The multitasking sleeper chair

The latest DWR catalog arrived in the mail yesterday, and the Soto sleeper chair instantly caught my attention:

After looking at the picture, I spotted the chair’s $3,300 price tag and quickly closed the catalog. No offense to the designers or the wonderful folks at DWR (it really is an attractive piece of furniture), but $3,300 is way above my price range.

Sleeper chairs are fantastic additions in small spaces because they work double duty as seating and guest accommodations. One of these multitaskers in a living room or office is perfect when you don’t have a guest room or space for a larger sofa sleeper. My husband and I have been considering getting one for my son’s bedroom so that when his cousins or friends spend the night they won’t have to sleep on the floor, and he’ll have a comfortable space to sit and read the rest of the time.

A little more in line with our price range are:

For $130, Target has a single sleeper:

For $20 more ($150), Target has a sleeper lounge chair:

JCPenny has the Sleepy sleeper chair for $500 that is available in nine different upholstery options:

If a modern style is your preference, Amazon has a love seat option for $378:

And, for $1,000, is the sleek Vincent twin sleeper from CB2:

You don’t have to spend $3,300 or add a spare room onto your home to increase the number of sleeping accommodations you have to offer guests — a sleeper chair might be all you need for your small space.

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  1. posted by Sandman on

    I guess technically you can sleep on one of these things. But they are always super uncomfortable. I’d much rather sleep on one of those inflatable beds.

  2. posted by Marcie Lovett on

    These chairs are a great idea for kids. Having slept on one, however, I will caution you to measure the mattress to see if it is truly a twin size. The one I slept on was shorter than a twin mattress, which made for an uncomfortable night. As a chair, it was very attractive and comfortable, just not practical as a sleeper for an adult.

  3. posted by Guy Towers on

    Great to pass out on watching the TV – I don’t even have to drag myself back to bed ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. posted by Matt P on

    I agree with Sandman, I would rather sleep on an air mattress. I recently went on a trip visiting lots of different friends, and the best sleep I got was on those. An AC-powered (ie quick and easy to inflate and deflate) air mattress is more comfortable than a cheap sofa-bed, and usually cheaper.

  5. posted by Kathryn Fenner on

    Well, the DWR is leather, and probably a whole lot more durable. The Target one without arms looks uncomfortable, and the one on the floor would be fine as long as your guests have reasonable mobility for getting up and down, but older people would find it very challenging.

    The Penney’s one is blah designwise,but looks fine to sleep on, and the CB2 looks like the best compromise–but it’s the second most expensive.

    I am wary of the cheapest furniture, because it becomes disposable–and is usually not as satisfactory while you are using it. If you just have a few choice items, spending more really makes sense, if at all possible.

  6. posted by emc on

    I had a little loveseat type couch from ikea that was a similar pullout style to these (It was almost identical to the target sleeper lounge chair you have here) and not only was it awful to sleep on, it was awful to SIT on.
    The couch cushion is just the two cushions folded up, but nothing attaches it to the bottom of the chair, so the cushions slowly slide out if you lean back or slouch at all. We didn’t bring it with us when we moved, no one enjoyed sleeping or sitting on it for more than an hour. Hopefully the other options you have posted would be less of a waste (the last two look nice!)

    Design within reach never seems to really be within reach, does it? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. posted by jane on

    I’m another one who would prefer an air mattress. It’s easier to move (not as heavy as double-duty furniture), set up anywhere easily, taken to other people’s houses when I am a guest, used while car camping. Plus, I think they’re pretty comfortable.

  8. posted by chacha1 on

    I love the idea of these things but we never have just one guest at a time. Our friends travel in pairs. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. posted by Anna on

    This is what our hospital has for the dads (when the mom just gave birth) to sleep on in the hospital rooms… after giving birth, I’m pretty sure I was the one that was the most uncomfortable… then again, I didn’t ask ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. posted by s on

    I like the air mattress idea, too. But my boyfriend says it’s too lumpy, even when it’s pumped up really firm. Any tips to make it more comfy for a 10-day to 2 week stay? Preferably, fairly inexpensive. If the fix costs over $150, I could probably just get a mattress.

  11. posted by Amy on

    I would invest in a good sleeper sofa for your grown-up guests and not worry about kids. Ours still love to sleep on the floor for no reason (and they’re practically teenagers) and their friends don’t seem to care either. A pile of blankets is more than sufficient. (Seriously, this isn’t unkind, they’re all boys and they really don’t care.)

  12. posted by gene on

    The Target one rocks!

  13. posted by Elizabeth on


    My sister puts one of those “egg shell” foam layers on her air mattress to make it more comfortable, and I think it really helps. If the uneven surface of the “egg shell” bugs your friends, you could get one of those foam toppers that is flat. I think maybe Costco sells them.

  14. posted by Erin Doland on

    Isn’t the point of pull-out furniture to remind your guests that they were too cheap to check into a hotel? Just kidding. Sort of …

  15. posted by Ash Haque on

    I think you’ll really like this video:

    Lots of great examples of furniture designed for small spaces and simplicity.

  16. posted by Craig on

    I’ll sell you my single futon and wooden base that folds into a chair for $40

  17. posted by PamR on

    I hear people frequently say they like sleeping on air mattresses, but when my husband and I recently slept on one at my sister’s house, every time one of us rolled over, the thing bounced on the other side and the other person woke up. It was the most miserable night’s sleep I’ve ever had. I’m wondering if perhaps sleeping solo it’s not a problem? Anyway, I have my sights on a sleeper chair — waiting for a compromise model to come out that will look like the DWR model but not in leather, and not that expensive.

  18. posted by Kait Palmer on

    We just moved from a two bedroom to a one bedroom and still host a lot of company, so we invested in two REI 3.5 inch camp beds. I like them better than air mattresses, they don’t require any electricity, when my husband rolls over I don’t bounce off, and we can take them car camping to boot!

  19. posted by Rob O. on

    Back before we had a dedicated guest room, we bought an Ikea Lycksele chair for our home office that turns into a guest bed. We’ve only once had to use it as a bed for a guest, but right after we got it, I took a lengthy nap on it and found it roomy enough (I’m a big guy) and quite comfy. When we bought it, the chair and cover cost less than $200.

  20. posted by Judith on

    The sleeper lounge chair has not only the problem that the folded bit slides out when you sit on it (which becomes worse the longer you have it; same with this kind of sleeper sofa).
    It’s also uncomfortable to sleep on because the bottom layer is part of the structure and has to be sturdier than the other two bits. Sturdier means harder. And that’s exactly the part where your head and shoulders rest on, and the transition between hard bit and foamy bit is right below the shoulder area. Makes sleeping on there a pain.

    What works better:
    – having a real mattress stored upright behind a cupboard (that’s what I do)
    – having a three-part foam mattress that folds up and doesn’t work so well as a chair, but is light and easy to store, and better to sleep on than those sofa-imitations
    – those army-style folding camping beds with a metal frame. It’s set up in the time an air mattress takes to blow up, but a lot sturdier and – to me anyway – very comfortable.

    I don’t like air mattresses very much. I find them too bouncy and/or saggy at the same time.

  21. posted by Lee on

    These make me cringe, as we stayed in a quite nice hotel, DH and I in the bed and our 6’+ son slept in the fold out chair. I’m not sure he’s forgiven us, as he was miserable.

    For someone who has frequent guests, the best quality mattress in the piece makes sense, both for durability and comfort. Both of my sons have had futons and one now has a blowup mattress with a pump. They both lived through many summers of scout camp on cots. I believe in providing a guest the best accomidations I can manage, but once guests are adults, they can stay in a hotel if their needs excede what we can provide. Maybe an uncomfortable bed will keep their stay short ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. posted by danielle on

    I have the Target chair, which is actually quite comfortable as a chair but I’ve yet to try out the sleeping on it quality. From the looks of it, it’s a step above sleeping on the floor but certainly not extravagant.

    However, it works great for what I purchased it for – a “desk.” I only own a laptop computer these days, and the chair is the perfect size to curl up in, and the arms make a great mousepad.

  23. posted by Jeri Dansky on

    Oh, and some other interesting-sounding options:

    Rollaway Bed With Orthopedic Mattress:

    Mattress in a Box (with optional frame): http://www.mattressesontheweb......-79163.htm

  24. posted by Jeri Dansky on

    I found more sleeper chairs, but they arenโ€™t cheap.

    Grandin Road:

    Ballard Designs:

    Me? Iโ€™m short, and Iโ€™m often fine just sleeping on the sofa โ€“ not a sleeper sofa, just a normal sofa.

  25. posted by Jeri Dansky on

    And another sleeper chair – also not cheap:;?itemId=prod9720003

  26. posted by DoubleH on

    I had one similar to the target one that folded out on the floor in college. It was great in college, but the foam eventually went flat and was useless.

    I have an inflatable air mattress that I pull out for guests and sometimes take it with me to my families houses. I’ve learned that if you inflate the air mattress a couple of hours before you use it and then adjust it when you are about to go to sleep you don’t get the sagging that sometimes occurs.

  27. posted by souggy on

    I will take a family-size Mayan hammock for $200, please.

  28. posted by Natalie in West Oz on

    @ Pam R, I love sleeping on an air mattress at my sisters house because it means my hubby isnt in bed with me! We only take single blow up beds and I get the best nights sleep ; )

  29. posted by Pammyfay on

    That DWR item just looks so ugly–like a traditional lobby chair at a law firm or something. Even if I could afford it, I wouldn’t give it a second look in the DWR store.

  30. posted by Meg - Minimalist Woman on

    In the camping equipment section in Target, I found an Aerobed that does everything that could be desired for $135 for a twin. Tried sitting on a floor model of one of the previously mentioned sofa beds, and found them awful. Aerobed is the way to go. It’s 20″ high when inflated, and deflates really quickly and stores in its own duffle bag.

  31. posted by gypsy packer on

    These are always made in widths smaller than a twin sized mattress, and always in a fabric which will stain.

    I love a firm bed, and would cheerfully purchase a lightweight, durable folding love-seat style in a twin size in durable blac,k naugahyde or , for my own multi-purpose use. Obviously, manufacturers do not listen to lower-end consumers who live in small spaces and crave multi-functional furniture.

  32. posted by gypsy packer on

    Apologies for the typos. Ragweed season…

  33. posted by panig on

    I have a queen size Airobed for more than 3-4 years. It has been used many times by many weekend guests and the guests seem to like it. I use a pillow top mattress pad on top of the mattress. Then go the bedsheets and blankets. It does not roll and stays firm for days. It inflates and deflates quickly and are stored in a duffle bag when not use. I bought it after seeing it on one of the morning shows on the TV. They cost less than a sofa or chair would. I have had two sleeper sofas of good brand names and they were never satisfactory. I bought the Aerobed on the Internet from “The Comfort Store”.

  34. posted by Turling on

    We picked up one of these from Pottery Barn. Fantastic. It replaced a queen sized bed for guests, since we usually only have singles spending the night.

  35. posted by Christina Moore on

    I find sleeper chairs to be extremely comfortable! I went camping for the first time recently and I lugged my sleeper chair along with me – best idea ever! My friends all woke up with cramped necks, and I slept like a baby!

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