Assorted links for July 22, 2010

Interesting products and articles related to uncluttering and organizing:

  • Not the fastest reader of online content? Want to improve your speed and efficiency? The site Zap Reader helps increase your reading speed — and it’s free.
  • A nice reminder from NPR that libraries “hand you things for free.”
  • BlueLounge has caught our attention recently with two fantastic looking products to help curb cord and cable clutter. For many cables, you might be interested in the CableBox, and for cables that are longer than necessary you might like the CableClip. I want them ALL.
  • If you need some help organizing your briefcase or bag, Lifehacker introduced us to the Cocoon Grid-It Organizer. They’re straps of various lengths in perpendicular and parallel directions to accommodate anything you need to carry.
  • Office furniture designer Mebelux has some amazing, modern roll-top desks in their Angular line. I love the idea of roll-top desks, especially for small spaces where you might not have a separate room for an office. Being able to close up your desk lets you easily keep your work life from invading your home life.
  • Merlin Mann has an interesting (albeit meandering) post “On Future-Proofing Your Passion.” Although it might not seem too related to uncluttering, it has a lot to do with clearing the clutter to focus on what is important.
  • Jeffrey Tang has a wonderful guest post on ZenHabits about “The Clean-Slate Guide to Simplicity.” The premise is to put everything into storage, only pull things out as you need them, and, after a set amount of time, get rid of everything still in storage.

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  1. posted by Kate Brown on

    Re: Jeffrey Tang’s guide:

    Interesting idea, but not workable unless you have a lot of space. For example, putting all your clothes in “storage” would require multiple boxes that you’d have to find space to store until you finished decluttering. I can’t even imagine trying to find enough boxes and space to put all our books in storage until we choose the ones we really need. Sure, you could do a season at a time (for clothes) or a few shelves at a time (for books), but it would take forever to get through everything, since it would take months (at least) to decide what you need and what you don’t. And in the meantime, you’d have to live with all the boxes of stuff.

  2. posted by hmr on

    Cocoon Grid-It Organizer.

    I think I just found nirvana.

    Cocoon Grid-It Organizer for 3-ring binders.

    I think I just superseded nirvana.

    Thank you for posting this, Erin. You are so helpful, as always!

  3. posted by jazz2600 on

    A DIY variation of the Cablebox can be found on, just do a search for “charge box”.

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