclutter. I can’t wait to get involved and learn how to DECLUTTER my little world.

  2. posted by Tabbycat on

    @ Donna Check out the forums, there is plenty of advice and support there, is great.

  3. posted by Beverly D on

    Donna, the trick is to READ the articles! You’d be amazed at what a difference it will make in your nursing practice. I’m also a nurse, and when I started actually reading those journals I started thinking differently and approaching nursing differently. A real education change!

  4. posted by courtney on

    i just found this blog and it’s possibly the most exciting blog find for me since .. well, since the invention of the internet.

  5. posted by Another Deb on

    So I was wondering, is there a better way to present the muli-page challenge posts? I try clicking on the last post page and the computer hangs up trying to access it. This doesn’t happen on the other postings. Can they add a ver2.0 to that thread or something?

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