Assorted links for June 15, 2010

A number of really cool things have moved across my desk this past week, but none of them are necessarily large enough for a post all their own. Enjoy exploring these uncluttering and organizing tidbits:

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  1. posted by Wouter Groenewold on

    I first used “Tags” to organize my files in a smart way in OS X. Now I just use OS X for that. My workflow is:

    -Select files.
    -CMD + I.
    -insert tags in the comment field.
    -Use Spotlight to find back the tagged files.
    -Use Saved searches to index the tags.

    Works like a charm!

  2. posted by Bri on

    I love mesh produce bags too. I grabbed a couple four packs of Tidy Totes mesh bags from the dollar store and sewed up a drawstring bag to store them in. Quick and easy and only cost me a couple dollars. I’ll admit, they’re not going to optimize the humidity to keep the vegetables fresh longer, but they work.

  3. posted by Amy on

    Have you tried Calibre ( to manage documents?

    I’ve never tried it on a Mac, but it works great on Windows & Ubuntu!

  4. posted by Christine on

    I’m a graduate student and am in love with Papers! It’s got a lot of great management properties (ability to search the title, the authors, everything in the paper, etc.; keeps track of when it was downloaded, last read, last printed off; ability to place a single document in multiple collections or none; ability to sort by author, title, publication date, last read date). There is a wealth of useful features, and it’s simply a beautiful piece of software.

    However, where it really shines for me is the fullscreen reading mode – a simple grey background and a scalable pdf, with options for a notation box or info box. Provided that audio alerts are turned off or my computer is muted, there is nothing else to distract me from getting my reading done.

    In short, Papers is definitely *not* the document solution for everyone, but it’s the solution for me and the best money I’ve ever spent on software.

  5. posted by historydoll on

    I would also recommend DevonThink for paper wrangling. I use DT Pro Office for my financial stuff, and all my dissertation stuff, and it’s great. Multiple databases, searchable PDFs, easy integration with scanners, an AI that suggests classifications and similar pieces elsewhere in the database, etc.

  6. posted by HappyDogs on

    Thanks for the link to Papers, it sounds perfect for me. I will be testing it out tonight. My ScanSnap is coming soon, I have to get ready!

  7. posted by Lee on

    I’m totally clueless on the Free Downloads, but sent them to my Mac Loving kids. Thanks!

  8. posted by Misty on

    Thanks for the link to the article on hoarding.

  9. posted by Pat on

    Papers is pretty great.

    Note that it’s pretty specifically for academic journal articles — if you want a more general purpose document manager there’s others out there, or you can roll-your-own with tags and smart search like Wouter.

  10. posted by Beatriz on

    I have used Papers for about a year now, and I grew to really hate it. First of all, it only handles pdfs. In addition, it has no format for book chapters, and you can’t change the formatting of the font (so no italics, which are really important in my field). I have more than 6000 references and 3000 pdfs, and the application is really slow to launch and to show suggestions of keywords. Trying to use keywords to create a smart list is so slow that I usually give up. Etc, etc. My husband used Papers for a couple of months then switched to Zotero, which is a free extension to Firefox that handles all sorts of documents, captures metadata more efficiently, and is updated very often. He is much happier than me. Unfortunately I am finishing my PhD and in too deep to switch before my defense. After that, though, I’ll be very happy to get rid of it!

  11. posted by Julie on

    I would love to see more reviews of Papers or other file management systems. Thanks for the comments everyone.

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