Use Twitter to keep track of new streaming movies from Netflix

Ever since we picked up a Blu-ray player that supports streaming high-definition movies from Netflix to our television, my wife and I have been watching a lot of films we missed in the theater since our baby arrived in August. Paying $8.99 a month for a 1 DVD plan that includes unlimited streaming is far less expensive than ordering on-demand movies from a cable provider, and we like not having to deal with physical media.

Unfortunately, the Netflix website makes it unnecessarily difficult to find out what new movies are available for streaming. To keep track of which films are being released for instant viewing, I follow two Twitter accounts that provide coverage of changes to the selections offered by Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” service:

If something catches my eye, I immediately add it to my queue and then it shows up right in the Netflix menu of my Blu-ray player.

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  1. posted by Jesse Wilson on

    Netflix also provides an RSS feed specifically for new streaming releases:

  2. posted by betheany on

    Thanks for the heads up to the Twitter accounts (I had no idea they existed), but the first one should be @feedfliks.

  3. posted by deb on

    A couple sites I use are:

  4. posted by karenmcgowan on

    looks like streamingsoon is being discontinued:

    “Streaming Soon will not be updating anymore. Though we appreciate how much you like the site, it is taking too much of our time to maintain and we have to do other things to keep the rent paid.
    Our site has always been maintained manually – every addition, every change was sorted manually by going through line after line of basic html code. We’re not programmers, we don’t know how to cull info from Netflix’s data bank and magically format it the way we want it to look. As a result, maintaining the site wasn’t easy, but we did it because we enjoy Netflix’s Instant Watch service and believed we were filling a need that Netflix didn’t satisfy themselves.
    Now, as some people have gained more experience with Netflix’s programming interface, there are other sites that provide information similar to Streaming Soon who manage it with less daily effort (though plenty of work certainly went into the set-up of these sites). One of the best is Feedfliks’ coming soon page at and we suggest you bookmark it and make it your new source of info for upcoming titles.
    So, for now, this is goodbye. If you’re following us on Twitter, please continue to do so. We’ll still tweet occasionally about future titles that catch our interest, and don’t forget about our multiple outlets elsewhere, where we may still be found, and you can keep up with anything else we do!
    Thank you all for your support.”
    Andrew & Matthew

  5. posted by Claycat on

    Does that mean we can’t watch movies online anymore?

  6. posted by Claycat on

    I guess not. I checked my Netflix queue, and I still have my watch instantly queue. I love Netflix. We don’t have TV service anymore, just the internet and Netflix.

  7. posted by Miranda on

    I am following @instant_netflix. It’s the official twitter account for Netflix Instant Streaming.

  8. posted by Java Monster on

    Movies still stream online on a computer as well. My husband just signed up and it works on our TV through the PS3 (with a special CD dongal to allow streaming through that) and on every computer on our home network.

  9. posted by melissa on

    THANK YOU!!!!! I am endlessly frustrated by the difficulty of searching Netflix’s instant viewing titles, esp. new releases. You just made my life a lot easier! 🙂

  10. posted by Skyler on

    My boyfriend gets netflix’s instant play streamed through his tivo. The best movie I’ve seen recently on it was an awesome documentary about a fourteen acre community garden in South Central LA called “The Garden.”

  11. posted by English on

    Great post! Thanks for this useful timesaver.

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