Unclutterer on the Rachael Ray Show

Set your TiVOs, DVRs, or tune in Monday morning, April 26, to the Rachael Ray Daytime Talk Show. I’m on the episode giving advice on how to organize your closet, just in time for warmer weather.

I filmed my segment for this episode back in January, and I can’t believe I was able to keep it a secret until now while I’ve been waiting for it to air. I had an amazing time on set, and Rachael was incredibly nice to me. Michael Buffer (famous for his “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble” tagline) was on set the same day and I was able to meet his adorable dogs and daughter. Buffer announces the whole episode, and even announced me! In the same episode, RuPaul teaches the audience how to put on fake eyelashes (and, wow, RuPaul is tall — I had no idea), and veterinarian Dr. Ernie Ward shows viewers how to safely trim their pets’ nails. There are even more experts giving advice in the episode, but you’ll have to watch to learn more.

My appearance on the show is a little bittersweet, as it was the last time I wore high heel shoes. After my accident, I may never be able to wear high heels again. I know it’s not the most important thing in the world, and my podiatrist assures me my feet will appreciate the change, but it’s still a little sad. Feel welcome to join me in waving goodbye to my high heels at the end of the segment.

For clarification, I’m on Rachael’s daytime talk show, not her 30-Minute Meals show. Check your local listings for when the show airs in your region. I hope you enjoy the tips!

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  1. posted by Shani on

    Well, you could play the Pollyanna game, Erin–you’re GLAD you don’t have the option of wearing high heeled shoes, because now you don’t have to store them!

    But it certainly sucks to undergo a forced change of identity, and I can relate to that and offer sympathy.

  2. posted by Ruth Hansell on

    Will be setting my DVR just as soon as I finish this.

    About the shoes, I know that many women, (and more than a few men) love their footwear. I’ve had problems with my feet since birth, limiting my choice of footwear. About 8 years ago, I had to start wearing a brace on my right foot, which limits me to one brand/style of shoe, which comes in only 2 colors.
    I can wear birkenstock sandals around the house, but for any situation where I’m on my feet for longer than a few minutes, I’ve got to have the shoes/brace on, or it’s quite painful.
    The uncluttering benefit is astonishing, though. I don’t have to store or organize shoes – I own 3 pairs. Shopping is very easy, I go to the one store in town that I know carries the brand/style I wear, I’m in and out in minutes.
    It carries over to my clothing choices as well – I wear slacks or jeans in dark colors almost exclusively, and that speeds things up when I’m clothes shopping.
    I’m very sorry that you were injured, and just as sorry that you’ve had this change forced on you, but there are some benefits.
    Hope your foot continues to heal. A bit of advice from the Queen of Foot Injuries: Whenever you sit down, elevate that injured foot. Even after you’re released to normal activities, elevate elevate elevate. It aids circulation greatly, and good circulation is key to healthy feet.


  3. posted by Amanda on

    Congratulations on your show appearance and about the shoes think of it this way; you could start/contribute to another revolution, in addition to uncluttered lifestyle, helping women find attractive smaller heeled footwear. I know I’ve been on the hunt for a great white sandal with just the right heel to wear to a wedding.

  4. posted by Lose That Girl on

    Well done, Erin at keeping your appearance secret! Must have been very tough to do – I would have wanted to shout it from the roof tops! Will set the PVR so I can see you do your thing. 🙂

    There are tons of stylish options for footwear besides heels. I tend to avoid them at all costs — and your feet (and back) will thank you for it down the road.

  5. posted by Margaret on

    As someone pigeon-toed from birth and who has a wide foot, I gave up on high heels by the time I was in my 20s. There are some heels that give the illusion of height without making you lose your balance, like the louis XIV heel and the stacked heel (if it’s not too high). Also, the wider the front of the shoe, the easier it is to balance, with a heel. No pointed toe spike heels for me, ever! My mom has been eternally dissapointed I’m sure, but she has dainty feet and naturally pointed toes!

  6. posted by A on

    Congrats on the show – and yeah, RuPaul is seriously tall!

    I didn’t hear about your injury, but I had one myself (Valentine’s Day last year) resulting in an ongoing fight with inflammation, pain, inflammation, etc. So no high heels for me in the near future – but I’ve learned to love Sketchers. The ballet flat style look good with almost anything and the sole comes out to fit my orthotics. My current faves look something like this, and are super comfy & gorgeous:


  7. posted by infmom on

    I note with great amusement that the ad on the RSS feed is for Crocs. Perhaps Mother Nature is trying to tell you something. 🙂

    I never wear high heeled shoes. Why would I want to walk around on tiptoe all day long? For dressy occasions I have some Easy Spirit pumps that fit well and are extremely comfortable. They’re one product that actually does live up to the advertising hype.

    I heartily recommend the FootSmart catalog for comfortable, stylish shoes and sandals.

  8. posted by Beverly D on

    Erin, you are getting so famous! and well deserved. Physical problems come and go but you will always know that you have made a big difference for a lot of people and that is HUGE!!

  9. posted by Jann Schott on


    Contrary to popular belief, shoes do NOT make the person!! So you are safe! I refuse to wear heels…due to a severely sprained left ankle in May, of 1979 when I was in high school. It had to be casted so it wouldn’t keep getting sprained…loverly black and blue bruises up to my calf!!

    THEN, the beginning of May 2000, I sprained that SAME ankle again! This time it was a half cast to my knee, which thankfully I could unwrap to shower! I was issued an “aircast” which ROCKS!! Whenever I do a doozy on that same ankle, on goes the aircast to help stabilize it.

    I normally don’t watch Rachel Ray (her voice grates on my nerves at times!), I’ll be sure to watch it & your segment! Way to go!

  10. posted by Ann on

    Whenever I see women at my work wearing high heels, I just feel sorry for them. The women look so uncomfortable, and I don’t think any shoes are worth thst.

    I really never wear heels. I wear Sketchers Bikers every day, and they’re cute and comfortable.

    If I had to wear some dressier shoes, I have some chunky heeled shoes that are comfortable.

    Besides, I never want to wear shoes that I can’t run away in. You never know when you’ll need to! 🙂

  11. posted by Claycat on

    I’m like Ann. I just don’t wear heels, if I can help it. What a relief!

  12. posted by trillie on

    Congratulations Erin!

    Not on the injury, though! I know that if you love wearing heels, no flat shoe will ever be the same *sob* 😉 but it is a great opportunity to explore the world of comfortable yet stylish shoes.

    I would recommend you have a look at Trippen shoes, although I think they are not available everywhere in the U.S. http://trippen.com/ Ever since I found their shoes, I have never wanted to wear any other brand again. They’re super comfy, very well-made, and I just love their style. True, they are quite pricey, but my first pair still looked okay after 5 years, so I did save a lot of money and time I would have spent shoe-shopping otherwise! I now own 3 pairs (Rhino, Elfe and Lear, for those of you who are interested) that I just love, and use every possibility to tell others about them… 🙂

  13. posted by trillie on

    PS. For any German readers suddently interested in Trippen shoes, but not interested in the price: There are two Outlet stores in Berlin (one near U Schwartzkopffstraße, one near U Schlesisches Tor) where shoes may cost 75-25% of their retail price.

  14. posted by Young Mogul on

    Could you post your appearance on your blog because I will miss the show and would really love to see it.

  15. posted by chacha1 on

    In defense of high heels … it’s not the heel per se that wrecks *most* ladies’ feet. 50% is poor body mechanics, weak legs/feet, or excess weight. The other 50% is poor shoe construction: if the heel of the shoe isn’t centered under your ankle bones – or is just too high – meaning the heel is higher than your entire instep is long – you’ll be unable to balance your weight properly.

    I know dozens of longtime ballroom dancers and most have healthy feet despite hours a day spent in high heels. Because the shoes are strong, flexible, well-balanced, and not too high.

    So, congrats to Erin on her appearance which I will unfortunately miss, and don’t give up hope! Elevate, rest, exercise, and massage that foot and you may yet regain the physical capacity to put on some swanky shoes once in a while.

  16. posted by Erin Doland on

    @chacha1 — First up, we’ll post a clip tomorrow for people without RR in their area. Second, it’s not my foot muscles/bones/tendons that are the problem with heels in the future, it’s my skin. Not to get too graphic, but I suffered a severe avulsion. Common terminology is that my foot was de-gloved. I was treated in the ER the same way individuals are who have 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Low levels of friction are immensely painful and will recreate the injury. So, not only am I off heels for the rest of my life, but any tight shoes. I need to find a dressy Keen 🙂

  17. posted by Becky on

    I just saw your segment on the Rachel Ray show — as I was procrastinating getting started on The Great House Merge of 2010.

    I am getting married next month. As this will be second marriage for both of us we have to figure out how to combine two rather filled-up houses into one! The “good” news in this is that I’m unemployed, giving me the time to accomplish this humongous project.

    I do battle what I call “the over-whelmies” and today am having a hard time even getting started.

    Your segment and finding this blog will hopefully be that little bit of inspiration to get me over the hump and get started!

  18. posted by Patty on

    Its already 2:30 and I just set my DVR for the 2:00 show. ACK! Hope I catch your segment or I’ll be back for the clip tomorrow.

  19. posted by bg on

    Erin, great job. …I don’t know about buying all the same colored socks, but if it works…

  20. posted by mydivabydesign on

    So sorry about your accident. I love heels also. Congratulations on your tv appearance. Way to go!

  21. posted by Laura on

    Me and some friends (retired) have problems with too many sheet sets and blankets (yes, we have donated some to charities), also towels. Sheets and blankets take up more room..Here is one suggestion I did recently: The blankets (vellux types) can be trimmed down and hemmed on the ends to twin sizes and donated to children’s group homes or womens shelters. Q size sheets can be tucked under for full size beds. We have few house guests now days and don’t need more than an extra set or two. Any other ideas will be welcome. This comment refers to linen closets.

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