Assorted links for June 30, 2010

Articles we’ve been reading this week:

  • In the comments to “Programs for reading online content off-line” a number of readers highly recommended Read It Later to the list of Evernote, Instapaper, and ToRead off-line viewers.
  • J.D. Roth of has a thought-provoking piece on “The Rewards of Frugality and Thrift (or, Why We Scrimp and Save)” that I really enjoyed. It gets to the heart of what I believe is uncluttered spending.
  • The London Times (a site you have to register to read) has an article in today’s issue about the Butter by Nadia dress. The dress is one piece of fabric that can be styled to wear 15 different ways. At the very least, I’m extremely curious!
  • DIYlife has an inspiring post on “10 Uses for Leftover House Paint.”
  • When money got tight, writer Kevin Mims found that uncluttering his home and selling the items at an antiques co-op made for good money. Check out his story “Out With The Old, In With The New Beginnings” on NPR.
  • Reader Megan tipped us off to an article in this week’s Chronicle of Higher Education that discusses how to prevent feeling overwhelmed and overloaded by your work. Like so many things in life, you need to “always keep in mind what it is that you want to do, to build, to create in the world, whether that’s through a course, an article, or a new administrative structure.” The article is written for college professors and administrators, but is easily adaptable to any profession.
  • Lifehacker linked to a terrific post on Stepcase Lifehack discussing “How To Stay Organized When Life Throws You a Curveball.” It’s uncomfortable to read about what to do during a crisis, but very important if you’re in the situation.

One last thing, I accidentally switched the post order today and put up the Unitasker Wednesday post as the first one and this post in the 10:30 a.m. spot. I think this is a sign I need more coffee. Check out our 7:30 a.m. piece if you’re looking for today’s Unitasker.

8 Comments for “Assorted links for June 30, 2010”

  1. posted by Kathryn Fenner on

    Butter by Nadia dress–

  2. posted by heather on

    The Butter By Nadia dress is pretty easy to make. It’s more lik 4 pieces of fabric with one seam. it’s also known as a convertible dress and you could find a pattern online very easily. I made ones for my kids for about $3 each and 20 minutes and mine out of a high quality fabric was about 40 minutes and $30. Totally a worthwhile multitasker of a dress.

  3. posted by Rosie on

    I’ve had the dress in a black velvet. It was ok. I wore it on a cruise and don’t think I really wore it again. It is not designed well for bustier ladies. I love the idea, and perhaps she has made improvements on it. I might try it again in a better fabric.

  4. posted by Britt on

    I haven’t coveted anything as much as the Butter dress in a long time! With different jewelry, shoes, scarves, sweaters I feel like I would wear this everyday.

    @heather if I send you $ can you make me one? I am a terrible seamstress.

  5. posted by Anita on

    Love the idea of the Butter by Nadia dress, especially in satin! Although I don’t know if it’s my figure or my lack fo skill, but I have a hard time getting multifunctional dresses/scarves/whatever to look or fit the way they are pictured in the brochures or instructions that come with them.

    I’ve tried several, and so far my favourite is the Circle scarf from American Apparel (though only in 3 or 4 of their suggested ways to wear):

  6. posted by J in the UK on

    The wrap dress/skirt/shrug/cape by Angelrox is even better.

  7. posted by AmandaLP on

    For “bustier” or plus size women, Monif C in NYC has a dress called the Marilyn. There are also several YouTube videos of customers modeling different ways of wrapping the dress.

  8. posted by Amanda B on

    Oh Butter dress… how I love thee!!!

    I have had my satin Butter dress for two years now and can’t begin to count how many occasions in which this fantastic dress has played a signature role! At the time I bought it, I wasn’t sure about spending over $200 for a fun but simple dress; however, I justified it as I had already thought of three events I was attending that I could wear it to – and that was just the beginning! Weddings, semi-formals, cocktail parties, fancy evenings out, etc, etc…. it works (the satin is definitely more “special occasion”). And each time the compliments are truly overwhelming. I’ve created many a convert to this amazing dress. The jersey could be worn all summer long (a friend even wears hers in winter with a long sleeve ballerina tee underneath along with tights and boots.)

    I’ve tried other “multiple dresses” with less success – poor quality fabric that simply doesn’t hold up or support in the same way–Effectively, a poor man’s copy. If you want to invest in a wonderful, versatile piece that’s really going to last, this dress, and not a knock-off, is it.

    Also, for those who’ve commented on the challenge of recreating the “looks”, I recommend buying the dress from an authorized retailer who can show you how to actually convert the dress – this was what truly sold me. If that’s not an option, Butter by Nadia also has a handy fold-out poster that you receive when you purchase the dress that shows you how to wear the different styles and the website actually has follow-along demos to show you how to create the different looks.

    Perhaps it’s time I invest in the jersey as well…

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