Assorted Links for June 3, 2010

Interesting links we’ve discovered recently on the topics of simple living, organizing and uncluttering:

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  1. posted by Laurie on

    RE: the Top Tools under Ten Bucks” I just found a $7 hook for your toilet that you can hang your child’s potty seat on. But the first item in this top ten list is the 3M removable hook. I think that would work just as well and I can probably get two for under $10 (one for each bathroom). Thanks!

  2. posted by gypsy packer on

    The National Geographic hack could prove to be a bit buggy: urban wildlife (roaches, silverfish, ants) love to munch on starch. It might be possible–try it and see–to add some boric acid or borax to the mix to poison the interlopers.

  3. posted by Meredith on

    Love these links, especially the one to Apartment Therapy.

  4. posted by Kimberly on

    The packing cubes are a great idea, but I find that very large freezer bags are cheaper, work well, and can be reused over and over. Much cheaper.

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