Space-saving pop-up furniture

Dwell magazine recently published a fascinating piece on a new trend in pop-up furniture. “Pop-Up Schmop-Up” highlights mostly space-saving furniture for public spaces, but it starts with the Armin Wagner cardboard Pop Up Desk for homes and offices:

Next up is Rogier Martens’ POP-UP 2010 public benches:

My favorite item not pictured in the article, but certainly mentioned, is the Urilift public restroom. It’s a public restroom that raises and lowers out of the ground at certain times of the day. There is a not-so-safe-for-work but amazing marketing video showing exactly how the toilet operates. These pop-up restrooms would be perfect in D.C. where our public spaces have so many different uses over the course of the year — festivals, protests, inaugurations, parades, sports fields, sunbathing, tourist walkways, etc.

Check out the full article for even more amazing pop-up furniture products. These products all remind me of Gary Chang’s Incredibly Efficient Efficiency, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of these kinds of space-saving designs. I love to see designers thinking outside the box — literally, in the case of Wagner’s Pop Up Desk.

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  1. posted by Steve on

    Oh God…as if my fear of getting stuck in a small toilet cubicle weren’t enough, now there’s the possibilty of not only being trapped but ‘buried alive’ in one too!!

  2. posted by Louise on

    A table that pops out of the ground in a public space, while a nice space-saving concept, strikes me as pretty gross.

  3. posted by amandalee on

    I’d love something like this for my house. I love the idea of Murphy beds/tables/stuff, but I only have so much wall space. 😉

  4. posted by Anita on

    I love the concept of the POP-UP public benches, but as Louise and the article mentioned, hygiene would be an issue with these more than with regular benches and tables. I also wonder whether they’re weather-sealed; would a winter’s worth of snow/ice damage them or the retractable poles?

  5. posted by heather t on

    That cardboard desk looks mighty flimsy, and where do you store the giant folder it pops out of?

    I’m all for space-saving and convertible furniture, but these seem more like art projects than practical pieces to me.

  6. posted by E on

    the thought of eating off a table that someone could have walked on. with dog poop on their shoes. no, thanks.

  7. posted by Shalin on

    My saw, garage, and I have been waiting for this for this inspiration… 😉


  8. posted by Maddpenciler on

    Space saving – YES. Safe/Sanitary – NO.

  9. posted by Leslie on

    I think a pop-up coffee table in my living room would be awesome – so much easier than moving the furniture out of the way to make space for my yoga mat!

    I admit to being at a loss as to how the cardboard desk/chair is good for anything though. I can’t imagine the chair is actually sturdy enough to sit in, and the desk doesn’t look like it would hold up even one of those teeny tiny new laptops. But then, I didn’t read the whole article – maybe it’s just a prototype that would actually be made out of sturdier material for real?

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