Assorted links for May 18, 2010

Things from the uncluttering, productivity, and simple living worlds that are worth sharing:

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  1. posted by L. on

    Wow, you know you’re hard core when you’re the “black belt” to Martha Stewart’s “brown belt.” 🙂

  2. posted by Kathryn Fenner on

    Man, reading your and Martha Stewart’s lists made me very glad I’ve simplified a lot. I have no bedding except pillows, sheets and mattress(from Design W/in Reach–it recommends using no mattress pad and only a platform bed). I use just a liner in my one shower and the other has a glass door. I have minimal display items, and I cleared out my kitchen cupboards, per the book, so much much less there!

    There’s still lot I can do to reduce further, but, boy, is cleaning well easier already! Thanks for your help!

  3. posted by Naomi Seldin on

    Thanks for sharing my interview with Jenna Woginrich with your readers, Erin. I appreciate it.

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