It’s a table! It’s a desk! It’s a table …

There is a new addition in Ikea’s Vika build-your-own-table series that is wonderful for people who live in small spaces. The Vika Veine begins as a small table, perfect for all your small table needs:

but then transforms into a really great office for a laptop user:

The Vika Veine comes in white and a black-brown and works with the VIKA table legs. The interior of the desk includes cable outlets inside the desk unit, so only one cable runs to the table/desk. The inside lid pockets are made with a heavy felt that Ikea says “absorbs sound and can also be used as a notice board.” And, like so many of Ikea’s products, the Vika Veine is pretty reasonably priced at $100 — not too bad for two highly functional pieces of furniture.

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  1. posted by Jacki Hollywood Brown on


    This would be perfect for dorm rooms too!

  2. posted by Jodi on

    Very cute and functional. Kind of reminds me of the old grade schools desks with the flip up lids.

  3. posted by Christine Simiriglia on

    OMG — Now that is as close to nirvana as a piece of furniture can be. I’m getting one for my tiny office.

  4. posted by Gilles on

    After one week, I would not be able to open the lid because of all the stuff piling up on the table. But then, I could simply leave the lid open all the time to avoid the temptation of putting stuff on the table, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a dual function table desk.

  5. posted by Mrs.Mack on

    Do you have to buy legs separately?

  6. posted by Kate on

    I’m with Gilles. It’s a tempting desk, but I know myself and exactly what would happen. I’m an unclutterer in mind, not action, at least for now!

  7. posted by Alicia on

    This looks great for people who work from home but don’t have the luxury of a door they can shut on their office at the end of the day. If your home office is in your bedroom or living room, you can just close your desk and forget about work until the next day! I’m not a fan of office-in-a-cupboard systems because they often look cumbersome and weird, but this is a great, minimalist variation on that idea.

  8. posted by Anthony on

    Yeah what mrs mack said If it don’t come with legs then what’s the point?

  9. posted by Ginger on

    Very cool!! The legs are purchased seperatly. I also saw drawers on there and that is very tempting to me! I am currently looking for a desk and I’m gonna add this one to my list of options. =D

  10. posted by Cook Clean Craft on

    We currently have two laptops sitting on the kitchen benches, annoying me no end, but I can’t think of a better alternative that is so convenient! I think I have the perfect spot for this though (and great to hide the computers/maybe stick a vase on top when people are visiting).

  11. posted by Erik on

    Anthony, all ikea desks come without legs, that way you can pick any kind of legs you want. They sell those that are compatible.

  12. posted by Reader on


    The site says that the top can be combined only with the Vika legs.

  13. posted by Katha on

    Yes, the “Vika” line has many different kinds of legs, from the most basic (those would be “Vika Curry”, if I remember right) to fancy adjustable.

  14. posted by Anita on

    Love it! Only downside for me is that it doesn’t accommodate a second monitor. So I guess I’m stuck with keeping my workspace out in the open.

  15. posted by Shalin on

    OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!! How have these things not been a part of the furniture world until now!? WANT!!!!! (or DIY by end of summer ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you * 1000! ๐Ÿ™‚


  16. posted by Julia on

    I think this would force me to keep the table cleared off.
    Or I would just leave it open all the time and eat standing in the kitchen like I do now (don’t have a table, just a desk). Who knows.
    Now how do I email this article to myself so I remember to look into this if/when I get around to reorganizing my home office?

  17. posted by Nat on

    My laptop is at the kitchen table. (We eat on the dining room table.) I might combine a couple of these and replace our way old and beat up kitchen table.

  18. posted by Katharine on

    I have been planning on getting two vika desks. Hmm this looks really good. Since I don’t have a laptop but a regular pc desktop I’ll probably get a reg desk with the roll out keyboard. Thanks for sharing!!

  19. posted by AJ on

    Finally saw this in the store. 99% sure I will purchase to change for the Ikea desk (legs and plain top) I already have. The adjustable legs with my current top will fit. Also it’s a little shorter than the one I have now so there will be a little more room to move around.

    Now I have to get my OH to get rid of his piles of paper so he can have one too so we’ll have two clear desks in our shared study room. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. posted by gooseling on

    does anybody actually own this desk? i’ve been searching for reviews on it and can’t find any. I want to buy!

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